Saturday, February 1, 2014

And….. Action!

Last Wednesday, while at the Clubhouse, I went around with my camera and caught all the FINISHED sewing mats in action!! 

First up is Doris’ sweet mat…made out of the cutest sewing fabric!! 


And look at what is to the right of her machine…check out the mug that she made out of fabric…it’s really a pin cushion and attached is the thread catcher!  Is that not the cutest!!  BUT WAIT…it doesn’t match…


…SEW Doris is making one to match her mat!  Here she is making her thread catcher in the same sweet sewing motif! 


Dang cute!!


Heritage Judy has a pink and blue mat that is sweet too!!  Notice how we all made mats to accommodate the width of our machines.



And this one is mine…the paisley print is in a soft blue and apple green…perfect for my blue sewing room back home! It is 24” by 18’ and the instructions to make one can be found HERE

P1260015NOW I KNOW that there were more than three of us making mats…sew where are the rest?  Well you know how it is…it’s that darn binding that needs to be hand sewn!!  Stay tuned, I’m sure more will eventually turn up!! 

One of my readers said that she made a sewing mat by just turning up the pocket area and stitching!  How easy would that be!  And if you use the pre-quilted fabric you would have a coordinating print for the pockets…now that would be VERY cute!!  BUT I have to say I LOVE the mesh!!  It’s nice to be able to see what’s in the pockets at a single glance!

Regardless of how you make your mat, once you do, you will love it!!  I like to keep Jack the Ripper in mine.  As you can see he’s not in the pocket  right now …but once I FIND him that’s where he’s going to go!!  He has a way of walking off…

Thanks for stopping by on this SUPER Saturday and happy stitching!~P


  1. Love it Paula ! Thanks so much for sharing - and be sure to NOT turn your back when I"m sewing with you -- I swoon over paisleys... LOVE IT!!

  2. Adorable mats! A great idea...hope you find Jack, not that you ever need him!

  3. Those are wonderful mats and a good idea, I am always losing things I sew with or get in the way or knocked off the table I am working on.


  4. What fun! Love those mats. You Gals have such fun and are so productive! Are you going to the Hemet show this year? I have 2 quilts to show this year. It is my first time to enter. I will be at the show on Saturday. I bet you are going on Friday for the Boutique. If you happen to be going on Saturday I will see you. Lyn

  5. Nicely done to you all, cut sewing catchers and pin cushions. I haven't is re if I have any left overs from my sewing pad to make a new thread catcher and a pincushion...another to do to put on my list.

  6. Love the mats, I already have one that stays at home, but not with the nice mesh pockets. Perhaps I need another one for sewing camp! I love the sewing themed fabric!

  7. There is always something new and this project is super handy. Just stopping by to say Hi. I haven't given up on quilting but this past year life could not be more hectic if I had planned it. First a super holiday in Italy with both daughters - House sold - daughter diagnosed with colon cancer - vehicle accident - move to Victoria but am settling down and took time out to catch up with your adventures. Will be back again soon. Vicky

  8. Loved seeing all the cute fabric.. Great job, ladies! Have a beautiful Super Bowl day...
    Hugs, Maggey

  9. I've seen several of these mats lately and like them more every time I see them. I'm going to have to take a look at my fabrics to see what I can do. :) blessings, marlene