Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pull Up a Log…and Enjoy!

I was deleting unused/unwanted pictures off my camera card and came across some pictures that I forgot to blog about!  Oooops!

This is the PERFECT time to show them as I have absolutely NOTHING to write about!!  We have been experiencing gorgeous, warm, sunny weather and I have been taking advantage of it.  You know…yard work, cleaning windows, planting bulbs and pruning… the usual Fall stuff.  This doesn’t seem to include quilting…darn!!

These are a few of the pictures that I took at the Cloth Castle Quilt Show in August.  The ‘theme’ this year was LOG CABIN, which meant the quilts had to be made up of mostly Log Cabin blocks… P1090669

Each quilt was numbered (there were no names on the quilts)…that’s because the winner was determined by those attending the QS…we got to vote on our favorite quilt.  This was a great idea as it got everyone involved…the only problem was, when the Cloth Castle sent out their New letter announcing which three quilts won they said WHO won- not which numbers won.  So I can’t tell you which quilt won  or even if I took a picture of the winning quilts because we were going by numbers not name…???  But regardless…lots of lovely quilts and I have to say the Log Cabin is one of my favourite blocks!


Nothing cozier than a flannel log cabin quilt!P1090671

Isn’t this a sweet one…again made from the softest flannel and the sweetest snowmen!


An effective, eye catching log cabin…


Can you see the subtle log cabins…?  Very nice!!


I love these sweet little quilts…


Gorgeous quilting…wish I had taken a shot of the whole quilt!! Sheesh!  Fire the camera man!


If you love batiks then you would love this quilt…. P1090681

This was my favourite and it got my vote…I REALLY want to make this one…look at the little log cabins in the middle of the stars…and there is something about the black background and the scrappy stars and border!  Loved it!!  In ‘real' life’ this quilt was much brighter…I wished my camera had picked that up…


A couple of close-ups….



So there you have it…log cabins at their best…not a bad day…for nothing to write about!!  I have to clean out my camera more often!!

OH and about all that Fall yard work that I have been doing…OK…I confess…it hasn’t been all work…it was such a gorgeous day that my husband and I went for a hike down to the Cowichan River…isn’t it gorgeous!!


I thought I’d take you along…pull up a log, click the button and ENJOY!! …it’s the next best thing to being there!


Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


  A few days back, I got an email from Darlene (Quilting Daze) asking if I had received anything in the mail…If you read Darlene’s blog then you know that a couple of weeks back she sent out GORGEOUS hand made scissor fobs to 29 blogging friends!!  My mail is probably the slowest on the continent!!…so no I hadn’t received anything…:o(P1100127

Well yesterday…I GOT MAIL!!…THANK YOU so much, Darlene!!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  And to know that you made it makes it all the more special!  I placed it on my pumpkin mat so that everyone could see the exact colour of the beads…kind of a Fall peachy-orange!!  Just lovely!!  See how they catch the Fall light!

Let’s zoom in for a close-up….


…see the top silver bead…it has  ‘Made for you’…stamped on it!!  SEW darn sweet! 

Well I am going to hang this gorgeous fob off my scissor handle with pride…but first I need new scissors that are worthy of such a fob!  Not just any old scissors with do!!  I need a good but pretty pair of scissors and they are SEW are hard to find…you know the kind that you can ONLY find at a Quilt Show……WHAT’S THAT YOU SAY?…Oh.. there’s a Quilt Show in Tsawwassen THIS WEEKEND?.. hosted by the Boundary Bay Quilters Guild…? THIS WEEDEND you say??  Well…maybe I will have to gather up a few friends and go…they just might be selling scissors worthy of such a fob…:O) (Hey it worked on my husband…OK OK…SEW you’re on to me!!)

Thanks again, Darlene!!  You have been a GREAT friend!!  I still remember my VERY FIRST blog post…and how I screamed out that someone had actually left a comment!!!. Yes it was Darlene!!  She left this comment…”Welcome to the Land of Blog - I know you're going to enjoy this journey. :-) “…Well…how right you were!!  I am loving my blogging journey…and it’s mainly thanks to blogging friends like YOU!!  So thank you Darlene…and to all my blogging friends…out there…THANK YOU…and keep those comments coming!  Although now when I scream “SOMEONE’S LEFT A COMMENT!” my husband no longer comes running…what’s with that?

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer MUST be over…

..because we had well over 70 Quilters attend Heritage Quilt Guild yesterday!  Good thing our hall is big to accommodate everyone!  You could tell a lot of the ladies were back from holidays because there seemed to be more visiting than sewing going on!  :o)

Vicky B. is BACK!  (Vicky has her own blog here!!  Check it out!!)  Let me show you what she has been up to…besides travelling!

Vicky has completed her first wool project – Gorgeous!!  She said it came as a kit and she bought it at the Calgary Quilt Show…it looks a little like a Sue Spargo pattern, doesn’t it?


Look at the colours and her stitches…perfect!!


I predict more wool work in Vicky’s future!!  Well done!!


During Sharing Time Vicky also showed us her finished tiger.  STUNNING!! Make sure you visit Vicky’s blog to see more of her work!!


