Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Before…and After…

Here is the Heart to Hand ‘Autumn Quilt’ before borders…(remember I REALLY wanted to stop here…and call it an Autumn Day…but you cheered me on…)


AND here she is with the borders…FINISHED!!  DONE!


What was I THINKING?!  With borders is SEW much…MORE!!


Now she LOOKS finished!  Thanks for the kick in the pants!!  I NEEDED that! :o)


I ‘sandwiched’ her last night and she is ready for quilting! …Stay tuned…

Have a terrific Tuesday (and Last DAY OF JULY!!) and Happy Quilting!~P

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Tiskety A Tasket Winner….

Number 22 is the Lucky Winner of the ‘A Tisket A Tasket’ Pattern…image

And Number 22 is…
Sherrill said...

Oh yes, bought the same book, same pattern AND same fabric more than once. Like you said, guess I REALLY liked it! But don't have that pattern so would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations Sherrill..please send me your snail’s mail address and I will pop this into the mail!  I just went to Sherrill’s blog…Quilting in My Sleep and she has had some terrible news so hopefully this will brighten her day!!  You might want to pop by Sherrill’s blog and send her your own best wishes, thoughts and prayers!  She is going to need them!

Thank you to the rest of you dopes forgetful quilters!! ;o) You made me realize that ‘my problem’ is very common among quilters!  Wish I could send you ALL a copy of ‘A Tisket A Tasket’!!  But lucky us, we have the internet…if you REALLY want this pattern then you can always order it over at Primitive Pieces…but make sure to order it only once…and not twice!!  :o)  I mean REALLY…WHO does that??

Before you split…head on over to Bev’s 44th Street Fabric as she is having another awesome give away!!  Two lucky winners will take home a gorgeous fabric bundle and the book, ‘Collections Two’!  If you remember, this is the book that I won in Bev’s last give away but between entering the give away and picking the winner, I had bought the book at a GS. (Who knew that I would get lucky??)  Bev insisted that I pick a pattern from her shop (wasn’t that sweet of her!!)  I thought you’d like to see the pattern that I picked… ‘Remember Whooo Loves You’…the cutest little baby quilt!!  Thank you SEW much, Bev!!  I love it!


AND thanks Marie for sending this out…very funny!  SEW true!


I’m hoping that you have a Machine in Motion Monday and Happy quilting!~P

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I’m in Good Company…

After reading yesterday’s comments, I have come to the conclusion that I am in VERY good or ‘Dope’ company (as Randy Jackson would call us!)…there are plenty of us dopes out there…in fact, it just might be a trait of a REALLY good dope quilter!  If you have NO idea what I am talking about, then you REALLY need to read yesterday’s post and enter my giveaway!!  Come on…don’t be a dope!  :o)

Yesterday was another day of duplicates!  Mary, from Quilt Hollow and I won Bev’s 44th Street Fabrics Blog’s Give AWAY!  I was so excited…then I saw what I won…LOVE THIS BOOK!!


The only problem was that I had bought this book at the Quilter’s Garage Sale last weekend!  When I entered Bev’s Give Away I didn’t own ‘Collections Two’ and now I do! 

See here it is…front and centre with my other ‘finds’!


I thanked Bev profusely and asked her to please pick a new winner!  So it looks like Bev will either keep the book for another GA or pick someone new!!  Sure hope it’s YOU, ‘cause this book is a good one!!  WHAT.. YOU DIDN’T ENTER BEV’S GIVE AWAY???  Hurry over now and if you ask sweetly… she might just host another GA!  Apparently this book is VERY hard to find!

SEW thanks Bev, for the win!!  I get SEW EXCITED over wins…I would probably have a massive coronary if I ever won the lottery!  It’s just as well that I don’t buy tickets!  Besides..I’d probably forget where I put the ticket…but we won’t even go THERE!  It’s the sign of a TRUE Dope!

Thanks for popping in!!  It’s always good to ‘see’ you!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The…I’m a Dope Give Away…

Yup…the dope is ME!  I accidentally bought another copy of the pattern ‘A Tisket A Tasket, Aunt Roma’s Garden Basket’ by Primitive Pieces…and I already own it!!  Oooops!  Apparently I REALLY love this basket pattern…I seem to be obsessed with basket quilts lately!!…If you have the same obsession and would like a chance to win this pattern…then leave a comment!


I will pick a random winner on Monday..July 30th.

SEW…how about you??  Have you ever purchased the same pattern twice?  How about magazines…or books?  Yup…done them all!!:o)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Friday FREEBIES…

YIPPPEEE!!  It’s FUN Friday and a few generous designers are making it even MORE FUN for their customers…YES, that’s US!!  They are giving away FREE PATTERNS!

