Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Chip Off the Ol’ Block…?

If your kids are anything like mine, they have a way of surprising us…sometimes even shocking us…

Do you remember the post…where I wrote about Erin, my eldest daughter shocking me by taking up quilting…yup…SHOCKED ME!!

This from the kid who didn’t know how to sew…and didn’t seem to have any interest in sewing… BUT apparently she tripped over a little Janome sewing machine in a Thrift Shop…and it WAS love at first sight!…PLUS it was a good deal!…and she did need one….for mending.

Erin started off by whipping up curtains…then pillows…and then a RAG QUILT…WHAT THE??? Did she say QUILT??

She couldn’t have surprised me more if she had told me that she was flying to Taiwan to teach Kindergarten for a year…(which she did DO when she was 24! Shocked the pants off me when she announce that little gem!!) 

AND I was shocked, in a much better way this Christmas! This was her gift to me…this incredibly beautiful DIFFICULT quilt!!  Yup…shocked was an understatement…and man was I THRILLED!!P1250522

My daughter, THE QUILTER…has such a nice ring to it, don’t you think? … to quilting mama’s ears…! 

Well guess what… Erin continues to shock me…I can now say, MY Daughter…the BLOGGER!!  Yup, you heard me… she NOW has her own Blog…called Basting Beauty!!  She wants to write about her quilting journey…plus her other passions…like cooking (nope she doesn’t get that one from me)…and painting, gardening, decorating and restoring furniture.

Just look at the table she painted~Love it!!  (can you see the pickles on the floor…yup..she makes her own dill pickles!)  And the striped carpet on the floor…it was an old sisal rug that she painted blue and cream!!  Presto NEW and hip and happen floor covering!!

photo (13)

And just LOOK at the lamp that she bought at a Thrift Shop for $4…it use to be an ugly gold/brass colour…but apparently oven cleaner takes that off and voila…it leaves behind a beautiful silver lamp!!  Who knew…?


Why don’t you pop in on Erin…take a look around her blog and see what she’s been up to!  Why not SHOCK HER by leaving a comment!

Make sure you click on the ABOUT at the top of her page so that you can see a picture of Erin with my grand-dog who although, not a quilter, is pretty incredible too!!

You can find Erin’s Blog HERE!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy blog-surfing!~P


  1. How fun! She has a good example!!

  2. WOOO HOOO this is exciting for you but Lori is right - she has a great example and I will pop on over and visit your super talented daughter.
    Hugs - Karen

  3. How fun to be able to share quilting with a daughter! I share gardening with both of my sons and that is also a joy. I think your daughter is ready to graduate to a Janome would make her wonderful quilting much easier. She is so adventurous to take on the projects she does...great to see!

  4. What a beautiful gift! I can see your proud mama smile from here!

  5. It is wonderful that she is following in your footsteps and she does have a talent for quilting and now restoring furniture, I would be very proud.


  6. Just checked out your daughter's blog and it looks great. Happy for you that she started quilting (especially the fabulous quilt she gifted to you at Christmas), and now blogging. I'll be looking forward to all she has to say and do.

  7. Love that she gifted you with a QUILT! What Quilting Mother wouldn't like to receive a quilt from a daughter? Gotta love when they turn into us... evil laugh going here. I'll be heading over to read her BLOG & leave her a comment.

  8. Erin is following in your footsteps. Lovely projects! I'm off to visit her blog. Thank you!

  9. Paulette you could have been describing my oldest girl.
    Like you I am glad something clicked eventually. ;)
    I checked out your daughters blog and its worth checking
    In on her. Very talented young lady, who I'm sure can teach us all something new. Go on brag all you want, she is well worth it.

  10. They say ..the apple doesn 't fall far from the tree! Your daughter has done an amazing job making that gorgeous quilt! I will be going over to her blog for sure.