Isn’t this blue quilt sweet?  The lucky lady who put this quilt together won these block!!   At Guild there is a new block every month…if you choose to make it, you pick up the pattern, make the block in the suggested colours and then put the completed block into the box…which earns you an entry to the draw for all the blocks held at the end of the month!!  If you are lucky enough to win you will end up with enough blocks to complete a gorgeous quilt…or two!P1100101

A quilt in progress…LOVE it!!


Hand quilting in a hoop…lovely work…wish you could see the little stitches!!  We have a master here!


I have showed this quilt before…it is a work in progress…


…LOOK at the stitches!!  Love it!

 P1100108  Another masterpiece getting shared!


Now for the finished works~

This sweet little kitty quilt…

    P1100115 REALLY need a closer look!!  Too cute..and she has hand stitched fish into the border!!  :o)


A GORGEOUS table cloth that would look wonderful on MY kitchen table!!


A Japanese wall hanging…love the bamboo holder that sets it off nicely!! P1100120

This was a big winner at the Fairs…


…Look at the hand quilting to see why…gorgeous!!



I HAVE to share what Delores is working on!!  Remember how I posted about Pudgie-THE Fat Cat, from Cyndi’s blog


well Delores loved Pudgie too….


Wait until Delores sees what Cyndi has created NOW!!  A sock monkey Hexie ornament!! (Delores made a Sock Monkey quilt for her newest grand baby!!)  She is going to flip!!  Hurry over to Cyndi’s to download it now!!  Too cute for words!!

Hope you enjoyed the show!!  I always say.. going to the Heritage Quilt Guild is like going to a Quilt Show EVERY Monday!!  Yeah, Life is SWEET!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!~P

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ahhhh….the Smell of Gingerbread…

…is coming from my sewing room!  With less than 3 months left till Christmas I thought I had better start a few Christmas projects…like this little wool Gingerbread Man Candle mat…

P1100100This is what I will be stitching at Heritage Quilting today….


I didn’t use a pattern…as I just wanted a simple little mat…P1100098

..that will hopefully evolve with each little stitch…into a Gingerbread mat…I’ll keep you posted!!

  Have a Marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Isn’t she lovely…?

Since making the Dresden Blocks with Lady GO!GO!’s help last week, I have become Dresden crazy… I want to make MORE!  I grabbed my bin of old mens’ shirts… I cut off about 6” of one cuff of each shirt and ran the fabric through the GO!…



A Dresden for the office or dinner out…


“Isn’t she lovely…?  Isn't she wonderful?  Isn't she precious?  Less than one minute old…” oh heck where is Steve Wonder when you need him?


I found this blue background fabric at the Quilting Shop…and it LOOKS like shirting fabric…


Perfect…now I need to make a bunch more…with Lady GO!GO!s help, of course!


And with Claire’s help, we auditioned fabric for these little lovelies…


We BOTH stopped looking when we came to this black fine dot fabric…just made the other fabrics pop and start singing….

P1100094 Hit it Stevie!!  “Isn’t she lovely…isn’t she wonderful…”

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!~P

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Who’s Pudgy?

PUDGY? Well yes, I guess I am a little Pudgy…OK..OK…it was the Coffee Crunch Ice Cream this summer….but it’s not me I’m talking about!! 

Look at what Cyndi stitched~ Pudgie her Cat!!  Pudgie lived to be the ripe old age of 22, which is VERY old for a cat…especially for a FAT CAT!


In memory of her beloved Pudgie, Cyndi stitched this sweet little stitchery and is turning him into an ornament…AND she is giving the pattern away FREE!  Hurry over to her blog and leave a comment and when Cyndi gets home from work she will email  you the pattern!!  You should seriously follow Cyndi’s blog as she is always creating wonderful stitcheries and she is VERY generous with her ideas and patterns!!  Make sure you scroll down to her many posts as they are full of ideas and stitcheries!


I just love them all!!  Thanks Cyndi!! Now hurry over to Stitch, Stitch, Stitch and have a look…you’re going to love her blog and her lovely stitchery patterns!!

I have some pictures of Claire’s last finished Christmas project!  Man, this girl is on fire!! 

It’s called St. Nick and it is gorgeous!  Claire made this for a Christmas gift to give to her sister.  Isn’t it sweet?!


Now for a close-up…just lovely!!  Her sister is going to be over the moon!!




Friday, September 24, 2010

Claire’s Christmas Countdown…

This morning Claire emailed me pictures of what she is working on…with a reminder- ONLY 3 MONTHS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!  YIKES!!

Isn’t this the cutest table mat…made from 100% wool…a lot of the wool is recycled wool- I can see a few blazers and coats in this mat!!


Go ahead and click on the image and see Claire’s stitches…perfection!!  Claire does lovely work!!


Makes you want to rush out to buy this pattern, doesn’t it!!  I know I do….


But remember…you have only 3 months to do it!!

Here’s a picture of the pattern…called ‘Dress Me Up Frosty’ by Nutmeg Hare.  They have the sweetest patterns!!


Thanks for sharing, Claire!!  You will have to share again when it is all finished!!  It is going to be too GORGEOUS to give away!!

Have a FROSTY Friday and Happy Quilting!~P