Lynette Anderson’s has some dang cute FREE patterns…check it out!!  I’m in love with her Halloween Quilt!!…and the Christmas Quilt ..and…WELL… you are just going to have to check them all out…just remember to come back…’cause there’s more where this came from!!


Wouldn’t this quilt be cute made out of Halloween scraps…and face it we ALL have lots of those!!  Love those scrappy webs!

Rustic Threads is also giving away the cutest DANG stitchery pattern …FREE!!  If you love SNOWMEN, then you are going to want this one!!  Check it out…but hurry back…because there is still MORE to come…


I can see this sweet snowman stitched onto a light blue wool penny…maybe a whole family of them!

If you are into Gnomes, how fun is this cute little POCKET Quilt, FREE from Lecien Website!!  They have a bunch of new designs, SEW you might want to head on over…HERE!


SEW many pattern…SEW little time!!

Now wasn’t that fun…didn’t that make for a FUN Friday!! 

Thanks to all the wonderful, generous designers for helping to make our FUN Friday so special!

Also..Thank YOU for stopping by…hope your Friday is Fantastic AND Fun and Happy Quilting!~P

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Berry Cute Apron…

For the passed four days all I have done is stitched these~ Berries!


Certainly not ‘berry’ blog worthy!!  Hopefully if I can squeeze some stitching time in today I will get the last one done!!  Then finally the itty bitty leaves can get cut out and stitched to complete the border…oops then come the corner stones and the flowers!  Geeze Lousie, there is always something else…while I do that, you get to see a very special apron…

This sweet apron was made by one of the Heritage members…{gawd there goes her name…right out the window…I can see the face but the name?…gone!  I want to say Marjorie…but I don’t think that’s it?? (I’d worry about this but I have been like this for most of my life…:o) Sorry about that…I must write down the names from now on..but then I would probably lose the paper!) 

Back to the apron…yes, that’s what it’s called…an apron!

Isn’t it sweet??  And totally made from a recycled man’s shirt!


AND check this out…she has used the sleeve for the pocket!  Adorable and berry clever!!


And she used the label for the embellishment…LOVE IT!!


I mean really…does it come any easier or any cuter than this?? 


I think I need to add buying more men’s shirts to my GSing List!!  I can see everyone getting one of these for Christmas this year! 

Only FIVE more months till Christmas!!  Just sayin’…

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cherished Memories…

At Heritage Quilting on Monday, JoAnne shared the sweetest baby quilt EVER!  She made it for her friend’s first Grand Baby and it is adorable.  She chose a soft turquoise neutral gendered colour, perfect for either a boy or a girl! P1190330

There’s tons of embroidery on this quilt…and if that’s not your thing then you could appliqué the bunnies…which would also be sweet!


The pattern is designed by Arlene Neely of Rabbit Haven and is called ‘Cherished Memories’!  You can go HERE to see Arlene’s version of it…


Isn’t Joanne a good friend!!  She did a lovely job…and I’m sure baby and family will cherish this quilt forever!


P1190334 P1190335

I’ll finish with my favourite block…all together…auhhhhh!!


Doesn’t come any sweeter than this!

Thanks, JoAnne for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Crawford’s 4th Annual Quilt Show!!

This year I am giving you plenty of advanced warning…it’s almost time for Crawford’s Annual Quilt Show!  If you don’t remember last year’s show, not to fret…I have pictures to refresh your memory!!  This is Vancouver Island’s Largest OUTSIDE Quilt Show, with over 200 quilts on display!  Crawford’s Farm is located just outside Duncan, BC (about a one hour drive, north of Victoria). 

Posters are going up advertising the event, horns and sirens are going off and airplanes are flying overhead with banners…OK, I tend to exaggerate…but yes, posters are going up!


NOW, let me refresh your memory…I wrote about this event last year, so your mind may be a bit foggy…

As I said, this Quilt Show is held at Crawford’s Farm, which is a working farm…SEW picture hundreds of gorgeous quilts strung up on fields…


..in amongst our massive evergreens…


…strung from our might maples…

P1140721  …down in the cool, cool valleys…P1140726…a top of every hill…   P1140747

Yes, these lovely quilts are EVERYWHERE!

P1140749  Quilts circle the vendors out in the open field…P1140778  And (my favourite part) quilts were on the trails circling this rural farm…gorgeous!


Yup…you don’t want to miss this one!!


