Saturday, August 31, 2013

This and That…

Yup…I see another sign of FALL…my friend, Claire has cracked open her wool bins and started a new Wool project… claire's bee1

Isn’t this the perfect Autumn project…this is only one block of many from Heart to Hand’s ‘Garden Quilt’!

claire's bee

I love her choice of mottled green wool for the leaves…and just look at that adorable bee.  Looks so sweet here…not so much in real life!  As you can see, Claire is using yarn dyed Daiwabo fabric for the back ground of each block. 

I will be posting more pictures as Claire keeps stitching!  I mean really, what are friends for!! :o))

Speaking of friends….I received this pattern in the mail on Friday!  Kaaren had a Give Away and I was the lucky recipient!!

Talk about a lady who KNOWS how to write a pattern!!  First off, this pattern is like a mini book!  As you can see, the cover is a large colour photo of the entire quilt…which is usually the only picture you get in most patterns.


Not so in Kaaren’s patterns…just LOOK!!  For each block you get a large full size COLOURED picture…you can even see the quilting!  Eureka!


And the directions are clear and concise loaded with diagrams and drawings!!  I love patterns like this!  I am always saying that pattern designers NEED to treat me like a moron!!  I want more directions not less…and Kaaren has done just that!!  On behalf of all quilters, I thank you Kaaren!!  I love your visuals!


So if you love this pattern (how could you not) but you have hesitated to buy it because it LOOKS too difficult..then think again!  Kaaren has broken down the pattern and made each step easy and clear… and turned it into a a very do-able pattern!  A lot of designers could take lessons from this lady!

Here’s a link to Kaaren’s blog.  As most of you know, Kaaren has had serious health problems in the past…well… lately she has, as she puts it, received another lemon!  If you haven’t already done so, hop on over and help her turn that lemon into lemonade!!  It’s time for a little bloggy love!

THANK YOU, Kaaren!  Not just for this pattern but for the many patterns that you have so generously and freely given out in your First Friday Freebie!  You are one very special lady!

Have a super Saturday and happy stitching!~P

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Finish…

My Homespun Basket Quilt is finished…and will probably get hung in my sewing room where I can fully enjoy it!


I big stitched hand quilted around each basket and then machine quilted on the borders.  I kept it as simple as possible.


She is done!  There’s something about Homespuns that warms my heart!  I like her…I like her a lot!

Have a wonderful Friday..maybe with a few finishes coming your way too!~P

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nothing says FALL better than…

…this GORGEOUS Autumn quilt!!  Just LOOK at it!!  Made from scraps of oranges, browns, yellows and blacks…(*sigh*…)!!


Can’t you see yourself snuggled up under this beauty, reading a good book while the leaves fall!!

If you would like to make THIS QUILT then you need to hustle over to..

“…Laugh Yourself Into Stitches” because Karen just published this pattern through Craftsy!!  Yup…I predict that we are going to be seeing lots more of Karen and her wonderful patterns.  She has a pillow coming out shortly…called “Just Jack” which I’m sure will be Just Wonderful!

Congratulations, Karen…keep ‘em coming!!  Pumpkin Spice is better than a slice of Pumpkin Pie, better than Pumpkin Soup on a cold Fall day, better than Pumpkin muffins right out of the oven served with real butter…better than Pumpkin Seeds roasted over a slow oven and sprinkled with lots of salt…!!  Geeze…I think I have been on a diet WAAAYYY too long…but one things for sure, I’m loving this quilt, Pumpkin Spice!!  Great name for it!

Have a Pumpkin-y good day! Now hurry over to Karen’s Blog for some more Pumpkin Goodness!!  ~P

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

UFO Busting!

It’s been a hot week for UFO Busting…I actually have more than one finish!! 

Having said that…I have only taken pictures of one quilt so you will just have to wait to see the other TWO!!  Yes, I said TWO…this old lady is HOT…on fire!:o))

Here she is…(you may remember her from HERE)…this little basket quilt was a UFO from a quilter in Hemet CA…the blocks were sewn into the corner of a quilt and then unfinished, stuffed into a bag and sold for $1.00 at the Hemet Quilter’s Boutique!  And I was the lucky buyer!


