Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Hemet Quilt Show…Part THREE!

The Hemet Quilt Show may be small but it is mighty..with gorgeous, beautifully made quilts displayed! 

Take a wander through the show…this is just small sampling and I won’t bother you with any harping in the background…well..maybe just a little!

BUT I do have to mention that this quilt left me speechless…LOVED IT!! ( hahaha… see my silence didn’t last long!!)

P1260207 - Copy

Each bowtie finished at about 2”…beautifully done!!

P1260208 - CopyP1260211 - CopyP1260212 - CopyP1260213 - CopyP1260214 - CopyP1260215 - CopyP1260216 - CopyP1260240 - CopyP1260241 - CopyP1260242 - CopyP1260243 - CopyP1260244 - CopyP1260245 - CopyP1260246 - CopyP1260247 - CopyP1260248 - CopyP1260249 - CopyP1260250 - Copy

Hey, this is Alice’s quilt!!  I met her with Lyn!!  Loved this quilt as it was made out of printed Japanese fabrics!!  Gorgeous!!

P1260251 - CopyP1260252 - CopyP1260253 - CopyP1260254 - CopyP1260256 - CopyP1260257 - CopyP1260258 - CopyP1260259 - Copy This ship quilt was hand appliqued and hand quilted…her workmanship was over the moon!!

P1260260 - CopyP1260265 - Copy

Here’s Lyn’s quilt…sew sweet!!

P1260266 - Copy

LOVED this quilt!!  Hand embroidered, then coloured…INCREDIBLY well done and very effective!!

P1260267 - Copy

If you click on this picture you should be able to read the write up on this quilt!


Can you tell that I really enjoyed this quilt…


…right down to the ric-rack trim!!


This is Laurel’s Original quilt…wonderful to see it up close and personal!!  WOW!!  LOVED it!!




Part FOUR of the Quilt Show tomorrow!! 

I have difficulty posting if I have too many pictures…so be patient as there is a lot more to come!!  And you do have to see my LOOT!!  I bet you all heard my “SCORE!” especially after the FILL A BAG FOR $1.00!! 

Have a terrific Tuesday!  I hope the Hemet quilters have inspired you to pick up a needle and thread!!  Happy Stitching!!~P


  1. I would YELL "Score" too, If I got to stuff a bag for a $1!!! YES, another quilt show tomorrow... Love seeing all the scrappy quilts.

  2. Thanks for the quilt show. I think I see a Bow Tie quilt in my future!

  3. Yes, thanks for the great quilt show,looking forward for some more on Wednesday, now I'm off to BOM n Independence, Oregon fun day for me.
    Paulette could you please give me your mail address at the sands, I have something to send. thanks

  4. What a wonderful show! I love the yoyo clothes pin clips. They are so much nicer than safety pins. I'm going to share the idea with my local quild. Look forward to the loot review.

  5. Lots of wonderful quilts and I like the ones with scenes in the blocks.


  6. What a great show, I wish I could be there!Thank you for sharing those pictures. Christine

  7. wow, lots of fun inspiring quilts. You are in the quilting mecca, that's for sure. Can't wait to see all your loot and the rest of the show! Thanks for taking us along.

  8. WOW!!! The Bow Tie quilt is stunning , and so many more followed, did you say you went twice?
    I can see why. Can't wait for the rest of the show.

  9. WOW!!! The Bow Tie quilt is stunning , and so many more followed, did you say you went twice?
    I can see why. Can't wait for the rest of the show.

  10. Great pictures yet again, I'll have to look at the one that was published. There were some lovely quilts, I like how the rickrack was stitched down,

    Looking forward to the purchases!

  11. Me a little late for coffee today. I must tell you my group of Quilters Dozen are so thrilled with all your pictures. Alice and Bonny enjoyed your pictures of their quilts. Bonny is the colored quilt. We all just loved it. All the Gals can't wait until next year to meet you! Thanks again, Lyn

  12. Impressive look with all those tiny bow ties blocks. The setting is what I find interesting.

    The basket quilt that combines embroidery and applique is a good one too. I like the last one you show with all the little pieces sewn together and then an applique shape cut from them. A lot of tiny cutting and sewing to do that.