Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Grown Up!

Isn’t it fun to watch a quilt grow…

From this…(cut using the GO! Fabric cutter)…


…to this…


…to THIS!!  Absolutely gorgeous, Siena!

             siena peterpaul

Siena’s ‘Pay Peter to Rob Paul’ is complete and it is magnificent!  Siena will quilt it when she gets home…and in plenty of time to gift it to her very LUCKY mom! Thanks for sharing, Siena!

HAPPY EASTER to you all!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My LOVE Quilt…

Last night we were invited over to RV blogger’s Rene and Jeanette’s for a BBQ!  Rene and Jeanette are staying just a bit down the road from us at the Caliente Hot Springs RV Resort. 

We had heard from Rene that our friends and fellow bloggers Allen and Lolita were arriving for a stay at Caliente that same afternoon so they invited them over as well!  Kind of a reunion of RV Bloggers!  Also there was another couple who were traveling friends of Rene and Jeanette’s …I wonder if they even read any of these blogs! My advice…stay away!

It was the perfect evening to sit around and lament about our holiday being over, touch on the highlights and talk about it being time to head home!  We all agreed that our time out on the desert had been wonderful but we were all eager to head home!…OK…some more eager than others!:0)

Dinner was superb…Jeanette really out did herself…but it was THE GIFT that really shocked me!!  I received my FIRST EVER Grandma gift!! SO EXCITING!! How sweet is this!


It’s a fleece quilt that Jeanette made…and look at what it says, “I Red heartGrandma!”!  Dang cute…and oh, so soft!  Jeanette is not a quilter or a sewer so that made the quilt all the more special!  THANK YOU, JEANETTE!!  My little guy is going to love it…and apparently, he is going to love ME a whole lot too!!…Hey, whatever it takes!!  heeehee.. What’s a little brainwashing here and there…right!?


My LOVE QUILT will be kept at Grammy’s house to enjoy…geeze…maybe I need to get a crib or a playpen to go with it??  (yup…hubby is rolling his eyes..)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

Friday, March 29, 2013

Clubhouse Finale…

Yesterday you saw what Anne had accomplished on her 2 week hiatus…babysitting in Virginia!  Now let me show you what the rest of the crew was working on…and keep in mind we are down to about eight or nine members.  The Snowbirds are heading North…the gals from Alberta and Northern BC had to head home early as the massive snow that they received this year is now melting…flooding has become a major issue!

Winnipeg Doris was busy stitching these lovely blocks….  She had quite a stack by the end of the day.  This is going to be a quilt for her lucky DIL…P1220864

Kim was sewing these sweet little blocks from Primitive Gatherings fabric ‘Old Glory’ …


As I was lining up these adorable blocks we broke out into the American National Anthem…we couldn’t HELP it…they just make you want to be American!  Gwen had her own version to the song…being the only American standing that was alright!

P1220874 - Copy

Yup…dang cute…and LOVE the fabric!

P1220875 - CopyP1220876 - Copy

P1220879 - Copy

Kim bought the kit from THE RED DOOR while at the Road to California.

P1220877 - Copy

Kathy was busy putting the borders on to this wonderful table topper…


Siena was whipping up Rob Peter to Pay Paul blocks….


…using French General’s new line of fabric called, Chateau Rouge!  Gorgeous stuff!  That General KNOWS how to make great fabric!

Man, I love this quilt!!  Siena is making it for her mother…what a daughter!  Her mom is going to flip!


You NEED a close up to appreciate this fabric!


Gwen is working on her patriotic quilt…always with a smile on her face! 


Such sweet blocks…would you believe that Gwen is donating this patriotic quilt to her local veteran’s hospital!  What a kind and thoughtful thing to do…and that’s SEW Gwen!


Judy finished her ‘Dress Me Up Frosty’…and I DIDN’T get a picture of it!!  What was I THINKING??  I will have to take my camera over to Judy’s house and see if she hasn’t packed it…hmmm wonder if Judy has packed her iced coffee maker? :o)))

Anyway…Judy was prepping her first BOM from the RED DOOR…it’s Primitive Gathering’s newest pattern called ‘Warm Winter Blessings’ made with ‘Snowman Gatherings’ Fabric…probably the cutest fabric EVER made!!

All together… “Ahhhhhhhhh….”  


Seriously, I could never make this as a BOM as it’s just too darn cute…I would want to make all the blocks all at once!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t!  I bet Donna from the RED DOOR still has room in her class for YOU…


I mean REALLY…how can you say NO to that face?  (And YES, I bought the pattern while at Road to CA!!)


And last but certainly not least, Jan is putting the finishing touches on her Cowgirl bag…sew adorable!


