Saturday, February 22, 2014

Talented and NICE…

The mail man arrived yesterday and brought me a mystery envelope!  It was from Timeless Traditions…BUT I didn’t place an ORDER… or did I??  Yikes…am I losing it?  What a feeling…

Look at what was inside!!  I was admiring this pattern over at Norma Whalley’s blog, Timeless Traditions…LOVE ITs Homespun goodness!!  Then I read the card…it’s a THANK YOU gift from Norma!!  How SWEET is she…and how generous! I guess whenever I toot her horn, she gets traffic and when she gets traffic, she gets orders!  And why wouldn’t she get orders?  Her patterns are INCREDIBLE!!  I need to live to be 100 in order to get all of my Norma Whalley patterns done…there are SEW many!!  And now I need to add this beauty to the list!!


All of Norma’s patterns are incredibly well written…you get a full size sheet for the wool applique, along with a full size PICTURE of the completed wool applique…and you can actually see the quilting and the special effects!!  No guess work here!!  I’m always asking designers to treat us like morons…we want to KNOW how to make their pattern…and Norma has done just that! LOVE IT!!


Oh man…I have a huge bagful of homespuns from the Hemet Quilt Show and this quilt is calling them to come out to PLAY!!  This is getting added to the TO DO LIST for sure!!…


But first I need to make this Timeless Traditions pattern…remember the kit that I bought in Calgary…LOVE this quilt!!  It’s called Star Garden…you can find the pattern in one of the newer Quiltmania magazines or you can buy it here…Seriously…this quilt is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in real  life!! 

Star Garden_thumb_thumb

I bought this pattern when Norma was still with the Geoff’s Mom’s team…loved it then and LOVE it now!!


And then Norma came out with THIS QUILT last fall…is it not fabulous!!  Eeny meany miny mo…oh heck I’ve got to make them BOTH!!


Yes, I was gifted this Timeless Tradition pattern by a very special blogging buddy…she knows me well!!  This one is also on my TO DO LIST…


AND SO is this Norma Whalley pattern…SHE is SEW talented!!


Pine and Holly…I  have had this pattern now for a few years and have the background fabric ready and waiting…and it won’t take long to stitch up….Pine and Holly…what a lovely combination!  I love the simplistic beauty of this runner!


BE still my heart…this one is going under my tree next year for sure!!  I just need to stitch it up and then stay home for Christmas!!  :o))


Come to Mama…!!  This one is waiting for me at home…and now I have got the homespun to make this sweet runner!


Yup…I need to live to be 100…or more… to get everything done!  I better start stitching because Norma is always coming out with something new and wonderful…!! 

SEW… Yes, I am tooting Norma’s horn…when a designer deserves tooting I will toot! (Now that didn’t sound very lady like, did it? haha)

You can find Norma’s patterns HERE…go and have a look!  SEE for yourself! I just showed you a small sampling of her patterns…there are a ton more!!   And if you don’t follow Norma’s BLOG, Timeless Traditions you are missing out…BIG TIME!!  You get to watch how all of these wonderful designs take shape!! 

Thanks again, Norma…I love this pattern and can’t wait to dig around in that bag of homespuns and get at ‘er!  She’s a beauty!! 

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. What a wonderful gift and a beautiful quilt to make. She does have wonderful patterns and I love the birds on a branch.


  2. Loved this post...I can feel your enthusiasm through the airwaves! Love the way you share with us. I will definitely check out these patterns and hope I live another hundred years to get them all done!

  3. You are a lucky girl! I love all of Norma's patterns - can't wait to see which one you make first!

  4. I love Timeless Traditions I read Norma's blog all the time and have some of patterns on the to do list and I also need to live to be 100 so off to my morning walk,enjoy your sun we have it here today too. Sally from Oregon

  5. Thanks for the heads-up to Norma Whaley. Her patterns look do-able, and may be just what I need to inch me into the world of applique.

    I too hope you live to be 100 lol!

  6. Norma's patterns are gorgeous, and wonderfully written...I know because I also have several of them. The freebie gift is well deserved, because I also found her through your blog. Thanks!

  7. Oh P they're just amazing, now another designer to follow, I'm not sure to thank you or not...Ha Ha. Where is the best place up here to buy Homespuns or should I be looking online?

  8. How nice of Norma to share her wonderful new pattern with you, I'm with you, all her patterns are wonderful and I have a few on my list. Toot away :)

  9. Thanks for the link, Norma patterns are so nice! I need a second life to do all those things I dream of...

  10. I am sooooooooo happy to hear you "tooting" the horn for Norma Whaley. She is a talented designer & she is a real sweetheart! Love, Love, Love her and her wonderful creations.

  11. Very sweet of Norma! All her patterns are wonderful!

  12. I must confess that I am one of the guilty ones that went over to Norma's website and purchased the very pattern that she gifted you. Mine should arrive in the mail very soon, I love it and all her other designs. Thanks for being such a good woolie enabler,lol.

  13. Such a lovely gift! Her patterns are gorgeous. I'm going to hop over and have a look. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  14. Gorgeous patterns, I sure hope you live to be 100 so you can get them all done. I don't own any Timeless Treasures patterns, but I do own a copy of For the Love of a Nine Patch that she co-authored with Joyce Weeks.

  15. I'm in trouble cause I love every one of them!

  16. Awesome stuff Pauline... Thanks so much for sharing! I've never seen these patters - they are beautiful!

  17. You are so right to let others know about Norma! Her patterns are wonderful, such simple elegant charm. Her blog is so nice to read and her quotes are thought provoking. Have fun with your to do list!