So if you live on Vancouver Island you will DEFINITELY want to circle August 11 and head on over!


And if you live on the mainland…why not make a day of it?  Fill a car with quilters and come on over…You know you wannna!  There are lots of great restaurants in Duncan or you can eat on site…


I mean REALLY…where can you hike a trail and come upon this!!  Heaven!!


You will even find a couple of these…P1140792 

..because you REALLY do want to get to the other side…


There are park benches sprinkled here and there to rest your weary bones or just to sit a spell and drink in this wonderful setting…BLISS!!

P1140776   Oh…and did I mention the vendors…yup, they’ve even got some of those! 


So come on over…


You’ll be glad you did!!  I’ll be waiting for YOU at the garden gate!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Best Form of Flattery!

I LOVE receiving mail like this!!

I got an email and pictures from Danièle, a long time reader.  Danièle only speaks French…so after translating her message, this was the gist of her email..She loved the little Red Schoolhouse Quilt that I made for Claire so much that she went on the hunt for similar red fabric.  She doesn’t own a sewing machine so after cutting out the fabric, she hand pieced all the blocks…and voilà…the sweetest School House Quilt is born!image

Quilters who hand piece blocks AMAZE me!!  Imagine not owning a sewing machine…Shutter to think!  Isn’t this quilt gorgeous!  I love it!!

And here is another of her creations…incredible!  Again all hand stitched!  Boggles my mind!


Thanks SEW much for sharing , Danièle!  Your quilts are works of art that you should be VERY proud of!  You have flattered me beyond words…you made my day!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friends in All the Right Places…

A couple of days ago I received this email from one of my readers…

Hey Paulette. I was just checking out "Used Victoria" under sewing and I noticed there is an ad for an estate sale of quilting fabrics coming up this weekend and they mentioned some of the fabrics include Japanese fabrics. Just thought you might be interested.
Sharon (in Victoria)

Was I interested?  Do ducks swim?  Does it rain on the West Coast?  Of course I was interested!! 

So bright and early I toodled off to Victoria…to be quite honest I didn’t think this sale was going to be great…Japanese fabric (aside from Daiwabo Fabric) isn’t my ‘thing’, but hey…it’s Saturday and it’s a Garage Sale and they might have other stuff!!  Keep an open mind is my motto…and there was also the Moss Street Artist Street Fair to fall back on and it was in the same neighbourhood.  SEW it was all good!

This sale must have been a well guarded secret because ONLY four quilters showed up at the 10 o’clock opening!!  AND wouldn’t you know that I would forget my camera!!!  I wish I could show you the ‘stuff’!!

It was an Estate Quilter’s Garage Sale, so you know what that means…you can’t look TOO happy about your finds! 

So I walk into the room and see a table heaped with bags and bags of CIVIL WAR FABRIC…be still my heart!!!  I almost had a coronary right there on the spot!!  And mixed in with the Civil War Fabric was HOMESPUNS!!  EUREKA!!  (a subtle, somber happy dance!!) And the prices were…well they weren’t giving the stuff away… but they were pretty good!  Each ziploc bag went for $2-$10 depending on how much was in the bag.

My first thought was ‘I didn’t bring enough $$…but I would have thought that regardless of how much I brought!  Make do and be selective…:)

I was counting pennies, nickels and dimes by the time I paid…but I got everything in my bins…yes BINS!

Here’s the LOOT!!

I KNOW it LOOKS like a lot…but it’s not really…(Yeah my husband didn’t buy that either!! haha)P1190308

I also bought some books…they were $1 and $2 each…


Loved these two…ideas and patterns for hand and machine quilting…


I think this quilter and I were Kindred Spirits…we liked the same fabrics and the same books…(AND I didn’t see one piece of Japanese Fabric!)

P1190312 P1190313 P1190314

Now for a close up of the fabric…

The Homespuns…makes me want to whip up some more Homespun Houses!!


A package of hand dyed cottons…


The Civil War Fabrics…


I see a pink and mauve quilt in my future…  P1190319 P1190320

With a sprinkle of cheddar…


So THANK YOU, Sharon from Victoria!!  I was hoping to thank you in person…but alas there was no Sharon at the Sale:(  I did meet a VERY NICE Shelly from Salt Spring Island though!  By the time the doors opened for the Sale we were Best Buddies…during the sale we compared finds and then of course, after the sale, we went for coffee …like old friends…where we talked Quilting for over an hour…like ONLY QUILTERS can do!

It’s SEW nice to have friends in all the right places!  Don’t YOU just LOVE a GOOD Garage Sale!!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P