Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Canadian SCORES!

The Canadian Men’s Hockey Team weren’t the only ones winning GOLD…on Saturday, Joanne stopped at the local flea market for ORANGES and came home with this Gold winning beauty~


Here’s Joanne telling us about her quilt and where she is going to put it…


Deb was kind enough to help hold it up but Joanne kept a close eye on her…yes, there are quilt thieves among us!!


This quilt is old…all hand pieced and hand quilted…and hardly worn at all!  There are a couple of small stains but mainly on the back!  The white fabric is that gauzy flour sack fabric that they used way back when…


Here and there are little pieces of a brighter yellow fabric..we thought that maybe the quilter used up all of the pale yellow fabric and ‘made do’ with the bright yellow.  We wished that there was a label on the back…telling us a little of the history behind this quilt! IMG_0167

Another reminder of how important it is to add a label to all of your quilts…who knows where they will end up fifty years from now…


One things for sure, this quilter knew how to quilt…fine itty bitty stitches…and beautifully pieced!


Yup…that Joanne is one lucky lady!  Oh and did I mention how much she paid for it…are you sitting down??  A measly $15!!  “She shoots…she SCORES!!”  And the crowd roars…

Seeing that I was over at Joanne’s with my camera in hand… I just had to take a picture of the quilt that Joanne is finishing off…it’s a beauty too…hard to beat a quilt made out of Kansas Troubles fabric!!  I’m POSITIVE there will be a label going on the back of this stunner…right Joanne?


And look at Joanne’s ‘sewing room’!!  Joanne and her hubby have a HUGE 5th wheel…with a toy hauler room!  They transport her hubby’s motorcycle in it when travelling and when they stay put, it becomes Joanne’s SEWING ROOM!!  Sounds fair to me…!!


Thanks for sharing, Joanne!!  I always love to see how other quilters ‘make do’ when travelling!!  Yes, you are one lucky lady!

So another gorgeous hot day here on the desert…and back home…not so much!  This picture was sent by Claire…taken looking out her window…brrrrr….  

               photo (15)

…and Glynis was reporting that we had EIGHT inches of the white stuff by yesterday afternoon…and that it was still coming down!!  OUCH!!  My advice…go for a long walk in the stuff, to get your fill, then lock yourself in your sewing room and don’t come out until Spring!  Just think of what you could accomplish!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. What a nice find and looks like it is in nice condition. I like the toy hauler idea, nice storage and nice room when you are staying put.


  2. Joanne needs to buy a lottery ticket! As for Glynis...we need snow but I feel your pain! I'm ready to move on to another season :)

  3. Wow! What a score for Joanne. That's a beauty. It's snowing here in Saanichton, and has been since yesterday morning so there is plenty on the ground. Unlike Victoria, which has barely any. The highway out to the ferry is snow covered, but seems to be moving quite well. The only magical Monday we'll have here is if the snow turns to rain and washes it all away.

  4. What a lovely old quilt. It is always interesting to see how quilters make do when they run out of a fabric,

    I remember making a pumpkin themed quilt and I used a black fabric with some mini pumpkins for the background, when I ran out I used some orange and polka dot fabric and I don't think people realized what I'd did because of where I placed the substitute one.

    It is still snowing, but down at river level I've not accumulated as much as in higher elevations.

  5. What a find.....and only $15.00! I'm afraid I neglect to put labels on most of my quilts too. I know I should but it is always so thrilling to get them done and give them away that the label often doesn't make it on the back of the quilt. I MUST be better at that.