Monday, September 30, 2013

Machine Monday and Heritage Happenings…

What’s on my machine this Monday?…well maybe I should have said what’s coming off my machine this Monday?

I finished quilting this sweet scrappy charity quilt lovingly made by our own sweet Betty! 


Betty is the lady from Heritage who bangs off more charity quilts than anyone I know!  She is incredible!


As you can see, I quilted it with daisies…practice…practice…practice!


These charity quilts are perfect for practicing on!  Thank you, Betty!  Keep ‘em coming!


Here’s a view of the back…soft blue flannel!  This scrappy happy quilt is going to keep some baby warm and cozy!


Now onto Heritage Happenings!! 

We had two very special guests attend our last Monday Meeting…the two big winners of the Heritage Award from the Cowichan Exhibition and the Cobble Hill Fair.

First up was the winner for the Cobble Hill Fair and it turned out to be none other than my sister, Em!  Here is Anne presenting Em with the gift certificate!  Congratulations, Em!!  Couldn’t be prouder if I had won it myself!!


Here are Em’s entries in this year’s fair…I’m not sure which one was the winning quilt but they are all gorgeous and beautifully made!  Have a look…



Check out that hand quilting!!  Perfect!



Yes, those are batiks!!  Em loves batiks…and yes, we are sisters!!  :)


Donna was the winner at the Cowichan Exhibition and she also won the Gladys Shumka award which included the engraved scissors.  The Gladys Shumka Award is for the OUTSTANDING HAND QUILTED BED QUILT.


Check out her three quilts!  Gorgeous work, for sure!!


And a last look at the six winning quilts…ahhhh yes…It was a great year at the fairs!  Congratulations, ladies!!


While all of this was going on, Louise our Librarian, was busy selling off old books.  Our library cabinet was full to exploding!  Every year the librarian goes through the books and discards the old to make room for the new!!  


Price for a book was $2!  SCORE!!

Hope you enjoyed our Heritage Meeting…now I have to hustle so that I won’t be late for this week’s meeting!!

Have a wonderful week…and thanks for stopping by!~P

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Showing, Sharing and Winning!

Yesterday, after reading my post on the Puzzle Tavern block,  Paula, sent me this picture of her Anita’s Arrowhead Quilt!

Alex's quilt 010

Paula made this beauty for her Grandson, Alex!  Don’t you wish ALL recipients of quilts looked this happy and pleased!  You done good, Grandma!!

Now you are probably scratching your head wondering why Paula would send me a picture of her Anita’s Arrowhead quilt when I wrote about the Tavern Puzzle Quilt.  It’s because they are basically the same block except for the size.  Paula’s block finishes at 8 1/2” and the Tavern Puzzle Block finishes at 12 1/2”.  Both use the same technique!


You can see BOTH patterns on yesterday’s post!  I slipped in a link to the FREE pattern for Anita’s Arrowhead quilt…so go HERE to download!  Got to love FREE Patterns!

Thanks so much for Showing and Sharing, Paula!  Now our Readers have two sized blocks to pick from!  And now they can see what this quilt looks like using only two fabrics!  Gorgeous!  And we all got see how happy you made your grandson! Now THAT’S why we quilt!

Time to move on to my GIVE AWAY…and find out who won that bundle of wool..and a couple of surprises! The Random Generator (in this case my husband) picked number 28…which makes pbee our winner!  Congratulations pbee!!  I will be emailing you shortly to get your snail’s mail address!

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by!~P

Friday, September 27, 2013

Play Day…ALL DAY!

On Wednesday I played…all day and made these pretty blocks.  This block was the Block of the Month at Heritage Quilting…back in October/November of last year!  I didn’t get it made then…but the good thing about quilting is, you can file it away and do it when the inspiration hits!  Wednesday was the day for me…albeit a little late! 


LOVE these blocks…wouldn’t they be pretty in orange and black for a Halloween quilt or as a Red/Green/White Christmas quilt?  Oh yeah…

If you want to know how to make this block, then keep reading…(If NOT then scroll to the bottom of the page…)

It’s called the Tavern Puzzle Block…I tried Googling it but couldn’t find it anywhere…BUT I did get some fantastic tavern sites…:o))


1.  Take two 11 inch blocks (light and dark) and place them right sides together.

P1240407 2. Measure TWO INCHES down from the top on the left side and mark…see where my pencil is..can you see the white line?  Then mark TWO INCHES up from the bottom on the right…see where my red pen is…can you see my white mark?


