Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clubhouse Happenings…

The Clubhouse was packed yesterday…the AC was on full blast as it was a sunny hot day out.  Now that may seem weird to you…everyone rushing inside on a sunny day but when it reaches a certain temperature it’s just too darn hot to do anything…so why not stitch inside where it’s cool and comfy?! Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about our FANTASTIC weather…especially when friends are sending pictures like this of HOME…yes over 18” of the white stuff!!  YIKES!!


Yes, I am enjoying our sunny, hot weather…oh yes I am!!  And I am enjoying it more and more as I look at this picture!! 

So what went on in that cool and comfy Clubhouse yesterday??  Well…

Gina prepped her hand applique piece…LOVE IT!!


And even manage to start hand stitching…


Heritage Judy practiced her Free Motion Quilting on this charity baby quilt…and it was VERY impressive!!  Judy has a Handi Quilter in her park model…if you can image THAT!! 

IMG_0175 - Copy - Copy

Can you see the FMQ “Sweet…”…

IMG_0176 - Copy

…and  “dreams” spelled out in FMQ?  Very cute!!  Some lucky baby will be the recipient of this cozy quilt!!


And Gwen has finished the main part to her charity quilt…she is now working on putting borders on…LOVE this quilt!!

IMG_0178 - Copy

Susanne is back and brought some show and tell…

Loved this scrappy Christmas Quilt and matching pillow!!

IMG_0180 - Copy

Here’s a close up…she didn’t remember the name of the pattern so I can’t help anyone with that…sorry!!

IMG_0181 - Copy

Lovely…and beautifully quilted!!

IMG_0182 - Copy

Susanne also brought along this sweet little cardinal mat…taking paper piecing to a whole other level!!  WOW!!


It’s a Paper Panache pattern….


Christine finished her Paris Quilt which will be mailed to….PARIS!!  It is going to her 10 year old God-daughter who lives in Paris!!  She is going to FLIP when she unwraps this beauty!!

IMG_0183 - Copy

When Camille looks out her bedroom window she can see the Eiffel  Tower! 

IMG_0184 - Copy

I love the scrappiness of this quilt…scraps mixed with the sophistication of the Eiffel Tower!!  Very sweet!!


And of course the border ties them all together!!  Very nice!


This is the quilt that Linda is working on…It is very unusual…Do you see that pink inner border?  It’s not fabric but fabric PETALS!


Linda was busy sewing on her petals yesterday…


Yes, they sell petals for this purpose…online!!


And you can find the quilt in this book….  I will be showing pictures of the finished quilt for sure!!  Stay tuned!


How’s this for a picture…we are, what we sew!! haha  Norma is getting right into this quilt!!  Man…I LOVED the colours in this quilt!


This periwinkle blue is beautiful and very effective in this quilt!!  The colours just pop this quilt…and the big blocks showcase the fabrics to perfection!!  This is going to be a gift to her daughter-in-law!!  I KNOW she is going to score tons of brownie points with this one!!


So there you have it!  Another Monday in the Clubhouse…

This year we are fortunate to get the Clubhouse TWO days for Quilting!!  SEW..we get to do this all over again tomorrow!!  And then on Thursday is the annual SPRING FLING…where we motor off to EIGHT QUILT shops from Corona, CA to Palm Desert…all along the I-10 Freeway!  Bring it on!!

Last week I had my purse stolen…(a long story…:o(( to say the least!!) so I have my fingers crossed that my new debit and credit cards come in before the shop hop!  Also I REALLY miss my driver’s license!!  A temporary one will arrive in about another week…if all goes well!!  In the meantime my wings have been clipped…

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy stitching!!~P


  1. Wonderful quilt show, the ladies sure are busy with beautiful quilts. Sorry about your purse, I know how that feels and having to get all of your things replaced, such a pain. I just wish they would take the money and leave the rest, lost my new glasses too and I know they can't wear them;)


  2. The clubhouse is smoking! can't imagine AC...we are quilting with mittens on, lol

  3. Thank you so much for the show and tell. The Paris quilt is fantastic! As is every other quilt or project! You have a talented group. So sorry to hear about your purse being stolen, and will cross my fingers that your replacement cards arrive very soon!

  4. Bummer,P. I hate it when that happens (stolen purse). Good thing you have lots of good stuff to keep you busy at the park while you're grounded.

    I think I wouldn't mind living in a park like yours. It sounds like a 24/7 quilt retreat!

  5. Sorry about the purse, hope you didn't lose to much cash!

  6. I am so so sorry to hear that your purse was abducted! That's terrible!
    I enjoyed your show and tell... and really was loving the Christmas quilt with the pillow but then I saw the Eiffel Tower quilt... that was so darn cute!

  7. Too bad about your purse! Looks like everyone is very busy making good stuff. Love that applique flower block esp.!

  8. Beautiful quilts! I did not know that Americans were fond of Eiffel Tower!

  9. You were lucky that yu didn't loose your passport also Paulette. Just think of the gorgeous new drivers licence photo you be able to get!

  10. Oh my goodness, that is a real bummer. Thanks for all the show and tell. You gals have just to much fun. Hope you will be able to go on the quilt run. Sounds like such fun. Keep us posted. I would guess your camera wasn't in your purse??? Hugs

  11. Oh I'm sorry about you having your bag (purse) stolen. Having to get everything replaced like that is a real pain I know.