Wednesday, August 31, 2011


SEW TODAY is the DAY!!  Day EIGHT of the Pick Four Blog Tour…MY TURN!!  YIKES!  The pressure is on….


First of all, let me tell you that I was shocked when Sue of Quilt Time invited me to join her ‘Pick Four’ Blog Tour Team!!  Thank you Quilt Sue!!  What an honour…but to be honest my first thought was ‘I hope I don’t screw this one up!!’ 

When I received the book, ‘PICK FOUR’ I flipped though it quickly and scanned the quilts…yup…I like that one…and that one and THAT one…whew!!  I could breath easy…I liked the book!! 

Then I sat down and READ ‘Pick Four’…and discovered that I LOVED this book!!  I’ll be honest with you…I’ve been making quilts for less than ten years…I haven’t taken any classes…I have gleaned my knowledge from books…books like PICK FOUR!  PICK FOUR is the perfect book for a beginning quilter…like me!!  I learned tons…it’s also the perfect book for the experienced quilters out there who know what they are doing!! :o)

As you probably learned on the other SEVEN Blogs…the title ‘Pick Four’ is all about picking four or less fabrics for your quilt.  Sue said  the easiest way to choose fabric is to use an inspirational fabric, photo or picture from a magazine.  Well, how’s this for inspiration?  No, it’s still Summer here on Vancouver Island…but soon this will happen……and when it does I want to be ready!

I had a hard time picking my FOUR FABRICS…I’m a ‘more is better’ kind of quilter…I had to reign myself in…and it was HARD!!  I looked at my stash…and couldn’t pick just four…I even had a hard time choosing in the shop…so using this Fall photo for inspiration…

This is what I ended up with… Salt Box by Moda…Perfect don’t you think?


In choosing a Fall Theme…I needed a focal print (who knew?!  Not ME!) which is the fabric with the trees. I picked the orange because it wasn’t as busy and the dots because I LOVE dots!  I needed a neutral to tone down the lot…(did I just use a British accent?)

I agonized over which pattern to sew and finally PICKED this one…and got busy! (see the swirling leaves….)


I found the instructions clear and concise…any moron could follow them, so they were perfect for ME!  And there were lots of pictures for the visual learners…again tailor made for ME! 

Throughout the book Quilt Sue gives quilting tips… for instance in using this pattern she said to apply spray starch to the fabric and press with a dry iron before cutting.  Why?…because I would be cutting the squares along the bias edge and this would help the fabric keep its shape.  I didn’t know this!!  AND to my amazement, IT WORKED!!

Another thing that I REALLY liked about Quilt Sue’s book was that she shows you different layouts for the blocks. 


I tried all three layouts…before I picked the one I went with.. (I don’t have a design wall so I laid them out on my bed…then stood on the pillows to take these pictures…not the best I’m afraid…but you get the idea!  Ignore the BLUE!)

Layout #1P1150136  Layout #2


Layout #3


So which layout won….

Number…2 was the winner!

Check it out~P1150270

This is the kitchen table where it will hang out this Fall…


Let’s zoom in for a close-up…Yup, I HAD to hand quilt it using Valdani perle cotton and  BIG stitches (beige thread on the brown and brown thread on the beige). 


Let’s hang outside for awhile…catch a few more Summer rays before the Canadian geese fly over…P1150276

…and sit a spell while you peruse this wonderful book!  It’s a definite keeper!


Don’t forget you can win your own AUTOGRAPHED COPY of PICK FOUR simply by leaving a comment on this post…or you might win a copy at the other NINE blogs on the tour!!  It’s a win, win situation!!  SEW good luck!!

The Random Generator will be PICKING the winner number on Saturday morning…Sept 3!

AND…if you don’t win…then you can always order your own copy HERE!

Two more blog hops to go!!

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  • Friday, 2  September - Hazel at Cotton Cocktails

    Make sure you whip over to England to congratulate Quilt Sue’s on becoming a FAMOUS AUTHOR!!  Let the ‘Quilt Times’ Roll!!

