Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another UFO…

Well..I hate to be the one to break it to you but tomorrow is DECEMBER 1st!!  Yup!!  Now tell me, how did THAT happen?  BUT not to worry, you have 25 whole days to get ready for Christmas!!  For me I have in SEVEN DAYS!  We are having a family get together next weekend on the 7th and 8th before we leave on the 11th.  The good news is…all the presents have been bought, they just need to be wrapped.  A bit of baking needs to be done, I have a ladies pot luck dinner on Tuesday, along with a pedicure in the morning, Heritage on Monday, a wedding on Wednesday and I have GOT to squeeze my sister in there somewhere!  You hear where I am heading…I will be carted off in the RV wearing a straight-jacket!!  :o))
The sad news is…I’m going to have to shut down the Sewing Room…:o((  I’ve been doing tons of sewing…but nothing I can show you…yet!!  Thanks goodness for friends!
Yesterday, Sharon (from Victoria) read my post on finishing up the Deceased Quilter’s UFO…  she just HAD to share the project that she bought at the same Quilter’s Estate Garage Sale and finished!!  Yes, I met Sharon at the GS…in fact she is the one who had emailed me to tell me about the sale!
Just LOOK at what Sharon (and Diana- the deceased quilter) created!! Spectacular!
If you remember, Diana had about 500+ UFOs…YES, you read correctly…that is NOT a typo!!  There were bags and bags and bags and bags of fabric with 2 or 3 blocks inside and at every GS more bags were added!  I think there were about 8-10 GSs in total!
Sharon did an awesome job of resurrecting this quilt!!  I’m sure that there was a quilter ‘up there’ cheering Sharon on!!
Sharon also bought of bag of fabric and turned it into a Sunshine Block which she is donating to the “Sunshine for All” quilt.  This is a quilt project that was started by an Australian man who is battling cancer.  It sounds like Sharon is going to be hand delivering it to him while in Australia!IMG_5764
While on the plane, Sharon is planning on hand stitching the rest of these blocks…23 more to go!!  Diana would be SEW proud!
Yup…isn’t it wonderful how Diana’s UFOs are taking shape…and by complete strangers!  Quilters are the best!!  Thanks for sharing, Sharon!!  You are going to have some wonderful quilts when you are finished!!  And have fun in Australia!
FREE!!  Do I have your full attention?
Just feast your eyes on this sweet baby~It’s called ‘Peppermint Pinwheels’ and it’s FREE!!  You heard me!! FREE!   Heartsdesire is working on this sweet mat right now…fast and easy were her words, not mine…and it’s going to be on her coffee table shortly!!  I would LOVE to make a few of these for gifts but I have officially run out of time…but YOU haven’t!!
Hustle over HERE, download the pattern and get cracking!!  You can do it…After all you DO have 25 days till Christmas!!  SEW..on your mark, get set… GO!!
‘Peppermint Pinwheels’ is an early Christmas present from quilt designer,  Kathleen Tracy…THANK YOU, TRACY!!  We appreciate it…don’t we gang?!!  Uhhh…GANG??  Looks like they have all left to go and download their prezzie!  :O)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Flying South for the Winter…

…takes a lot of time and effort…yesterday I worked on packing clothes…not an easy task this year as I have lost a bit of weight..down a size or two!!  (insert happy dance!) But it meant that I had to sort out the FAT capris from the NOT SO FAT capris…it took forever but I got ‘er done!  Meantime our bedroom looked like bomb had gone off!  Fingers crossed that when we get back from FOUR months of ‘snowbirding’ that I won’t need those FAT capris again!!

It’s always so easy for those pounds to creep on when you are in an RV…you know how it is..on holiday…going out for dinners…sitting around the campfire eating munchies…going out for lunch with the ‘girls’…OK I do that here but with other ‘girls’! :) 

Today I will start on the cupboards in the RV…sorting and stocking up…NO munchies…and making lists…absolutely NO MUNCHIES go on that list!

