Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clubhouse News…

There is always something exciting happening in the Clubhouse…and this year we get the Clubhouse TWO days a week SEW we get double the time to play! Mondays and Wednesdays are our days!  Last Wednesday we had a full house …in fact our house may have been a tad too full!!

This is the peak time of year at the park…and we are still awaiting Sandy (aka Thelma) and Jan…both are at home birthing Grandbabies.  I haven’t heard if Jan’s a grandma yet but Sandy has a new baby girl, Cameron Kaelea born on Friday!!  Sandy is spending the weekend cuddling her sweet little package before her and Grandpa load the RV and pull out tomorrow!!  Yippee…let the good times roll!!

Enough of the chit chat…onto the quilting!!

Siena finished off this beauty…LOVE this quilt!! It’s like a giant cathedral city!


Zooming in for a close-up…


And closer yet…can you see how she has turned and stitched the pink flap…love it!


Gwen finished two bags…and no ordinary bags at that!!


Gwen went on a world tour last year and picked up fabric on her trek!!


I think this fabric came from Romania?…note the prairie points at the top…very cute!!


And this fabric came from Russia!!  LOVE the fabric…and what lovely useful keepsakes from her trip!


Linda finished her FIRST quilt and it is a beauty!!  Way to go, Linda!!


Christine is making a chicken runner…and it is going to be dang cute!!


Check out the baby chick…Christine was saying that there is an appliqued vine that works it’s way up the runner!!  Can’t wait to see this one finished!!


A new project started…


How is this for being organized…it’s sure not my table!!  :o)  Joanne arrived this week in her super-dooper monster RV…it is SEW big that they had to remove two palm trees to accommodate them!  Not to worry…the palm trees have been relocated and love their new home!!  Joanne is too sweet to have any part in killing palm trees!!:o)

Love the fabrics…Kansas Troubles…


Love the fabrics…Kansas Troubles…


And the pattern is very sweet too…making for a great combination!


And Pauline is back in town!!  SEW nice to see all these new faces!  Yikes!!  LOOK at what she is working on…amazing!!


I finished off the Donner and Blitzen (a Jan Patek pattern) as it still needed one more bird and all of the stars!!  She is ready for quilting which I will do on the mid-arm when I get home!


And I got rid of the small appliqued reindeer and made a new BIGGER reindeer…which looks WAY better!


I also finished prepping the rest of the applique on the Snow Guys…but forgot to take pictures!!

Speaking of pictures…Sandi will be bringing her camera on Wednesday (she is the kind soul who lent me her camera while at Road to California!)  I will  download the pictures onto my computer and hopefully show you some of the Road’s highlights!  Thursday is the day!!  I know some of the girls from home are anxiously awaiting pictures of the latest wool projects!! 

Well it Super Bowl Sunday…all the Quilters know what that means…SALE AT MONICA’S QUILT SHOP today!! haha…You didn’t actual think we were going to WATCH the game did you?  Pick up time is 10am…be there or be square!!  I have room for ONE more!!

Have a Sunny Sunday (check:0) and happy stitching!~P


  1. Me, I'll take the last spot (LOL). Oh no, can't make it, might be birthing a grand baby!!

  2. Ahh...too funny...I was sitting here saying to myself...Paulette has not posted this morning and low and behold, you did. :o) Love all the new projects.

    Ok...question for you. Are you going to the Quilt show in Pomona, CA at the end of February? My BFF, Cathy will be there with her wool, vendoring.


  3. Love that everyone is working on a project and different types, nice to have others who know all types of sewing to help each other.


  4. What a great post with so much inspiration. Have fun shopping!

  5. I have never seen a Cathedral Window done in a large size like that. Interesting. Seems like it would go a lot faster than making all those real small size blocks.

    I like your reindeer. I have not worked on mine yet.

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  7. OK, I'm a new blogger, have questions.
    When you take pics of your Clubhouse friends, did you ask first if you can post to your blog? I'll be in a campground in a couple weeks, and would like to include pics of what people are working on. Also at Quilt Club here at home. Want to know the etiquette of it all. Thanks

  8. Sure wish I was closer to your Clubhouse 'cause you girls sure have fun!!!! Thanks for all the photos!!!!