Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Heritage Happenings...

Even though Spring has SPRUNG around here, the Heritage Guild members have not slowed down one iota!  Walking around the hall I saw all kinds of quilting goodies being worked on... 

Like this sweet wool block...This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago...and I'll be darned if I can remember taking it!  Yup, 'she's' sharp as a tack!  But what I DO KNOW is this is a VERY sweet wool project!  I'm thinking it's Sandy's....or Greer's...or Just Judy's...maybe Delore's or Glynis?  Yup...definitely one of these woolies!  :o) 

 We have some beautiful cross stitchers in our midst...

Some sweet hand applique....

 More woolie work...I know this is Greer's...it's a Bonnie Sullivan project and it's dang cute!
And Sandy was stitching her 'T' from the Let It Snow free bom from Buttermilk Basin!  I love her dark green flannel backgrounds...

And Glynis' sweet, sweet bird!

Now let's get to the big stuff....I'll let you wander...

And a close up of these wonderful table toppers...

A gorgeous afghan was knit over the winter months...so soft and pretty!


I love reading the labels!  Isn't this one sweet!
 This was Hazel's winter masterpiece....so bright and cheery and of course beautifully quilted!

This Spring runner was gorgeous too....with the smallest hand quilting in a turquoise thread!  Exquisite!

I love it when the hand-quilters get out the frame and work on hand quilting a project!

And look at what Glynis' husband made for her to display her wee quilts!  Very clever!  He used a bead board panel to make this wonderful and unique clipboard!

We pinned on the basket block so that you can see the board in action...CUTE!!  Wonder if he is taking orders?

 And check out the quilt that Glynis finished last year...She is donating it to a local charity to raffle off at their fund raiser!  VERY generous of her!!
 It is spectacular!  Hours and hours of work locked up in this quilt!  Wouldn't you be thrilled to win it!
 Glynis had it professionally quilted and it only adds to the beauty of this quilt!
 It's a WOW quilt for sure....Way to go Glynis!!
 And finally Tracy brought out her Jaybird Quilt top called 'Chopsticks'.  It's king size so you can imagine what a nightmare it is to maneuver!  She had a hard time getting the backing just right because of the size...By placing it on the two tables we discovered that she needs to add on more fabric! Darn!
 I hope we convinced her not to cut off the zigzags!  So pretty!  I love the pops of orange in the top  (the backing is also orange)!  This is going to be a wonderful wedding gift for her lucky and fortunate cousin!

So there you have it!  This was two weeks worth of sharing...and yesterday, being Easter Monday and a holiday, our group was a lot smaller than usual.  Small but mighty!!  :o)

Hope your Easter was wonderful!  The sun is shining here and I have plans to do some heavy duty Spring Cleaning!  It's time!

Have a terrific Tuesday, happy stitching and let the dust fly!~P

Monday, March 28, 2016

I Spy...a mess of blocks!

I have been ignoring the I SPY quilt that I started last week...or was it the week before...(sheesh...the weeks fly by!!)  But regardless...this is the week to get 'er done!  I have bigger and better things to work on...

This is where I'm at with this quilt...the hexagons and triangles are cut out and joined together..

I have a mess of them...but I'm still not sure that I have enough?  Time will tell...

Now to form the rows....This is how they go together...
 I used the GO! to cut out the blocks but I'm using a FREE pattern from Connecting Threads to put it together.  It's the same pattern but with different sized blocks.

The plan is to carve out some 'quality' sewing time to get some 'quantity' sewing done!

Wish me luck!

Have a magical Monday and happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Baskets...

They may not be Easter Baskets but they do look very Springlike with the addition of the tulips this month...

 These are the Baskets from Dawn Heese's (Linen Closet Blog) "Mystery Basket BOM"...They are stitched and on the design wall waiting for the release of eight more blocks!  Dawn releases two per month so these are the blocks for February and March!  I can't wait for April...

This is going to be such a sweet quilt but then I love baskets...any kind of baskets!

 While I wait for the arrival of more basket patterns...I have been adding the special effects to this sweet topper...it's a Cheri Payne Pattern called 'Log Cabin Christmas'! I changed the holly into regular leaves so it can hang year round. You can't beat a Cheri pattern...
Wishing you a wonderful Easter Weekend, a super Saturday and of course, Hoppy Stitching!~P

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Five Bags Full...

What fun we had!!  The Five Bags Full Woolies met yesterday and, not surprisingly, we had a woolie blast!!  We took Oak Bay (an area in Victoria) by surprise, wandering through all the quaint little shops and then headed over to Cook Street Village for lunch! Lots of laughs, show and tell and chatter and of course, great food...we ALWAYS have fun!

Here's the pictures that I took of two Bags' projects!  We let the other two off the hook as one is working on a massive (wool) project and the other one was covered in drywall dust!  She is having her kitchen renovated and it is going to be gorgeous...well worth sacrificing a few wool wool projects for!
Check out the Woolie Goodness....Here's Sandy's Spring Bowl Fillers...dang cute!!

 Yes, Sandy's bowl runneth over!  She is now thinking SUMMER pillows...

 And here are Glynis' Wool (and non Woolie) projects....

This wee pillow was a Painted Quilt pattern generously gifted by Kaaren's to her blog readers several years ago!  SEW SWEET and screaming SPRING!

This a Kathy Cardiff  Project...<3 p="">

This is Ester the rabbit...she is a FREE project of Cheri Payne's which you can download if you are a member of her Facebook page 'Quilts by Cheri~ A Friendship Group'.  Cheri has generously gifted several of her patterns which you can find at the top of the FB page under FILES!  SEW cute!

And here are Glynis' L~E~T blocks from the 'Let it Snow BOM' generously offered by Buttermilk Basin!  

Dang stinking C*U*T*E!

This is another of Cheri's Free FB projects that Glynis stitched and is planning on framing!
I love redwork and this one is adorable!!!

So there you have it!  Trust me, the BAGS have been busy!  :o) (I love saying that:o)  We are so well named!!  I love being a BAG!)

Wishing you a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P