Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Hemet Show Continues…

After spending TWO DAYS at the Hemet Show I still have tons of pictures to share with you!!  WARNING…this is a Picture Heavy post!!

The quilts at this show were incredible and this one was at the top of the list!  It was AMAZING….the details were incredible!!


Check out the close-ups…


And it’s hard to beat scrap happy quilts!



LOVED this visually spectacular quilt!

P1260292P1260294 - Copy

Dang!!  I loved this quilt…I’m keeping it in so that you can get a sense of it when you see the close-up that follows…

P1260295 - Copy

You can get a better feel from this close up…LOVED the blocks in this hexagon quilt!  The fabrics were incredible!

P1260296 - CopyP1260297

Home Sweet Home by Heart to Hand!!  Very well done!!


I took lots of close-ups of this quilt as it’s on my To Do List…in fact all the background Daiwaibo fabrics are sitting in a tote at home…waiting.




So beautiful!!


And this huge quilt was wonderful!!  A Jan Patek design..beautifully stitched!




A Bunny Hill design…man, these Hemet Quilters KNOW how to stitch!!  Magnificent!!


And across from this one was another wonderful Bunny Hill Design!!



This one was VERY sweet!!

P1260319P1260320P1260321 - CopyP1260322

A gorgeous award winning wee Lori Smith!


Another sewing machine quilt that LOOKED so realistic..almost like a photo…but it was all paper pieced!  AMAZING job!!


Loved these wee stars and the big stitch quilting!!


Another one that is on my To-Do List…just wonderful and so deserving of an award!


This little quilt was small but had a big impact…loved EVERYTHING about this one…


Her colour choice was perfect…loved it!


Even the past President agreed with me…and gave her a bonnet (dang cute!!)


Yup…she’s a winner in my books too!!


And Alice’s wonderful quilt was just so happy that she got TWO awards!!  Love the potted plant border!!  Every gardener would love this quilt!!


How sweet is this yo-yo table cloth!! 


The Quilter used squares from a panel…and then decorated it with rows of yo-yos!!  PERFECT!!


Now that was a good quilt to end the show with!!  Wasn’t this show the best!!…and NO that was not a question!!  It really was the best!!

Thank you Hemet/San Jacinto Valley Quilters…you really know how to put on a good show…but then you have had 34 years of practice!!  I would say that you have it down to a fine art!  What I really liked and appreciated was how kind, thoughtful, friendly and FUN all of the quilters were!!  Even in the Boutique where it was a bit of a mad house…(you know quilters, when you throw them a good deal and we all dive at it!! Shark attack!!  heehee…all great fun!!)  And that’s how the Valley Quilters approached it…with FUN!! 

SEW…I predict that The Clubhouse Quilters will be back for Hemet’s 35th Annual Valley Quilt Show next year…and this shark…errr I mean quilter… can’t wait…only 363 more sleeps!!

I’ve had several requests to show my LOOT…blogger is having a fit with all of these pictures…if I add more I’m sure Blogland will explode!!  I will send out my loot pictures separately…Fingers crossed that these pictures will all post!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lots of wonderful quilts and I was surprised to see Cheri's quilt and tagged wrong? The quilt that says A is for apple is a cheri saffiote design that was done for a BOM and she just redid the pattern for sale.


  2. So many great quilts! My favorites are the Bunny Hill snowmen and the yoyo table topper with preprint panels. So clever. This really does look like the best show ever! Can't wait until you get back there next time. Seriously, of all the shows you've posted, this is my favorite.

  3. Thank you for "taking" us to the show! Really wonderful quilts - I adore the sewing one!

  4. Really enjoyed seeing the terrific quilts. Thanks Paulette!

  5. Well, several quilts got my attention in this batch of pictures. The Jan Patek quilt for one. I have that pattern but haven't made the quilt.

  6. Wow, unbelievable , awe inspiring.. Gorgeous, I could go on and on.... Jan Pateks work just gives me goosebumps, I am a big fan..that sewing machine one at the first was incredible. Thank you for all your pictures , you make me fell almost there..I could never be a judge.. We are still snow packed here but next few days getting in the 40s.
    (Jumping for joy)
    Hugs, Maggey

  7. Loved the show. Sure wish it was closer to me. Most shows nowadays have so many modern quilts and while I can appreciate them for their work and beauty, I much prefer the traditional....especially applique!

  8. I love the judges choice Quilts. Especially because her guild day is the second Tuesday of the month as is mine and that I'm guess she may be Canadian with la petite group meeting on the first Monday. Her details are great.

    Great photos. Thanks again Paulette.

  9. Fabulous show! Thanks for the pics ...lots of inspiration here!

  10. Wonderful show! Thanks so much for taking all those photos. Only the occasional show in my area, so your pics have broadened my horizon.

  11. Beautiful beautiful quilts. That first one is so unique!