Friday, January 31, 2014

Yucca or Bust!

What happens in Yucca, STAYS in Yucca…NOT!!  I’m such a blab!

Yesterday eight Clubhouse Quilters piled into two trucks for our annual trek to Yucca Valley (about a half hour drive). 

Our first stop was the Joshua Tree Thrift Shop…which we all agreed was just as good as it was last year…we all managed to find a bargoon or two!!  IMG_0312

Just down the street from the Thrift Shop was Fabric Depot.  I made the the ladies line up for our annual picture!  Come on and SMILE!!


This is JoAnne’s first time at Fabric Depot…yup, she is happy with what she sees…SO MUCH eye candy!!


Tons of fabric….


A wall of beading supplies….


Crafts supplied by the local Artisans…


And a wall of notions on the other side of the room…


Valentine’s Day jewellery…


Oh…and yarn for the knitters!


And lots of bargains to be found!


Then it was off to Mimi’s!  JoAnne REALLY wanted a picture under this sign as her grandsons’ call her Mimi…YUP…you guessed it!! Can’t see the MIMI’S… I am SUCH a great photographer…NOT!  The only thing missing is the Mimi’s…but let’s blame it on the SUN…it really was BLINDING!!:o)


Inside was lots of quilting goodness…and we all managed to leave behind some $$!!  We DO like to do our share for the local economy!!  It’s the least we can do…


Check out the dogs and cats and the quilted words…very sweet!!


Mimi has a long arm set up in her shop where she quilts quilts in her ‘free time’…


Looks like Mimi is begging Pauline to spend more money…SEW she did!!  Mimi gave us all 10% off for coming in as a group!!  Mimi is a very smart lady!


Yes, we formed a line-up at the cutting table!


Now I wasn’t going to buy a thing on this trip BUT they were practically giving this stuff away!!  What’s a quilter to do??

At the Thrift Shop I found this wool thread (insert happy dance!!)  Such wonderful colours!!  AND check out the price… “SCORE!!”


At Fabric Depot I found this fabric…on sale for $3.99 a yard (Both striped fabric are from Michael Miller…perfect for bindings and backings!!) “SCORE!!”


And at Mimi’s this baby fabric was ONLY $4.99 a yard!!  We all came home with some of this sweet print!!  How could we not…DANG CUTE!!  “SCORE!!” “SCORE!!”  “SCORE!!”  “SCORE!!”  “SCORE!!”    “SCORE!!” “SCORE!!” “SCORE!!” …times eight!


Then it was off to a restaurant for lunch…the perfect way to end a day with the girls!!  No pictures here…we were too busy eating…and talking…and laughing..Such a rowdy group!!

Yup…a good time was had by ALL!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mystery Solved!!

Since December many of the Clubhouse Quilters have been working on Calgary Judy’s Mystery Quilt!  It’s been a fun process to watch…they have been ohhhhing and auhhhing and…at times even cussing throughout the whole process…yesterday there were murmurs of delight as the quilts were finally taking shape…

Check it out…

Here’s Sandy with her masterpiece!!  Love the cheddar…perfect for Fall…or any other time of the year…gorgeous!!


Kim’s is bright and cheerful!


Linda’s is gorgeous….


How could it not…just look at the fabric!!  Like a work of Art!


Karen’s is wild and crazy!  This is a terrible picture of Karen’s…(I will re-take this at another date..sorry Karen!)  Karen’s quilt is wonderful and wild…the fabric is a series of squiggles and shapes in black and white with a pop of lime green!!  Karen wins the prize for getting ‘er done…she even has her quilted!


There were lots of quilters still in progress…this is one of my favourites…browns and beige.  I love neutral quilts…and there is a sprinkle of homespuns in this one!!  Love it!  Norma is doing a fabulous job!!


Gwen used this gorgeous fabric that she bought when the Painted Lady was the Calico Horse Quilt Shop!  This fabric is just too nice to be hidden in a tote!! 


There are still  more mysteries to be solved! 

I can’t wait to see them ALL hanging at our Clubhouse Quilt Show on February 14th!!  Don’t you love it when a good Mystery ends with a happy ending!!

Personally I have never done a mystery quilt…my TO DO LIST and UFO List are just too long!  I didn’t want to stop the momentum of getting ‘em done!! This is my year to bang off those UFOs!!   BUT after seeing these wonderful quilts I have been kicking myself…shoulda’… coulda’… woulda’…didn’t!!  DARN!! 

On the bright side…I am banging off those UFOs!!  Such a good feeling!!