3.  Sew all around stopping at those white marked lines.  Leave that mark space OPEN!  Look at the picture.


4.  Now lay your ruler from the stitched corner to the stitched corner and cut…


It will look like this…


Now take the BOTTOM triangle and flip it up so that the blue fabrics KISS.  Moowha!  The two sewn triangles are now together!


5.  Now take your ruler and measure TWO INCHES on the left size and CUT.


6.  And cut TWO inches on the top…


It should look like this after cutting…


Pull the pieces apart and now you get to play…and put the puzzle back together again!

P1240417  7.Your puzzle should look like this…


8.  Stitch the top, middle and bottom sections together.  See pic..

P1240421  8.  Sew the three sections together!  Now trim the block down to 12 1/2”.  Darn I forgot to take a picture of this!!  I knew it was going too well…!  Oh well you know how to do this.  I have one of those huge square Eleanor Burn’s rulers so it was easy to do.


Make another one…put them this way OR


..this way… 



They practically multiply on their own!

This way…


Or this way…


See what I mean!  Like rabbits!


I love this block…but one things for sure, I NEED a few more play days!!  I want a BIG quilt!

NEWS FLASH!!  Kathy from Quilting Along the Gorge Blog just informed me that there is another FREE pattern for this block!  It’s called Arrowhead and can be found HERE.  It is a smaller block…finishing at 8 1/2” so you may like this size better.  Enjoy…and thank you, Kathy!!

On the WOOL Front!  Hey, it’s the last day for our CRAZY ABOUT WOOL BLOG HOP!!   Here’s the schedule for Friday! 

Friday, September 27

Hallbrook Designs

Karen's Quilts, Crows and Cardinals

Mummzy Stamps


Friendship Crossing


Color Point Quilte

Before you head off into Wool Land, let’s give a HUGE shout out to Denise from Pieced Brain Blog…she is the one who made this Blog Hop happen!!  It takes tons of work to coordinate everyone and get all the Woolies stitching and on the same page… and Denise did it effortlessly!  :o))   She also lined up some amazing sponsors for some super Give Aways…so make sure you visit her blog, Pieced Brain!!

Denise, you did an incredible job!!  So, altogether now…


I will be announcing the winner to my Crazy About Wool Give Away tomorrow…so if you haven’t entered, now is the your last chance!!  Go HERE…and good luck! 

Thanks for popping in…have a wonderful woolie WEEKEND!! ~P

Thursday, September 26, 2013

DANG Sweet…

Lil’Arthur’s quilt is finished in record time…and it is adorable!! (That is ALWAYS a surprise!! :o))

I ended up doing some BIG hand stitching around his name for added POP…and it worked!  Just the right touch, don’t you think? 


Not to worry…I tested the RED perle cotton to make sure it wouldn’t bleed!  (I soaked a large piece of the thread in a bowl of hot water then laid it onto a piece of paper towel…and no colour bled off…)


Simple but effective, clean and fresh…and after it’s washed it will be soft and crinkled!


I ended up meander quilting it.  Then I put on a scrappy binding using blue, yellow, red and green wee polka-dot fabric.

P1240430   And of course…Minkie on the back!  I want a quilt with Minkie on the back for ME…so cuddly! 


SEW there you have it!  Arthur now owns a quilt that will forever be HIS!  I sure hope he likes it!!

ON THE WOOL FRONT~  The Crazy About Wool Blog Hop…continues…

Thursday, September 26

A Quilt and a Prayer

Kat and Cat Quilts

Rosebuds Cottage

By The Bay Neddleart

Sugarlane Designs

Sheila's Quilt World

Pieced Brain

Lots to see and lots to do!!  There might even be a Give Away or two!  Hey, if you haven’t entered MY GIVE AWAY yet then go HERE…you just never know…!

Have a thrilling Thursday and thanks for visiting!! Hope to see you soon!~P

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday’s Wins and Wanders…

Don’t you just love a good GIVE AWAY?  I know I sure do!!  Recently I won Timeless Traditions Monthly Give Away where you get to select one of Norma’s pattern!!  Well this was not an easy feat…it’s a good thing I already own several of her patterns or I would still be over there humming and heeeing…and awwwing…

Anyway…my pattern arrived yesterday and like all of Norma’s patterns..I LOVE IT!! Here it is…Nice, eh?