    Have a WINNING Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2011

    A Berry Crazy Post…

    Can you guess what I did yesterday?…AND NO I am not Dexter’s accomplice!


    Yup! Blackberry picking..and what a bumper crop!!…left hand was in a glove to hold the brambles back and right hand for the picking…I have it down to a fine art now!

    imageThese berries went from this to THIS…


    23 jars of freezer jam!  It looks like a lot but it goes fast!  With every visit from ‘the kids’ it somehow magically disappears!! :o)

    AND while I was making jam…the mail lady was putting this into my mailbox!!  I won BIG time on Diary of a Quilt Maven…

    Adorn It…everything for a little cowboy!!  I got to rustle me up a little cowboy…!!  Yeehaw!


    Cute hey?


    And Adorn It..this time for the little lady…and I have plenty of those in this family!!


    Some lovely things to make in this book!


    Love this handbag and box…and the quilt!!

    P1150260But this Layer Cake really got the ol’heart pumping!  The fabric is SEW cute!!


    Let me flip you through it…Lots of dots…


    And stripes…


    And the cutest little owls…that are crying out to be FUSSY CUT!!

    P1150257Yes this fabric has the makings of a baby/child’s quilt written all over it!!      

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, Monica!!  If you haven’t ever visited Monica’s blog then you are missing out BIG TIME!!  Lots of great projects and eye candy…that’s Diary of a Quilt Maven…wonder what a maven is??  A super hot quilter is my guess!  :o)  Regardless Monica is an EXPERT at whatever she does!


    It’s day SEVEN of the Pick Four Book Tour…it’s gone FAST…too fast!!  TOMORROW is my day!!  YIKES!!  (butterflies all over the place…including my stomach!!) 

    Do You Want to Know a Secret?  It Won’t Be Long before Lynn from Sew'n Wild Oaks is going to be giving away Quilt Sue’s new book ‘Pick Four’ to some lucky GIRL!  Lynn will also be taking us down Penny Memory Lane with flashbacks from the Beatles.  Hurry over… She’s a Woman who understands that you can make TWO quilts during A Hard Days NightI Should Have Known Better that Lynn could Come Together right now…well you get the idea!  Don’t Let Me DownDay Tripper over to her blog..Right Now because It Won’t Be Long…before Mr. Postman takes The Long and Winding Road and comes knocking with your FREE book…. Have a Good Day Sunshine by heading over to Sew’n Wild Oaks for a FUN POST!!  (OK so I’m a Beatle Fan…!!)

    Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    California Gal…California Gal…(insert music symbols here..)

    I had some playtime yesterday…I thought I’d try to make one of these little guys just to see what all the fuss is about!! P1150250

    Yup, NOW I see what all the fuss is about!!  Cute..DANG CUTE!!


    So I pulled a bunch of scraps…as one block only takes wee bits of fabric… two 1 1/4” coloured fabric (center of bow tie) and two 2” square of the same fabric for the bows and two 2” beige…the block finishes at only 3 1/2”!  This looks like a good project to take to The Sands…when we become Snowbirds and fly this coop!

    Day SIX of the PICK FOUR Book Tour is happening TODAY!  I love the way Quilt Sue, the Author of this wonderful book gives us some touristy information on where each Blogster lives.  Why I just found out that Darlene, Sew Cal Gal lives in Southern California…our Snow Birding DESTINATION!!!  I’m cancelling our reservation at The Sands and we can just park our 5th Wheel in Darlene’s driveway for FIVE months!!  I’m sure she won’t mind one bit.  Sure hope she has a pool!  haha

    Not to worry…I’m just playing with your, Darlene!  Now if you can just email me your street address…?? 

    Hurry over to Sew Cal Gal’s Blog and leave a comment…you REALLY want to win this book!!

    Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P

    Sunday, August 28, 2011

    There’s Something For Everyone…

    At the Cobble Hill Fair you will find something for everyone…

    For the baker, cook, pickler and jam maker….


    For the men who like old farm machinery…


    For the kids who like games, relays and plain old fashion fun…


    For the 4-H kids and young adults to show off their hard work and their much loved animals…


    And for the quilters to show off their stitching…

    image Yup…these are mine!!  I have NEVER entered any of my quilts at the Cobble Hill Fair before. 


    But I just HAD to enter the Settler’s Pride…after all, it has Cobble Hill written all over it! And the ribbons aren’t half bad either!  And would you believe I got two gift cards from two local Quilt Shops totaling $45!  Yippee!!  We’re going shopping!!

    image Next weekend is the bigger Cowichan Valley Exhibition Fair…it’s the same kind of fair only on a much bigger scale!  I entered quilts in that one last year for the first time and it was great fun!

    It’s Day FIVE In the Pick Four Book Tour!! 

    I am getting nervous…three more sleeps and it’s my turn!!  Sure hope I don’t get tongue tied and mess up!  If you go over to Quilt Sue’s she is introducing Bejeweled Barb right now… Barb apparently lives on the moon!  Now that’s a tough act to follow!  AND on Barb’s post she is interviewing Quilt Sue…so hurry over to Barb’s to get all the dirt!  What a lot of hurrying…and don’t forget to leave a comment…you want to WIN this book!!  It’s a keeper!

    Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

    Saturday, August 27, 2011

    Savouring Saturday’s Saunter..

    Well it’s Saturday…again!  Is it just me…or are the weeks getting shorter and Saturdays are here in a blink!…and the same can be said for Summer!  It’s almost over!! Now how did that happen??

    Yesterday when I drove by my old school  I saw that the teachers were busy getting their classrooms ready for the onslaught of new kids.  I use to love this time of year…but now…I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!  Yeehaw! 

    Seriously Fall really is a wonderful time of year…the weather is still great and all those magnificent fall colours can be found all over the place…especially in all the new FALL QUILTING MAGAZINES!!  Yup, check out those magazines isles…ALL NEW!! 

    I vowed that I wouldn’t buy any more magazines…I have to go through the old and CULL!  But…I HAVE NO WILLPOWER…I leafed through this magazine, American Patchwork Quilting…and some how, it found it’s way into my shopping basket!!


    It couldn’t have ANYTHING to do with this little pumpkin wall hanging…could it?


    Seriously…is this not the CUTEST??

    P1150229  I know…I know…My name is Paulette…and I have a problem…Enough said!

    And in the mail yesterday I received my Connecting Threads Catalogue…I always like to look through this…their prices are so good!


    BUT I slammed on the brakes when I SAW THIS!!  Yes, our little Sue, that’s Quilt Sue has REALLY hit the big time!!  See her new book, PICK FOUR front and centre…in amongst all the other books..hanging with the likes of Eleanor Burns and Alex Anderson! 


    Well done, Sue!! 

    Speaking of which…It’s day FOUR of Quilt Sue’s Pick Four Book Tour…you could WIN your own copy of this book..autographed by none other than Sue Aubrey!  HURRY over to…Magnolia Bay Quilts for Kim’s review…and leave a comment…you just never know!!

    If you live on the East Coast, batten down the hatches!!  Our thoughts are with you!!  Stay safe!

    Have a Sunny Saturday and Happy Quilting!!

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    It’s FUN Friday…

    Today is day THREE of the PICK FOUR Blog Tour!!  Yikes…only five more sleeps until everyone will be visiting ME!!   I better get stitching!!

