Sunday, July 31, 2011

I’ve Lost IT!

Ever wonder if you are loosing it??  I do…ALL the time and yesterday was no exception! 

I decided to organize my scrapes…(inspired by Bonnie Hunter and all the quilters out there making those sweet little bow tie blocks…SEW cute!!)  I have Tupperware tubs stacked up in the closet to my sewing room…labeled with colours and project scraps..not very efficient to say the least!  I throw the scraps in and quickly put the lid on!!  Who knows what’s lurking inside those tubs??  NOT ME!!!

As I pulled the tubs out, lodged up against the far wall was a bright yellow bag…???  Hmm…??  What’s this? 

Inside was this…


Memories of the FIRST Road to California Quilt Show trip flashed before me!!  YIKES!!  That will be FOUR YEARS ago this January!!  As you can see I haven’t touched it since! 

Have you ever watched any demo where the demonstrator makes the gadgets look SO easy, SO much FUN, with results that are PERFECT? SEW perfect that you can’t possible live without it?   Well you are looking at such a gadget…


I am SEW glad it comes with a CD because for the life of me I cannot remember what all these gadgets DO??  

BUT…anything that COMES with a CD can’t be good…can it?

All I can say is~ it’s a good thing I don’t watch the Infomercial Channel!!  Enough said!!…are they coming with the straight jackets yet?

Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

Saturday, July 30, 2011

On Holidays…

My wool crazy friend, Claire, went on holidays.  Now most people when they spend a week or two at a lakeside cabin they take a bathing suit, sunscreen and a towel…not Claire!  She takes WOOL…lots of wool! 

Thought you’d like to see what she will be stitching in between making s’mores and roasting hot dogs….

Yup it’s wool pinwheels…aren’t the colours wonderful…


Claire also prepped these blocks for stitching. They’re from the Heart to Hand Christmas quilt.  This quilt is going to be stunning!!


image image

image image

Claire even managed to get a few stitches done while hubby packed up the car!  Aren’t her stitches PERFECT!! 



Love this wreath block!


Such inspiration…makes me want to get out the wool and throw on some Christmas music!!

Have A SUNNY Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crawford’s Farm Quilt Show…Part 4!

I have taken you on a tour of Crawford’s Farm and shown you all the lovely quilts but what I haven’t shown you are the merchants selling their wares…

Remember I didn’t get there until after 3 o’clock…towards the end of the day so their merchandise is sorely depleted…but you get the idea!

This is the booth that our local Quilt Shop, Creative Quilting operated..selling lots of kits, pre-cuts and patterns..P1140714 P1140718

Scattered throughout the farm where other merchants…like the lady selling hand crafted scarves and shawls…gorgeous and soft!P1140746

Hand crafted items…


Like this Winding Way quilt…


This artist was selling wonderful paintings and line drawings…framed or matted.


BUT this is the lady who caught my eye!!  What a character…she is a HOOKER and proud of it!!  And her work is stunning!!


I wanted to take the rooster and the sunflower mats home with me…STUNNING!! …BUT if I did..then I  COULDN’T PUT THEM ON THE FLOOR…and if I did, I would be forever saying to people… “GET OFF THAT MAT!!” 


She also made little guys for hot pots or table toppers…so pretty!


Plus she was demonstrating how to ‘do it’…and it looked easy enough but do I need another hobby?? 

P1140742  What about you??  Do you need another hobby??P1140744  These rugs are 100% wool…and very soft!!  There isn’t enough time in the day right now…and then to add another hobby…OUCH!  I know I would LOVE to make one of these…maybe someday…

So ends the 3rd Annual Quilt Show at Crawford’s Farm!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  Till next year….

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt Show at Crawford’s Farm..Part 3!

So we have visited two pastures…onto the third, fourth and fifth!!  Hope you are wearing good walking shoes?  I don’t think that I have ever been to a Quilt Show where I saw lovely quilts and got a work out too!  Got to love that!

So let’s start with this great stash buster~

 P1140764  P1140766

This is a PERFECT West Coast quilt…

P1140767 P1140768

I loved this quilt…STUNNING!


A close up of the kaleidoscope blocks….


Mesh ribbon was hand stitched on top of this quilt…reminded me of outer space..

P1140771 P1140772 P1140773 P1140774  P1140780

There must have been a Stack and Whack class…that I missed out on!  There were several of these and they were all lovely!


One of my favourites was this diamond quilt…made from drapery/upholster fabric!!  The colours were wonderful!

P1140783 P1140784 P1140785

A gorgeous quilt..hand appliquéd by my friend Carol..


Sometimes it’s the simple quilts, like this four patch, that are the most visually pleasing…and are the quilts that you would like to snuggle under…

 P1140787 P1140788 P1140789

I have this pattern…somewhere…and have never seen it done in this type of colour way.


I loved this little Partridge in a Pear Tree Wall hanging…


Do you recognize this sweet little quilt…A Tisket A Tasket…a free BOM from Bunny Hills Blog!  It is stunning made up!!



And here is Wagg Vill…made by my friend Delores!  Sweet, is it not!!


Another Free BOM from Pat Sloan’s Blog!!  Gorgeous made up!! P1140799 P1140800    P1140804 P1140805  P1140807 P1140808 P1140809 P1140811 P1140812 P1140813

There were tons more quilts but I don’t want you or my computer to explode!!  :o)  I’m so glad you got to see a sampling of the quilts from our little Cowichan Valley!  Hope your dogs aren’t barking too loudly??

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P