Thursday, December 31, 2015

Boxing Day Shopping... NOT!

One of the highlights about not Snowbirding this year was being home for the BOXING DAY SALES!  Yup, my plan was to get up nice and early on Dec. 26th and hit the shops!  Boxing Day in Canada is like Black Friday in the States!  You can pick up some real deals, especially on Christmas paraphernalia!  I didn't anticipate getting the flu a few hours after company left on Christmas Day! :o(  Boxing Day found me in bed...when I wasn't elsewhere (if you get my drift!)

So no Boxing Day Sales for me...BUT I did manage to drag myself out on the 28th and went to TWO shops...for their leftovers!  By then the Sale had gone from 50% off to 75% the few things that I found were practically FREE! :o))

Let me share...

Rusty bells, wooden snowflakes and rusty stars...

And there was one lone star left...waiting for ME!!  Happy dance!

And because I'm a quilter...I had to hit the local Red Barn Quilt Shop...where I found this lovely yellow and grey MODERN fabric...for 50% off! I am planning on making another Graduation quilt for this June and of course it has to be modern!  I will somehow grin and bear it!  haha 

I teamed it up with this lovely Kona cream fabric that I bought down south last year!  So I am all set for some sewing fun in 2016!!  I say bring her on...

Before I go, I want to THANK YOU, my readers 'out there' who read me most days!  It means a lot to me and keeps me humming along this crazy blogging life!  Would you believe that I started this blog in 2009...almost SEVEN years ago!  Time really does fly when you are having fun!  I have met such wonderful quilters along the way...and even brushed shoulders with some very famous quilt designers...not naming names or anything... but YOU know who you are! haha  All great fun... SEW I thank YOU and wish you the very best in 2016!  I hope you continue to pop in now and again to cheer me on or to tell me to get on with it... or NOT!  No swear words please!  :o)))haha

Wishing YOU ALL A WONDERFUL 2016...with a GREAT BIG New Year's HUG being sent your way!~P

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's a GIRL!

I interrupt this post for a special bulletin!   I NEED to share this VERY special Christmas picture....born on the December 28th ...our little Autumn!  FIVE days late but so worth the wait!

Autumn is absolutely beautiful...just look!  Did you not say "AUHHHHHHH"!  

And look at how fashion conscience she is already!!  What a beautiful hand-knit Christmas hat!   All of you knitters 'out there' who donate your time, yarn and Clubhouse DORIS, who knits hundreds of these precious hats every year to donate to Hospitals, we THANK YOU!  How SWEET they are!  Let me tell you, they are treasured and will be treasured FOREVER!  You are doing such a wonderful service by knitting these hats!

Anyway, it is always such a relief to have a family baby arrive safely...and such a blessing when they arrive with all ten fingers and ten toes!  And when they are beautiful...well that is just gravy...but then aren't they ALL beautiful?! :o)
 Autumn is our first great-grand baby!  As my husband says, we have always been GREAT but now we get to flaunt it! :o}}

Remember this quilt...well... It's time to release the HOUNDS!!  Now they have a baby to wrap around and snuggle!

 And they are very excited about it!!  Lazy but excited!  I could not get this fella to SIT and STAY!  Sounds like another dog I know...:o)


Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Heritage Happenings....

This will be the last Heritage Happenings for this year!  Hard to believe that 2015 will have come and gone by our next Heritage day!...Is it me or do the years fly by a little faster each year?  Let's hope 2016 will slow down so that we can stop and savour each quilts a bit longer...

OK...without further's the last Heritage Happening for 2015!

Here we have some wonderful and festive holiday placemats!  Do I see some gravy on this one?:o) Just kidding...

 A wonderful cuddly quilt for some lucky baby!

Michelle found this on our Share Table (aka..Vulture Table), finished it off and donated it to Charity!  VERY cute quilt!

I bet this quilt looked wonderful draped over a chair or on a wall at Christmas!

 The hand quilting on this quilt made it SPARKLE!  Just beautiful!!
This row quilt is going to be a beauty when finished!
 A close-up!

A little lovin' at Christmas!  This runner could easily stay out till the end of February!

 My apologizes...the picture of the whole quilt was too blurry to show...but let me assure you, it was gorgeous!

 This is a Farmhouse Threads Pattern (Tree Trimming Party) and is on my TO DO LIST...hence all the pictures! :o)  (Hey, it's my blog:o)...I love going back to check things out at a later date!  It's like my very own personal Journal, so please bear with me!

Oh, look Mr. Frosty is hanging that red button...SEW cute!

This is another Temecula wee quilt(from the free block giveaway!)..only Glynis put a spin on this one by putting the blocks on-point!  A dang sweet quilt!!

 Loved what this quilter did with this table topper!  She turned the corner up and stitched it in place!  Added a whole new dimension to the quilt!

Here' another view.  My apologies...the picture of the whole quilt was blurry! :o((( I confess, my camera broke and I am using my iPhone...there is a learning curve here that I have not mastered!  Any tips?

 I LOVED Anne's wee Tree Farm mat...SO dang cute that I got the pattern out as soon as I got home!  It was the FREE pattern from Buttermilk Basin's 2014 Christmas Blog Hop!  Anne made it for her SIL(who drives a grey truck) will definitely be from his FAVOURITE MIL!

This quilt blew everyone's socks off!  The cutest baby quilt EVER!  When asked what the name of the pattern was...the answer was the bird came from a 100 Blocks Magazine...and the rest was made up!  Don't you love it!  I have to check my 100 Blocks Magazines to see if I have this one as it's a keeper!  I also love the bright, happy fabrics in this one!  SO MANY little time!