Let’s change the topic…I’m getting hungry!!  I have an almost finish topper..and this one kind of snuck up on me…

Do you remember how I went to that Quilter’s Estate Sale?…WELLL…let me refresh your memory…

Do these look familiar?  I bought several bags of lovely little triangles and squares!  Look how the quilter had marked the stitching lines to EVERY triangle and square!!


As I said, I bought several bags that LOOKED like triangles and most did but in one bag there were three completed blocks!!  Dang sweet blocks and…


…the wee pieces to make MORE!!  So I sorted them into trays and whenever I had a moment I would stitch together another block…and before I knew it…I had the making for a little topper!


Yesterday I sewed the rows together and put on the borders…DANG SWEET!


The plan is that I will machine quilt it after I sort out the RV, clean the house and wrap gifts!  After FMQ, I REALLY want to do some big stitching in the borders… but that can wait for when we are in the RV.. in between eating all those munchies!  

Forget the pounds, don’t you love it when the QUILTS sneak up on you like that??  Now THAT I can handle!

Thanks for stopping by…and happy stitching!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

P2 Saves Thanksgiving…

I would like to wish all of my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!  May your turkey be moist, your family and friends plentiful and your day filled with warm moments and cherished memories…and of course I hope you get a moment or two to stitch…and reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving…to give thanks for all things great and small…like runners and mats and quilts and penny rugs and mug rugs and great blogging friends like…

P2 (Paulette 2) or you may know her as pbee!

I’m thankful that she sent me pictures of her Fall Quilts…SEW perfect to share on this American Thanksgiving Day!


All of these quilts are gorgeous and make P2’s home scream out FALL..and Thanksgiving!  The bottom one is on my TO DO LIST!!  Love it!


WOW!!  P2 REALLY loves Autumn!  Gorgeous!


Isn’t this topper sweet…and how cute is that little birch log with leaves!


I am a sucker for trees…and love this one done in the Fall colours!


Pumpkins…wonderful pumpkins…and look at those spools…wonderful spools!!  A very nice touch!


This is P2 second Fall Quilt Show and Tell…if you missed part one then you really need to go HERE!  You won’t be disappointed!

If you are into WOOL then you HAVE got to go over to Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog…she is GIVING AWAY another one of her FREE creations and this one is too good to pass up!!  YOU NEED to go HERE!!

Thanks you sew much, Roxane!!  You’re projects are wonderful!!  We are so THANKFUL that you are so generous and willing to share to your talent with us!!

{For those of you who have difficulty downloading Scrap, Quilt and Stitch patterns try the little PDF RED download button just above the comment button….This is how I download the patterns…Also it will be in French but all you need is the picture to make the project.  Hope this helps!}

Thanks again, P2 for making the American Thanksgiving a little more festive!!  And for all the Black Friday Shoppers out there…have FUN..without me…:(  P

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Got ‘er Done…

…and with 14 days to spare!! 


This is the quilt that is going in the RV…it will add a little bit of warmth to those cool nights on the desert!


This is the quilt that I was so upset over because my FMQ was sew bad!  Thank goodness the BIG stitches around the vine saves it…:o)

Yup…I’m actually liking this quilt…Come on work with me…focus on those big stitches!!


I also love the red binding…


…it’s sort of like my garden at home… some of the flowers are lovely…


…and some not sew much!!P1250182

BUT over all, I’m loving my scrappy garden!


Now… I think I will paint the coffee table a burnt red colour…and I’ll start looking for a new throw rug and of course new pillows!!


Yup…the new quilt is going to do nicely!!

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy stitching!~P

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vandy’s Candy!

First off, I just HAVE to show you Vandy’s quilt!!  Oh man…I wish you could REALLY see it…sew much better in person!  These pictures DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE!!

This KING size log cabin quilt was SPECTACULAR!!  HUGE!!  Look at all those feet and they still couldn’t get it to go FULL SIZE!!  Incredible!P1250161

The logs are 1 1/2” small and spectacular!