It’s called Winter Berry and it is hot off the press!  If you are a regular reader, then you know how I am ALWAYS saying pattern designers should treat me like a moron…well Norma does just that!  There is no guess work in this pattern…everything is laid out for you…no scratching your head wondering what to do next.  No putting it together using guess work!  There is a lay-out page, lots of pictures and excellent instructions!  A+ to Norma!!  Even the cover picture is a FULL page…no itty bitty picture of the finished project!  LOVE IT!!

Thank you, Norma!! 

Hey, if you haven’t gone to Norma’s blog then you REALLY should!!  Like I said, she has monthly pattern draws, you get to see her latest designs as she creates and stitches them up, she has an entertaining blog full of quilting/woolie goodness and she REALLY knows how to treat you like a moron!  :o)))  You can take a look for yourself by going HERE!

OMGosh!!!  I just went over to Timeless Traditions to get the URL to link her to this post…and almost had a coronary!!  Norma has got her newest creation posted and it is a BEAUTY!!!  Seriously, this woman is talented!!  Be warned…if you venture over to her blog, have the paddles ready!!

I need a few minutes to compose myself….:o}}  DEEP BREATH…

SEW…onto the Crazy About Wool Blog Hop…Day Three!

If you haven’t entered my Crazy About Wool Give Away then you need to go HERE to enter!!  I will randomly select a winner when the Hop is over!

The CRAZY ABOUT WOOL BLOG HOP continues!!  Denise from Pieced Brain Blog has done a wonderful job organizing and hosting this event!!  THANK YOU, DENISE!! 

Here is the schedule for Wednesday, September 25~

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

Wooly Red Rug

Chic n Fish

Maria do Carmo (Pieced Brain will be hosting!)

Selina Quilts

Sunshine Quilting

Let the fun continue!  There is never a dull moment in Blogland!~P :o)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Need a Wool FIX?

Then feast your eyes on what Glynis was working on yesterday at Heritage Quilting...


Magnificent or what?!!


The wool pieces that Glynis used in this mat are so vibrant and striking…absolutely gorgeous! 


The pattern is called… “Under the Stars” by Piece of Work and you can order it HERE!

Now on with the CRAZY ABOUT WOOL BLOG HOP!!  It’s DAY 2…here is the schedule for today!!  Have fun!  (If you didn’t participate yesterday then go to my Monday post…I don’t want you to miss out on any of the Give Aways!)

Tuesday, September 24

Marla's Crafts

Bird in the Hand Primitives

Secretly Stitching

Marjorie's Busy Corner

Sew Many Yarns

Val Spiers Sews
Quilted Crow Girls Design

I think I need to do some visiting of my own!!  See you there!~P

Monday, September 23, 2013

Crazy About Wool Blog Hop!!

My name is Paulette and I have a problem….

I have been Wool Crazy for a few years now…ever since I was bitten by that crazy Wool Bug!  Man, I had it bad…when it came to wool, there was no stopping me!!  I wanted wool…I NEEDED wool…and of course the shops in my area didn’t carry any…so there was only one thing to do!!  Hit the Thrift Shops and started dyeing my own…P1070738

I started small…with pennies…


…and pillows!


Oh…and Mug Rugs!  (get your mug off that mat!!!:)


I dabbled in wool Needle Felting…christmas sampler -erin

Yum…don’t you just LOVE wool!!  (NO, that’s not a question!)


A wool penny even went across the ocean and is now living in England!  No, I didn’t send one to the Queen…but close!P1090406     Then my addiction progressed to QUILTS!!  Here’s Settler’s Pride…hanging in my family room!!  LOVE this quilt!P1140696

  And of course there is the Heart to Hand Autumn Quilt…P1190388

I could go on and on and on…but will leave you with a few UFO…man I have a ton of THESE!


This one by Heart to Hand, just needs to be sewn together…I may have it finished by the time the snow flies…


That is…if another wool project doesn’t sway me away…you know how it is when you have a…problem…

So let’s get to the good part…I am having a little WOOL give away.  I have this sweet little bundle of Woolie goodness PLUS a little woolie surprise…all you have to do is leave me a comment…and forgive me for being LATE with this post!  (I thought my post was due on TUESDAY!!)P1240385

Thank you so much, Denise from Pieced Brain Blog for being such a wonderful hostess!!  It was fun!

Now hurry over to all the other Wool Crazies and see what they have been doing!!  Here’s today’s list of Crazy About Wool Bloggers!

Monday, September 23

CJ Stitching and Blooms

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Sweet P…HEY, that’s ME!!

Reluctant Quilter

Racie Baby

Patchouli Moon Studio

The Raspberry Rabbits


Have fun!~P