Sunday, February 23, 2014


My quiet early morning time spent with my blogging friends has been shattered with a HOCKEY GAME being played in the background!!  Sheesh…now that’s a first!  Yes, Canada and Sweden are battling it out for Gold while hubby watches!  He is normally still snug in bed while I have my ‘quiet time’.  If Canada wins then it will be worth a little “he shoots…he SCORES!” noise!

Speaking of He Shoots, He SCORES!…Sandy and I went Garage Saling in Palm Springs yesterday.  Hubby offered to drive us around to the 27 house Neighbourhood Garage Sale! 

You just never know what you are going to find…IMG_0662[3]

…and no, we didn’t buy her!  She confessed that she is NOT a quilter!!

These were my two big finds…

Four boxes of frosted votive holders (for my daughter’s August wedding) for a total of 48…all for $10!!  “She Shoots! She SCORES!”


And I loved this old oak frame…can’t you see a wool stitchery in here…or a small quilt?  And for ONE buck HOW could I NOT buy it?


It’s fairly big…about 16” so it can handle a fair size piece of work…


Speaking of a piece of work…look at what was IN the frame…


Nothing like a bunch of shirtless men hanging out on your wall watching you quilt!! And wouldn’t this make a good conversation piece when all the quilters come over!!  :o))  Yes, that’s hubby flexing his muscles with a few of his golfing buddies…haha

So that’s it for another week in paradise!!  Our weather continues to be HOT…and with this hanging on the wall, it’s bound to get hotter!!

Hope your Sunday is SUNNY and hot too…and happy Stitching!! 

“HE Shoots!!  HE SCORES!!” Yup… Canada is up 3-0…GO! CANADA!!  GO!…and I wave my flag!


  1. Nice finds in a garage sale! It seems you have a good time, with good weather! Greetings.

  2. Looks like you and Sandy had another fun day out! I am a little late this morning. I had to read without coffee. I had already had my limit! ;-) Yes that was another fun week with you in the desert! Be back next week!

  3. What nice finds and the votives were definitely a perfect find to decorate the wedding with.


  4. You always shoot and score! Especially when you hit up the sales. Congrats to both your hockey teams.

  5. Looks like you scored as well as our teams did!

  6. Not so sunny here, it's SNOWING. Really, at the end of February? Hope it goes away soon. That frame is a great score and would certainly look lovely with one of your woolies in it. Score also on the votive candles. They're perfect for a summer wedding.

  7. It's appropriate that it is snowing when the Canadians won gold for back to back Olympic Games for both the men and women's hockey. Go Canada Go!

    Also congrats to the men and women's Curling teams for both their golds..especially the women who wind undefeated and the men only losing one game.

    Great garage sale finds!

  8. REALLY mad at Jamie Benn for scoring the only goal in the win over the US (then US stunk up the place in the bronze medal game..GAG!). That Jamie's gonna PAY when he gets back to Dallas..HAHA.

  9. Loved today's blog, gave me a chuckle..
    Hugs, Maggey