Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wishful Wednesday…

Isn’t it wonderful when you find a kindred spirit quilting friend…you know what I mean…someone with ‘like styles’ in quilting…For me that someone would have to love wool, Civil War fabrics, Homespuns and traditional quilts!  It’s funny how you automatically tend to gravitate towards each other when you spot one of ‘your kind’! 

Well this year at Clubhouse Quilting, my kindred spirit is missing!  Family events prevented her from snowbirding down south this year…I have to admit, the old Clubhouse just hasn’t been the same without her!  I am talking about my quilting buddy and friend, Seattle Judy! 

Man, can this lady quilt…do you remember THIS QUILT?  Loved this one and Judy whipped it up in a matter of days….  She is also into wool…check out her wool creations!


She jumped on the band wagon when Anne (Cotton ‘n Wool) was hosting the Quilt-A-Long…and produced this beauty!


And Judy proved that simple is better when she made this four patch out of Civil War fabrics…be still my heart!


Well even thought Judy isn’t with us…(geeze I better reword that!!) … Even though Judy HAD to stay home this year, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy stitching…

Check out what she has been doing…

Dashing Through the Snow by Primitive Gatherings!!  Gorgeous wool mat that is huge!!  (This was a free pattern if your ordered a certain amount on PG’s online shop.  You can now buy the pattern at their shop).  Love it…and just look at that mottled wool!!074

This fun, whimsical quilt is very sweet…(did you know that Seattle Judy has a trunk load of baby quilts for future great-grand babies?!)


I remember her buying the book at the Fat Quarter Shop to make this sweet quilt!!  LOVELY!!


And another sweet woolie…ready for next Winter…oh…I guess she is using it now!!  (I keep forgetting that it’s WINTER NOW!!)


Love this sweet bow tie quilt…This mat will add charm where ever she puts it!  Love the CWF!!


She loved this rabbit candle mat SEW much that….


…Judy made TWO…one for her and one for her grand-daughter!  Dang sweet!


Judy made this adorable wee mat…another Primitive Gatherings pattern!!  Swoon!!084

And last but certainly not least is this wonderful basket quilt!!  We both love baskets….sigh…yup…kindred spirits!


No idle hands for Seattle Judy!  She has been busy!  Hope you liked seeing what she has been up too…I know I sure did!  So keep ‘em coming Judy and hope you make it down here NEXT YEAR!! 

We need to have more adventures like this one…ahhhh yes, I remember it well!!


…and maybe Chris will make it down NEXT YEAR too!  Geeze all my kindred spirits are dropping like flies!  Wishing you both all the best…MISS YOU!

Have a wishful thinking Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. wow! thanks for sharing these, just fabulous! think I loved the dashing through the snow mat the most those, loved the truck on that one!

  2. I can see why you miss Judy, Kindred Spirits are the best! She is keeping herself busy, thanks for sharing her sweet quilts.

  3. Yes, she is a kindred spirit. Love the Civil War fabrics she used in the four-patch, and the large nine-patch is on my do do list. That little basket quilt is also on the list. So many lists, so little time.

  4. So many beautiful cretions, impressive!

  5. Wow love them all. I too love tradition patterns and fabric. But have to admit I tray a bit at times. Lol. I'm doing a batik right now too .... Lol. Can't help myself. Guess I love all fabric ! It's addictive. Thanks for the show.

  6. Can she be my friend also? I think she might be Anne's sister???

  7. Can she be my friend also? I think she might be Anne's sister???

  8. I love all of Judy's quilts and I could make every one of them as they are all so beautiful!

  9. I wish you would stop showing me more wonderful pieces to make, lol. I do like the red truck piece.


  10. So many beautiful projects! Love them all!

  11. Thank you for sharing Judy's quilts with us. They are just gorgeous! So sorry you have to miss her and she cannot be there with. Please share with her that we just love her quilts.

  12. Your friend is sure super talented! Love all her Quilty treasures!

  13. The Dashing Through the Snow piece is especially nice.