Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More of Road to California Pictures…

Time for more Road to California Pictures!!  Let me show you small a sprinkling  of some of the booths…(and yes, I always ask permission before I start flashing!!)

Here’s Jillily Studio…very pretty booth with lovely quilt…and Jill is SEW nice!IMG_4002

A new booth this year was Carriage House from the Seattle area…lovely booth…and man, was it ever busy!


Tons of eye candy in their booth!!  Their shop, Carriage Country Quilts in  Des Moines, Washington, is wonderful too! 


Check out Farmhouse Threads Booth…incredible!!  It was a lovely addition to the show!!  Too much to look at!


This quilt blew me away!!


Quilter’s Roost was another NEW SHOP…FULL of eye candy, patterns, wool and prim dolls and signs!!  LOVED it!


Reet’s Rags to Stitches’ booth…loved it!  Wool booths were out in full force at the Road this year…I wonder if this means that WOOL Work is here to stay…and the Woolie movement is growing?!!


IMG_4014 - Copy

Pinwheel’s booth is always a favourite…full of their yarn dyed and printed Japanese fabrics…AND I loved the basket quilt!  When I asked about the pattern, I was told to look for in the Quiltmania magazine next year!!  Can’t wait!

IMG_4015 - Copy

The other side of their booth…

IMG_4016 - Copy

And another shot at THAT quilt!!

IMG_4017-001 - CopyIMG_4018 - Copy

Here’s The Rusty Crow Quilt Shop…they didn’t come to the Hemet Show this year…darn!!  I bypassed this booth this year thinking that I would spend more time going through it at Hemet!!  Not to be…

IMG_4019 - Copy

These are pictures of quilts from the Christmas Shoppe…

IMG_4020 - CopyIMG_4021 - Copy

They had some dang sweet patterns!IMG_4022 - CopyIMG_4023 - Copy

And of course I met and visited with Julie from Jaybird Quilts!  Loved seeing her and her mom…both manning the booth and loving every moment of it!  They had some great deals!

IMG_4043 - Copy

And of course LOVED LOVED The RED DOOR booth…so much eye candy that you glaze over!!

IMG_4044 - CopyIMG_4045 - CopyIMG_4046 - Copy

Just a reminder that you can order any of these patterns and kits from their wonderful ON-LINE shop!!  Why should I be the only one having fun!! :o))

IMG_4047 - CopyIMG_4048 - CopyIMG_4049 - CopyIMG_4050 - CopyIMG_4051 - CopyIMG_4052 - Copy

SEW…did you make it out of THE RED DOOR without spending any money??  I know…it was difficult….

IMG_4053 - Copy

Primitive Gatherings was there…and their booth just continues to get better and better!!  This year they had a horse shoe shape with two tills at each end so NO line ups!!  BONUS!!


LOVED this Winter Crazy Mat pattern…that followed me home!!

IMG_4073 - Copy

Oh man…doesn’t get any sweeter than THIS!!


So that about covers all the booths that I took pictures of…pretty nice hey!!

Ohhhh…I have a few more pictures from the Heart to Hand Booth that I want to share…but at another time!!  (I’ll save them for a slow blogging day…and goodness knows, I have LOTS of those!!) The Heart to Hand Booth is right up there as far as great booths, chock full of patterns and WOOL!!

Have a WICKED Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks for sharing all those pictures, so much creativity and so many talents gathered! It's impressive!

  2. I think I would go nuts at that show, so many nice booths and patterns. Love the new snow one, those are fun to do.


  3. I've never been to Road, but have vowed to go next year. Meanwhile our guild show is this weekend, with tons of fabulous quilts and many of those same vendors, so really looking forward to that. Will probably post pix, so keep your eyes open in the next few days!

  4. I am going to Sew Expo on the 28th (my first time) and if this is a little taste of what I will see I am in for lots of fun and shopping!! I looked up the booths that you listed and almost all of them will be at Expo.......CAN'T WAIT!! Thanks for the preview......

  5. Those were some of my favorite booths at the show too! There was so much to see this year--- sorry I missed seeing you!

  6. What fun those pics were to see! You must have had a blast. This show is going on my bucket list.

  7. Fantastic pics of a show that looked fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I sew enjoy your pictures and the links to the various quilt shops. Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming.

  9. Great photos! It must be so exciting. I love the Winter Crazy Mat pattern.

  10. Save it for a "slow blogging day"? That's not even in your vocabulary. LOL Loved the booths and pictures. I can tell my bank account would have been drained had I been able to go!

  11. Thanks Paulette! That was a 2 cup day for me. I enjoyed going to all your links. You seem to see so much more than I do. ;-) Have a great Thursday.

  12. Do you recall if there was a pattern for the Memories of Christmas Past quilt? I really enjoy your blog, thanks for all the great posts!