 Told you....CUTE!!


And another sweet finish by Glynis!


This is what Glynis is working on now!  Love it!  I'm sure it will be finished and bound and she will be onto a totally different project by next Monday!  :o))

We have a new woolie amongst us...Judy is working on this Primitive Gatherings Table Mat...I think she is hooked!  

And at Heritage many hands always make light work!   The ladies were busy pinning this lovely Scrap Happy Quilt...getting her ready for quilting!
The Heritage Quilters would like to thank you for all of your lovely comments throughout the year and wish you the best in 2016!!  I'm sure that they will continue to provide you with lots of eye candy in the New Year!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Hint of Spring...

We may have had a bit of a snowfall yesterday but that doesn't stop one from enjoying a bit of SPRING indoors!

My Paperwhites are 'planted' and by the end of January they should be in full bloom...Be warned...the flowers smell a SPRING garden!

A breathe of Spring while the snow/rain falls can you not like that!

You can find Paperwhite Bulbs at your local plant nursery.  They are fun to grow and kids LOVE watching them as they can see daily changes.

If you would like to find out more about Paperwhites then go HERE.

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P

Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Christmas...!


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!  
All the best!~P

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Glynis has been quilting A LONG  time...much longer than the rest of us!  As a result she has tons of oldies...Oldie Quilts that is!  The Tree Skirt that I am about to share with you is one such quilt...she made it years ago but it is still lovely and used every Christmas!  This is an old Cheryl Wall Design...maybe you know her as the force behind Country Quilts!

Anyway...let me show you the might just recognize it...

 She is big and beautiful...machine appliqued with lovely meander quilting!  I love the detail in each of the wedges....

Let me work my way around this skirt so that you can see for yourself...

I love the way there are the words LOVE, JOY and PEACE stitched around the quilt along with holly, stars and hearts!  (You can still buy the pattern to this tree skirt found HERE at the Whistle Stop Online Shop.)

This is a keeper for sure, a quilt that will get passed down to her daughters...but this is Christmas so we WON'T go there!  haha

Thanks for sharing, Glynis!  Once again you provided us with lots of eye candy this Christmas Eve day!

I saw an almost FULL MOON this morning!  Did you know that the last time there was a FULL moon on Dec. 25 was in 1977.....SEW you better drag yourself out of your sewing room and have a gander because the next full moon on Christmas Day night will be in 2034!  (Of course we could just stitch a FULL Moon onto our next Christmas Quilt and enjoy it every year...who needs to leave the comforts of your sewing room or wait around for 2034...just sayin'!)

On that note...I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas filled with LOVE, JOY and PEACE!   All the very best!~P

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Carol Wishes YOU a Mini Christmas!...

At Heritage on Monday, Carol was busy sewing the binding down on this sweet little Christmas quilt...If it looks familiar it's because it's from the 'We Wish You a Mini Christmas' Free Block Give Away sponsored by Temecula Quilt Co. Blog!
 Carol loved her scrap happy version so much, that she made a second quilt...this time in red and white!
 Now Carol has a pair of darn sweet quilts!  And wasn't it darn SWEET of Temecula Quilt Co. to sponsor this Sew-A-Long during the busiest time of the year!  (If you missed it, the pattern is still available!)  Thank you SEW much, Temecula!

I love it when I am able to share pictures of other quilters' creations... and when it something that they have made as the result of reading and following someone else's blog, I am thrilled!  It means that there are actually people 'out there' reading and following...and it must be lovely validation to the bloggers/designers when they see their patterns take hundreds...maybe even thousands of quilters!  

So THANK YOU to the quilt DESIGNERS 'out there' who sponsored FREE BLOCK/Quilt Pattern Give Aways this Christmas!  It was wonderful FUN and we REALLY appreciated it!  It was like Christmas morning every day...for several weeks!  

Only two more days to go...and there is SNOW on the ground again this morning, with more falling...and I have grocery shopping to do!  UGH!  I might be giving my LIST to My Elf to do...he's a great shopper, as long as I am VERY never write just MILK...or lord knows what you will get  (half and half).  I once wrote 2 cans of clams to make Clam Sauce and got two cans of smoked clams.  BUT hey, now is not the time to be critical!  Our turkey dinner will be very interesting this say the least!

Have a wild and wicked Wednesday (which is a given if you still have gifts to buy!) and I hope you get a little time for some happy Stitching!  It is a great stress reliever...that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! ~P:o))

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

OOOoooo' Christmas Trees...

The Patchwork Forest has become an official flimsy...with only three days left until Christmas, I doubt that I will find the time to quilt it or put the binding on!  But that's will make an nice WINTER wall-hanging!

This was an improv quilt done in the same fashion as the Winter's Trees Quilt that I made this fall.  Such a fun quilt to make!  You can see the trees are all a wee bit different!  

 You can get the tutorial HERE!  It's designed by 'Diary of a Quilter's', Amy Smart and she has made it fast and easy for us!  Thanks, Amy!

I bet you are wondering WHEN I am going to stop playing and get down to the serious business of CHRISTMAS...?  Well...I may not!  I know it will get done!  And if it doesn't I'll call in the Elves...well... one elf in particular who I know, packs a mean mop and vacuum!:o))  It's all good!

I am off to Nanaimo today to deliver some Christmas baking to my brother...and maybe swing by a Quilt Shop or two!  Hey, Tis the Season!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P