Sew…I took the blocks apart and pieced them back together to make this little quilt…I found some red polk-a-dot fabric for border, backing and binding and there she blows!  DONE!P1240069I quilted her with loops and flowers…   P1240072 P1240074

And she is ready to hang…I just don’t know where…yet!


Stay tuned for more UFO BUSTING!!  I seem to be on a roll…

I hope that you are doing some BUSTING of your own!! 

Have a good one!~P

Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another…


I have been REALLY lucky lately…it was another big win for me over at Woolie Mommoth Blog!!  I have been lusting over this pattern for some time now…P1240046

…I was planning on buying it when down south this winter but now I don’t have to!  (Insert a happy dance!!) It arrived in the Mail yesterday…along with this lovely piece of red checked wool (Anna knows me well…:)


You are probably wondering WHY a Canadian would get excited over an American patriotic quilt pattern…??  Sure there are American Flags on every corner…but we Canadians look beyond that!!  Let’s plunk those flags out of the birds’ mouths (no offence to the Americans!!)…and place twigs of berries instead…and let’s get rid of the red, white and blue and haul out the Civil War fabrics…Do you see where I’m coming from…?  Yup, I’m loving this little quilt…A LOT!!

This pattern was designed by Norma Whalley when she was with Geoff’s Mom Pattern Co.…man, now this lady knows how to design a quilt!!

We’ve all seen “In the Meadow You Can Build a Snowman”…GORGEOUS!!  I predict a Blog Wide Sew-A-Long using this pattern, happening this Winter!  Care to join me and several other quilters…?


Come on you KNOW you wanna!! (You’ve got to get ready…Winter’s a coming!!  You can find the pattern HERE!)

Oh and have you seen Norma’s newest design…a matching TREE SKIRT! 


Were those screams of delight that I just heard?? …Come on simmer down…but YES,I know…hard to resist!!

I predict that we might just HAVE to do BOTH these project because they just SEEM to GO TOGETHER!

FYI…this pattern is called '”Woodland Tree Skirt” by Norma’s newest company ‘Timeless Traditions’.

And then in the SPRING…how about “Star Garden”??  Man…I sure hope this lady slows down a little, so that we can get caught up!!

Star Garden_thumb

Ahhhh…Nothing like wishful thinking on a Sunday morning…

Have a great week!!~P

Friday, August 23, 2013

What a SISTER!!

When Heritage Judy’s sister asked her if she would please make her a small wall quilt Judy set to work…and made not one quilt but TWO quilts!  She will let her sister chose which quilt she likes better!  What a SISTER!!

Here’s Heritage Judy’s quilt number ONE…


Lots of scrappy goodness in this wee small quilt!  I would definitely call this one a SCRAP HAPPY quilt…MY kind of quilt!!  Have I told you that H.J. is like a sister to me!!  :o)))


She also made this quilt…and she made it a bit bigger just in case her sister wants a bigger one!!


Lots of batiks in this one!


So I wonder which quilt Heritage Judy’s sister will pick??  Regardless…she is one lucky girl!!

Thanks for sharing, HJ!  If you are ever looking for a second sister, I know just where to look!

Have a FUN FRIDAY!!  And happy stitching!~P

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday’s Work…

…is never done!! 

I’m feeling a little like a chef…I am busy stirring all these pots but there is still nothing for dinner…in other words nothing is getting finished!

Go ahead…look over my shoulder…

I’m big stitch quilting this quilt…three baskets to stitch before I begin working on the sashing…P1240036 P1240037

The Homespun Houses Quilt is on the hand quilting frame…slowly getting stitches…

P1240038 P1240039

Smaller stitches around the doors and windows and bigger stitches for the rest of the houses…(I’m using Valdani variegated threads on both of these projects.)

P1240040 When I get a yearning for the sewing machine, I am sewing these wee rows together…


I am hand appliquéing row number four of my clam shell quilt…(I will be 105 yrs. old when this one gets finished…here a shell, there a shell…but I am LOVING it!)


And would you believe, last night I ironed this top and backing to put on the mid arm frame! 