    Silver Thimbles is our host today…Pat is such a hoot…and of course she gave a wonderful review!  By the time everyone comes to my house there won’t be anything to say…NOT!!  haha  You can check out Pat’s REVIEW HERE…not only is she giving away the book, ‘Pick Four’ but she’s throwing in a Jelly Roll of delicious tone on tone beige fabric…perfect for any and ALL stashes!!  Hurry over NOW…


    Lookie what I got in the mail today…from Karen over at The Yellow Farm House!!  Yup, a wonderful stack of yummy wool…so soft and vibrant!  There is NOTHING like wool…the good kind…you know the stuff that feels like soft butter!  When I ‘GO’ I want to be wrapped in it Hot Dog style…none of that cold satin for ME!!  Geeze where did THAT come from? As you can tell…I LOVE WOOL!  And this stuff is nice…REALLY NICE…Copy of P1150221

    And look at the Prim Package…Karen’s whole house looks like this!!  Gorgeous and SEW put together!  You have GOT to check out her sewing room…and her WOOL ROOM!!  Go HERE…I’ll wait..

    …what did I tell you!!  Incredible, isn’t it!!

    P1150219   Inside this lovely  package was this wonderful book~


    LOVE this book…let me show you a snippet of what’s inside~

    Gorgeous or WHAT!!…check out the pillows…


    Karen also threw in three woolie patterns…Love them ALL!! 

    P1150222 THANK YOU SO MUCH, KAREN!!  So thoughtful and generous of you!! ALSO…thanks for the tour…I hope you didn’t mind me bring over the mob…:o)

    NOW it’s off to visit Pat at Silver Thimbles!!  What a busy day!!  Have fun and good LUCK with her Give Away!!

    Hope you have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Quilting Artists Extraordinaire!

    On Monday the Heritage Quilting Guild assembled for their annual Pot Luck Summer Luncheon…and of course it was pouring buckets outside!!  Our one rainy day in August…wouldn’t you know it!  But not to worry as our luncheon was being held at Gloria Daly’s NEW Art Studio…Gloria’s ‘Studio G Art’ is HUGE and gorgeous!! 

    Let me show you a few pictures of Gloria’s new digs…this is the right side of her studio…look at her creations on the walls…


    And on the left…


    There is Art work and little touches like this one all over the Studio…


    And of course Gloria’s Fiber Art Creations are wonderful!!


    Gloria had a grove of Trees in her bathroom…aren’t they lovely! 

    You can learn more about Gloria and her work at her website…HERE.  She is quite the accomplished and innovative Fibre Artist…you really must go and visit!!  Just click on ‘gallery’ to see more of her work! STUNNING!


    After our wonderful lunch (quilters sure know how to put on a spread!!) our guest speaker was Barbara Gilbert.  She gave a wonderful talk on how she got started in Fiber Arts and she also went through the process of making some of her pieces…which you can see hanging on the wall beside her.

    P1150208You would not believe the hours and hours and hours it took Barbara to hand dye and bead this stunning handbag!!  P1150173

    Look at the little beaded rings…all hand embellished!


    Some of her other work…


    My favourite…needle punch felted wool…had a Monet feel to it!!


    Another of her handbags…a Crazy patch silk and velvet piece… P1150179

    Incredible workmanship!!


    This had hand dyed velvet bag covered with a river of beaded embellishments was another stunning creation!


    She also makes buttons and tassels…each was a work of Art in it’s own right!


    And to top it all off…Barbara is teaching a course at Gloria’s Studio on September 8th and the topic is Sashiko Hand Embroidery!! 


    If you live in the area and would like to take this course then contact Gloria!!  It looks like a fun course and in top notch surroundings with lots of room to work and stitch…and dance and tumble…if the urge should strike!!  P1150185                Just a reminder before you go…HURRY over to QuiLt Hollow…It’s Day TWO in the PICK FOUR Book TOUR…

    You really do want to win one of these books from the BOOK TOUR GIVE AWAY!!  And you must see Mary’s wonderful quilt that she made using one of Quilt Sue’s patterns…yup…another one to add to the ‘TO DO LIST’!  Hurry now…RUN!!  (I’m such a boss!)

    Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P