Vandy said she got together with a bunch of friends and they did a ‘strip’ exchange…the strips had to be Christmas prints in red, green and beige…


…then they traded…Just LOOK at the variety!!  Amazing!


It was hard to find the same print twice in this quilt!


Vandy quilted this quilt and did an awesome job…swirls and feathers!  This is an heirloom quilt for sure…I just love it!!  Christmas Candy at it’s best!


Anyone ‘out there’ interested in doing a strip swap??

When I got home from Heritage there was a package waiting for me!!  It was a gift from Val…she is the quilter who won my GIVE AWAY a few years back…and then went all the way to Palm Springs to collect it!!  You can read about my meeting with VAL HERE!  The title of that post was YOU MEET THE NICEST PEOPLE…truer words were never spoken!!  Val is STILL nice!!


I guess when Val was down south she bought some wool…(you know how it goes… ‘someday I am going to make something’)…well Val decided that day was never going to come…so let’s give it to Paulette!!  Yippeee!! 

Just LOOK at that hand dyed wool in three shades of gold…yummy pumpkin colours!!  I know JUST the project!!


THANK YOU SEW MUCH, VAL!!  It’s true…you DO meet the nicest people while blogging!!  :o))))

Thanks SEW much for stopping by my little corner of the world…where the quilts are sweet as candy and you meet the nicest people!!  Have a terrific Tuesday!!~P

Monday, November 25, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

Now…how did that happen?  Another week just flew by!! (blink…blink!)

Here’s what we did last week at Heritage Quilting…

Wonderful scrap quilt…


…and equally wonderful quilting!!


Hazel out did herself quilting this beauty!!  She is getting good…REALLY good!


Here’s the whole quilt…just wonderful!


Oh, and check out the border!  Wow!


And another one done in the same pattern!  This was Heritage’s Mystery Quilt…love this version…



And here is another…hey, they all look SEW different!!


Rosemarie was VERY happy and proud of her FINISHED I SPY quilt!!

As she should be…it was VERY cute!


This quilt was a win, win!!  Carol won the blocks to make this quilt…SEW she stitched up the quilt, then she donated it to charity!  So generous and thoughtful of her!


The Charity organization then took this Blue Scrap Happy quilt and  raffled it off to earn money for a local OA Care Facility!   My non-quilting friend, Claire was THRILLED to win it!!  Now she has it draped over a chair in her living room!  See it was a win, win…for charity!


This quilt was adorable…the quilting on it really kicked it out of the ballpark!!  Some lucky baby is going to be very happy to snuggle under this one!


Lovely scrap happy quilt!!


Betty is up to old tricks…she averages one-two quilts PER WEEK!!  This beauty is another one going to charity!!  It’s a good thing Hazel is quilting this one because if I took this one home it would stay there!!  LOVE IT!!!


Is it not PERFECT!!


How cute is this?  Made for a grand-daughter who loves the beach!




Notice the BIG Stitch quilting…it just popped this quilt up a whole other level!


Lots of gifts being made…or perhaps made for a craft fair…I think I see a price tag?


Lots of mitered corners…and these are PERFECT!!


How fun is this one?


Sharon out did herself with this beauty!P1250081

What is it about scrappy quilts that makes my heart skip a beat?!  This one got a definite “WOW!”


And tons of WIP (works in progress)…like this ‘Christmas Pine’ stitchery…I will be keeping my eye on THIS one…dang sweet!


And Carol is taking her time hand quilting this Pat Sloan quilt!!  Magnificent!


And in the Kitchen Aude was giving a tutorial in how to make Crazy Patch Stockings!!


This one made me want to rush home to take out that tote of old lace and doilies…then I remembered there will be no stockings out on the desert!!


Very cute!!  I love the way the quilters at Heritage Quilting give so freely, sharing their expertise and knowledge with the rest of the members!!


Yup…you just never know what will be going on at Heritage…but one thing is a fact…It’s always a hive of activity and the honey is OH… SEW SWEET!

I hope you have a productive day making a little honey of your own! ~P