Yup…I’m hungry for a finish but the pots need to simmer just a while longer!

What about YOU?  What are YOU working on this Wednesday?  How many pots are simmering on your stove?  More importantly, will there be any dinner tonight??  haha  It’s all good…right?

Have a good one!~P

Monday, August 19, 2013


Oh yes I DID!!  I won Julie K Quilt’s Give Away and finally received the parcel this weekend!!  And yes, I KNOW, I am VERY lucky!! 

We Canadians are a very patient lot…we HAVE to be, as our Snails’ Mail is indeed…S…N…A…I…L…S’ Mail!  Sew slooooowwwww….

Enough complaining…let’s get to the eye candy!! P1230941

I LOVE the pattern and the fabric is over-the-moon gorgeous!!  It’s a Heartspun Quilts’ Pattern…and PERFECT for this retired school teacher!


And look at the lovely quilty card from Julie K…Purrrfect!


This Thank YOU is sent from one very happy ol’ schoolmarm!  Thank YOU SEW much, Julie K!!  

Today is our annual Heritage Quilters’ Pot Luck Luncheon!  Geeze Louise…there goes the ol’ diet!  We quilters DO know how to eat!  I better wear something baggy…:o)))

Hope you’re having a fun day too!~P

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

I only have a few HH pictures…with our gorgeous sunny summer, enrollment is down and there is a lack of quilting going on! (What’s with THAT??:o)

Let’s start off with another Charity quilt…love this block!!  Over 30 of these quilts have been made!!  Way to go, Heritage members!


When Vickie asked her DIL what she wanted for her birthday, Vicky got the reply “I really need new tea towels.”…so of course Vicky took that a step further…besides the tea towels, Vicky made her a matching apron…


..that is reversible!!  (Her DIL is going to be one spicey meatball in this little number!!  I predict a grandkid in Vicky’s near future!!:)))


And some spicey placemats…


FOUR of them…just incase they should invite their favourite in-laws over for dinner!!  A very thoughtful gift that should earn Vicky some bonus points in the MIL department!


Another Swedish weaving finished…LOVE this one too!!


Gorgeous pillows made…


Plus this scrappy charity quilt!!  LOVE THIS QUILT!!


I loved it sew much that I just HAD to do a close-up!  Nothing like some scrappy goodness!!


And a sweet baby quilt made by cutting up a panel!  Beary cute!!


A lovely summer quilt…reminds me of the lake we hike around!! 


LOVE this scrap-happy quilt!!


A Wedding Ring quilt…that made me dizzy!!  I went wow…then looked through my camera and couldn’t SEE the wedding rings…I just saw squiggly X’s!!


Hence the double picture!!  Yup…still seeing the X’s!!  All because of a few light coloured squares!! 


That’s it for another week…from the Heritage Ladies!!  Got to love them!

Happy stitching!!~P

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It’s a WIN, WIN!!!

Did you hear it? 

My “YAHOOO” travelled from the West Coast of Canada clear across to the East Coast where Kaaren lives (The Painted Quilt Blog)!  That’s because I won this pattern~


Isn’t she a beauty?!  Kaaren has made this quilt twice…once in red and once in blue!  I’m not sure which one I like better! 

The news gets even better…now YOU can own this pattern too as Kaaren has listed it on her Etsy shop!!  Yup…the ink has dried and she has it ready for anyone and everyone who would like to make it! And for only $21.26 it’s a bargain!  Heck, you can even buy the original QUILT as it’s listed on her Shop too…along with more of her original quilts!!  Imagine actually owning a Kaaren’s original!  Boggles the mind, doesn’t it!  Go on over and check out Kaaren’s shop…simply click HERE!

Simply put…that…reminds me of another GIVE AWAY…Simply Put Plus has generously donated these THREE lovely patterns…

P1230938 …and the lucky winner is…

Colleen who said...

Oh oh! Yay! Hope it is me! Thank you for the chance!

Congratulations, Colleen!!  Please send me your snail’s mail address and I will get these patterns off to you!

Now that was fun…with one hand I get (thank you, Kaaren!) and the other I give (thank you Laural!!)!!  Got to love that!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching!!~P