Her grand-daughter is ‘into’ horses…even owns one!  Just look at the print…horses, saddles and barbed wire… with a touch of flowers on the pocket!  She is after all a cowGIRL!  Jan is now on the hunt for the perfect buttons to add a bit of bling…


Here’s the back!  Yup…I predict a squeal of delight when her GD receives this gift!! What a grandma!


So that’s it…another Clubhouse season finished!   I am going to miss all of these wonderful ladies…A finer group you will not find ANYWHERE!  Yup…it’s a sad time around THE SANDS at this time of year! 

BUT we DO have ONE MORE girls’ trip planned for today… to our BFF’s!!  JOANN is waiting for us…sent us a ton of coupons for our little outing!  Yeehaw!!  One more little roundup before we hit the trails!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

Thursday, March 28, 2013

It’s all over but the French Music…

Well yesterday was the last day for Clubhouse Quilting. :( Those of us still here will be leaving right after the Easter Weekend… it sounds like there will be a mass exiting on Tuesday but Gwen and Jan will still be here to wave everyone good-bye and to turn out the lights…

Of course all eight Clubhouse Quilters remaining had to make our last Wednesday as special as possible, so we had a Pot Luck Luncheon…WE do love to EAT!  In fact, I was so busy stuffing my face that I forgot to take pictures…but it was good…REALLY GOOD!

We also love to SEW!…

Hey, speaking of SEW… it was SEW good to have Anne back!  She escaped our park for a couple of weeks to fly to Virginia to babysit her Grandkids…and man, we sure missed her!

As you can see..Anne managed to keep busy!  She whipped up this inspirational ‘What Cancer Cannot Do’ quilt…Anne herself is a survivor and her smile says it ALL!! 


Kim found the Cancer panel in her travels down to Yuma and bought it for Anne.



Lots of encouraging words on this quilt…. Wouldn’t this be the perfect quilt to give a friend battling this horrible disease!


Anne also finished machine appliqueing this Pat Wys quilt (from the book called ‘Spotlight on Neutrals’.  As you can see, Anne didn’t keep with the Neutral Theme but instead used French Generals’ Rouenneries Deux fabric!! PERFECT!!


You need to get up close and personal….


Do you think I took enough pictures?? haha


And here she is with the borders on…Oooolah lah!!  The old French General is proud!!


Yup….supplémentaire belle……

P1220873 The French music just stopped and the clock is telling me YOGA TIME!!  Got to hustle!

You are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see what the other Clubhouse Quilters are working on….

I have to squeeze into those tight (and getting tighter) yoga pants!!  What’s going to happen first…our holiday will end or my yoga pants will EXPLODE!!  :o}}  Not a very pretty thought!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Doris’ No Sew Blanket…

OK…I promised to show you how to make Doris’ NO Sew Blanket.  I call it this because Doris fiddled with how to make this blanket…tried a variety of tools before she came up with a genius (and easy) way of ‘doing it’!

You will notice that this quilt is not tied like the other more traditional fleece quilts..yup no knots here…that’s where Doris’ technique comes in… and where this flat braid is formed.


Hopefully I will be able to explain how to make this quilt…

You take two pieces of SAME SIZE fleece…It looks better and is easier to do if one of the pieces of fleece is a plain solid colour and the other is a print. Pin them together into a flat sandwich…wrong sides together. (much like you would for getting a quilt ready for quilting).

Lay your sandwich with the plain side up and draw a three inch border around the PLAIN side. See picture…

Cut your fringe (I think they were 1 inch strips) up to the line.


Cut out each corner section…


Ok…we are now ready to ‘tie’…take a sharp tool and make a tiny hole through BOTH pieces of fleece just about the slit mark…make sure it is VERY tiny!! 


This is the hard part…and is tiring on the hands!


Then you take these surgical scissors…called Hemostat Scissors (I need to find me a pair!!)


Put the nose through BOTH holes…


Hold your mouth just right and find that COLOURED PRINT strip and gently pull it through the tiny hole…


Then holding the coloured strip down, carefully go back through the same hole for the liver..I mean the solid colour strip…;o}


And pull it tight…


That’s IT!!  Done!!  You have formed this wonderful braid…AND no lumpy, bumpy knots!!  It looks like a flat braid!  And look at how that plain colour pops the braid!


This is what the back looks like…



And front…


The hard part is making the wee hole…and finding some Surgical Scissors!!


So thank you Doris for sharing your technique and thank you, Heritage Judy for sharing your quilt and hands for the demo!  Now that’s what I call a TEAM effort!

I have the fleece…I am now on the hunt for surgical scissors…how about you?

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P