What about YOU??  Have you ever been part of a Mystery (quilt)?   And more importantly…did your mystery have a happy ending??  Come on spill…

Today some of us Clubhouse Quilters are off to Yucca Valley for a little fun and adventure…and maybe a little lunch!  Stay tuned…what happens in Yucca…(gets spilled)!!:o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away…

Yesterday we drove…through the desert…


…and headed for the hills!!  We went around corners…


…saw gorgeous scenery…on the way to Big Bear Mountain!


We glimpsed the ski runs at Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort!  Yes, there was snow on the runs…but no snow in the village!  None!  We were here two or three years ago and they had mountains of snow everywhere!!…But nothing this year!  They too have been experiencing our sunny weather.  All over town were signs to conserve water…and all the residential houses have their own huge water towers.


Our first glimpse of Big Bear Lake! 


They have walking trails all around the lake with one built right across!!  Unfortunately we weren’t dressed for Big Bear Lakes 11C weather.  I was wearing capris, T-shirt and sandals…no sweater or jacket…it was after all 26C when we left Desert Hot Springs! (HOT!)

IMG_0131 (1)

But I did manage to find a Quilt Shop…Patchworks Quilt Shop!  My husband marvels at my ability to sniff them out!  Can’t EVERY quilter?


A very nice lady was behind the till…asked me where I was from.  I said Canada…but later I realized she must have been referring to the sandals and t-shirt…:o)  Definitely wouldn’t be wearing capris and sandals in Canada right now!!


Did a spin around the shop…always fun to go into a new shop and explore…


Then it was time to go down off the mountain….


…on that OHHHHH so windy road!!


Yup, lots of sharp corners, twists and turns and sharp jags!


Even spotted a space ship!!  (cement mill?)


Finally we out of the mountains and back to the warmth of the desert!


Ahhhhh…got to wiggle those toes and warm them up…before we turn on the AC…:o)

It’s always fun to go exploring!!

Have a wicked Wednesday (it’s a good thing I blog or I would have NO IDEA what day it was!!)…  Hope you have a warm, sunny day in your corner of the world!!~P

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Making a Machine Mat…

To make a Sewing Machine Mat you will need three pieces of fabric…you could even use Fat Quarters if you want your mat just a smidge smaller.  You will need a top focal fabric, a backing, batting and contrasting binding fabric and thread.  In my case I bought the pre-quilted fabric so I didn’t need batting or backing.  You will also need a piece of mesh 5”by the WOF (in my case 24”).  You can make your mat as wide as you like…some of these new machines are huge…so make yours accordingly!)


My mat measured 18” X 24” and the piece of mesh was 5” X 24”.

First up…measure and cut a 1 1/2” strip from your contrasting fabric about 12 inches long and press 1/4” in on both sides. (see pic).  Cut into two 6 inch pieces.


Divide your mesh into three equal sections, mark and sew these strips onto the division marks.


I used a daisy stitch only because I never get to use my embroidery stitches…


See how the mesh is plastic so NEVER IRON!P1250995-001

Now cut a strip of fabric 2 1/2” by 24” (or slightly longer than the width of your mat) and turn both edges in 1/4” like you did before and then fold in half…see picture..


Tuck the edge of the mesh inside and sew along the edge.  This makes a nice finished edge to your pockets.  Trim the ends.


After I pinned the mesh pocket to my mat I stitched it on the bottom and sides just to hold it in place.


I also stitched the pocket sections down.  I made sure to go back and forth to knot off the ends as I remember this area gets the most wear and tear!  You might even want to stitch two lines here…


Cut your binding just like you would for a quilt.  2 1/2” wide pressed in half…and sew to the edge on the right side and turn…


Mine is now all ready for hand stitching the binding to the backing…which I was going to do last night but I was just too tired… so I will do that today!!


I love my little mat…and can’t wait to see what Jan looks like sitting on this sweet thing!!

Thanks Gwen…you are such a great teacher and thanks to Gerry for the mesh!!  (Gwen supplied the Clubhouse gals with the mesh…as Gerry had leftovers after fixing a screen!!)  You can find mesh in most Hardware stores.

Also I am going to lay this rubber under my mat to prevent any sliding…It’s great stuff as I already use it in all the cupboards in the RV…prevents dishes and pots from sliding out the cupboard doors!  I bought it at the Dollar Store (in Canada).P1260003

I may even stitch a square of it to the underside…see if that keeps it from sliding when the ol’machine starts to rock and roll…:o)

This was an easy and fun project to make!!  And it’s SEW pretty!!  Now I might have to make a matching bonnet for the machine and start painting furniture a pretty apple green when I get home…

On Clubhouse Wednesday, I will HAVE to take a picture of all of the finished mats…dang cute!

THANKS, GWEN!!  It’s a SEW SWEET project!

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy Stitching!~P