Thursday, February 13, 2014

UFO Busting!

Take THAT!!  And THAT!  KA-POW!!  Holy Guacamole, that felt good! 

You guessed it…another UFO knocked out of the tote!

This UFO felt especially good as it has been ‘hanging around’ for at least SIX YEARS!!


I hand stitched the rest of the Hexies while driving on the way down south this year…Do you recognise the fabric?…It’s called Nature’s Chorus…(I think by Blackbird.)


And stitched them on…I confess… I machine stitched the last eight down by machine.  Hand appliqueing them was just NOT going to happen…and I wanted it done!!  Sometimes a quilters got to do, what a quilters got to do to get the job done!  And you REALLY can’t tell…

I will put her on the mid arm when I get home and quilt her up…and then call it a day!


It is the perfect size for a large baby quilt…perfect for a little girl!  I think this one will be put away for a very special baby girl…and no, NO one is pregnant…THAT may take another six years!! :0)

Tomorrow is the Sands RV Resort’s Annual Quilt Show…yes, it’s our turn to display our finished (and not so finished) projects!!  I am excited to see all of the Mystery Quilts lined up on display!  I promise that it will be quite the show!  Stay tuned!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and fabrics, definitely a nice gift to save for a special little girl.


  2. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love hexies. Looking forward to tomorrow's pics! Have a great time!

  3. Great job on your UFO busting!! This one is a beauty!!! Well done!

  4. Love your quilt. That's a lot of hand sewing !!! Just beautiful... And looks like you had a blast at the quilt show. What fun !! Can't believe the 1$ bag. So much fun !!

  5. Congratulations, Paulette! It feels really good to finish one of the old ones, doesn't it?

    It's a pretty set of fabrics. Well done!

  6. Gorgeous quilt, P. Love the fabrics, very spring-like. It would certainly be adored by any little girl (or big). Enjoy the annual quilt show, we'll all be looking forward to the photos.

  7. That's a beautiful UFO! I love to finally finish something and get it out of a pile. House cleaning and sewing, it's a good thing.

  8. That's the way to make a Hexie quilt. I'm still making the flowers for one. Good for you to knock that one out1 YEA, another show, can't wait to see.

  9. very pretty! I like the fabrics!

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  11. Lovely finish! You must be so pleased to have this finished...very pretty!

  12. Love your little hexie quilt. Indeed it will be a perfect little girl quilt someday with the pretty, happy fabrics. Becki

  13. Congratulations, it must feel good to finish an UFO from the older category.
    I really enjoyed all your pictures from the quilt show.