Monday, February 10, 2014

The Hemet Quilt Show 2014…

Yup, we are still at the Hemet Quilt Show or as it’s official called The Valley Quilters’ 34th Annual Quilt Show…and let me tell you it was better than ever!  I have a picture heavy post so pour yourself a big mug of coffee and sit back…you are going to love this show!

I have a confession to make…I went TWICE!!  :o)  I went on Friday with the Clubhouse gals.  Then when I got back to the Sands, Sandy and her hubby FINALLY arrived (remember Sandy was busy birthing her grand-daughter)…So OF COURSE we piled into the truck bright and early Saturday morning to do the trip all over again!  I mean REALLY..what are friends for?

Our first stop on both trips was the Boutique…the second hand room FULL of fabric, patterns, books and magazines, notions and ANYTHING to do with quilting!!  EUREKA we hit the mother lode!


I had told Sandy that the boutique would probably be empty on Saturday so not to expect much…but NOT SEW!!  The tables were stacked to over flowing (apparently there were boxes and boxes…and boxes being stored in the back room!!)…and EVERYTHING was HALF PRICE!!  Be still my heart!!  We had a blast!  The prices were cheap on Friday…and half price on Saturday made them at give away prices!!  BUT WAIT…at NOON it was FILL a bag for $1!!  NOW that was FUN!!


I wish I had taken pictures of the boutique on Saturday!   Sandy and I arrived early and no one was there, the tables were packed to overflowing…and they let us shop!! Such nice ladies working at the Hemet Show!


I am taking you through the show the way we went through the show…first boutique, then vendors and then the Quilts…and they were spectacular!

Do you recognize this lady?  Come on, there is a clue…see the sign..SIM…SIM…SIMPLY PUT (I’m sure you all screamed that one out!) Laurel was there to greet everyone and she looked fantastic!!  She was glowing, as she should…her booth looked wonderful…chock-a-block FULL of her own designs!! 


This lady REALLY wanted her picture taken, so what the heck…or maybe she just wanted to touch Laurel…now that she is a rock star and everything!  It’s always nice to get up close to the designers!!


Before I show you Laurel’s quilts let me say that they look WAY better in real life!  This is one talented designer! 


You may recognize several of Laurel’s designs as she has been featured in several magazines!  Yup, she has hit the big time!!


This house quilt was so sweet…with cute little homey sayings stitched in each block.  I love the way that Laurel has stitched personal heartfelt messages into her designs…


And all of her patterns are so do-able!


This one melted my heart…ahhhhhhhhhhh!


This one reminded me of my mom…she use to sing this to us when we were little…


And JUST look at her hand dyed wools…just yummy!


I love that a lot of Laurel’s designs are small and quick to stitch up…and would make wonderful heartfelt gifts!


If you see anything that you would like to order…then go to Laurel’s Online Shop Simply Put Plus!  You can also visit Laurel and get to know her better by reading her BLOG!  You won’t be sorry…she is beyond NICE!!


The next booth that was out of THIS WORLD was My Red Door Designs…LOVE this booth!!


Donna and her helpers are ALWAYS so nice and welcoming and make me feel so special!! 

Hey who’s that lady in blue?  She looks a little shell shocked…’s Joanne trying to take this booth in!!  It’s overwhelming to say the least!


The My Red Door ladies were so great about me taking pictures!  Their designs are wonderful…and take a long time to process…


On my second visit I found Valadani threads and at a very good price…and in the colours I needed!!


Both Sandy and I each bought one of these frames!!  DANG cute!  And would you believe that Donna’s husband makes them!


He also made the larger frames…unfortunately they were all sold out!  They were a hot selling item!!  BUT the good news is, her hubby is at home right now slaving away making a ton MORE…and we can order on their ON LINE SHOP!!  Can you see that there are vintage/antique rulers on the corner with little keys….LOVE IT!!  Definitely a one of a kind frame…and then pop in one of the RED DOOR designs…toooo sweet!


Check out THIS kit…comes with keys and buttons…everything!!


And their wee quilts are darling!!


If you saw ANYTHING at the Red Door Design booth then I have GREAT news for you!!  They also have an ONLINE SHOP…and great prices!!  Lucky us!  Also their BLOG is FANTASTIC…hurry over for a look!!

These two booths were definitely my favourite!  Can you see why?!  So between visiting Simply Put’s blog and shop and My Red Door Designs Shop and Blog you have got your hands full!!  I sure don’t want to overload you further….

I will be back tomorrow to share the Hemet’s Shows QUILTS!!  Definitely worth coming back for…:o)

Pour yourself another coffee and hustle over to Simply Put Plus and My Red Door~you will love them both!  Trust me…

Have a magical Monday and thanks for sharing your morning with me!~P


  1. Wish I could have gone with you and I love Laurels booth and quilts. I still want to make a couple from the magazine, but love that church one and the grandma one, will have to look for those.


  2. Another 2 cup day! ;-) I love your pictures! Lots of things that I didn't even see. I bought a really nice pattern (kit) from Red Door and you had a closeup of it. Thanks again. Have a wonderful day. Lyn

  3. 3 cups of coffee later for me, Paulette!!! Fun reads for Monday morning! I am still drooling at all the beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing your day with us!


  4. My BFF Marilyn and I used to vend at that show as Two Wacky Women. We loved it. It was one of our very favorite shows.

  5. It looks like you had a lovely time both days thanks for sharing the pictures. Now don't forget to show the purchases, it is always fun to see what comes home with you. Those frames look great.

  6. Such beautiful treasures! You highlighted so many gorgeous creations, and I definitely recognized several of Laurel's Quilty items from some of the magazines I have. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Looks like a great show. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  8. Wow! Too much fun with all those sales and goodies.:) I love Simply Put Plus blog. Great stuff there!

  9. Looks like a fantastic show. I would have gone back twice too. LOL! I bet they were happy to see you again with your friends too.

  10. Lucky you get to go back twice! The frames are cute! glad you got to share all these pictures with us. don't ya hate when they post NO Photos??? no fun!

  11. I wonder if the tables of fabrics and patterns, the guild area made it hard for vendors to make any money. I know of a guild that started limiting the type items they put in their boutique because of vendor complaints. Guess they wanted to be sure the vendors were happy and would continue to return.