Friday, February 21, 2014

The Heart to Hand Booth…

Let’s talk Heart to Hand…one of my top two Road to California Booths!!  This lady is always there and she is wonderful!!  So helpful and knowledgeable…


These two new designs were hanging in their booth and they were both STUNNING!! 


This is the pattern that you see on the Heart to Hand website…I had always thought that the snowmen sections were LACED together…


This is NOT the case!!  Those little strips are not laces but are, in fact, TREES…the problem is the strips are just too thin!  I think if the green strips of the trees were a bit thicker then there would be no confusion about them being laces…I loved this pattern and of course I bought it!!  I mean really…just LOOK at this pattern…and I am a sucker for snowmen and I loved the TREES!


I also LOVED the special effects that were stitched onto the snowmen’s tummies with Vanna White’s yarn!! 


The pumpkin runner was also STUNNING…


Beautifully stitched…


and here again they used the YARN to add the special effects!!


Everything in this booth was beautifully done…and beautifully finished off!!  Seriously YARN is the way to go…I had a long talk with that nice, knowledgeable lady at the till.   She said they use whatever yarn is pleasing to the eye…and it doesn’t HAVE to be wool!!  SEW look out thrift shops and Garage Sale….  If you like it, use it!!


And YES of course I bought the pumpkin runner pattern!!…I mean REALLY…pumpkins, stars and a vine trailing through…a match made in heaven!!

Oh…and let me mention the REALLY good part…the patterns were only $8.50 each!!  A bargain for sure!!  So hurry over to Heart to Hand and have a look around.  Trust me…it will be a FUN way to start your day… BECAUSE…it’s FUN FRIDAY AGAIN!!  (Now WHERE did that week go?)

Hope your Friday is as FUN as mine is going to be…oh…and happy Stitching!!~P


  1. Happy stitching to you and have a great week-end! Christine

  2. I really like the last photo with the snowman and pumpkin pin cushion pillows, those are really fun.


  3. I enjoy your blog sew much, each and every day! I was wondering if you knew about Moda's Blog Hop? They're on the letter P already! Check it out. Debby (WI)

  4. I agree with you about the trees. I thought they were laces. I think I'd have to change them. But it is a cute pattern. Thanks for posting my rug----sure you don't want to go to the "other side"--it's fun.

  5. For sure the trees look like laces! Otherwise very cute. Put it in your USO pile? Did you see the Split Purse-onality tote? It looks interesting.

  6. How fun! Love Heart to Hand projects.:)

  7. How fun! Love Heart to Hand projects.:)

  8. I would have thought the snowmen were laced together. Up close, I can see they are trees. How cute.