Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

I almost didn't blog today...but then remembered that it is Halloween tonight...and I DO feel WITCHES in the air!

This is Glynis' quilt...a Buggy Barn favourite of mine!  Would you believe that I met Glynis' 'Witches Quilt' before I met Glynis!  Read the story HERE...Sometimes friendships are just meant to be!
Eeeehheeeehheeee...(my witch's cackle...)

Have a spooktacular night and don't eat too many chocolate bars!  Don't you just LOVE this quilt...pass those bars, will ya'? ~P

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cutting Christmas Trees...

...But not just ANY Christmas Trees...Vintage Christmas Trees!
It's going to be a FUN Friday for me!  What about YOU?  I hope you're squeezing in some FUN too!

I'm keeping it short and Sweet!  Thanks for popping in!...Happy Stitching!~P

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love, Make, Quilt...REJOICE!

I love Bonnie Hunter's Blog 'Quiltville- Quips and Snips' and read it daily!  I have to tell you, she is such a wonderful inspiration to all quilters!  I love it when she looks at those old, antique quilts and then makes references to us...the quilters of today!  Stressing that, like the quilters before us, we have to be proud of doing our best work... regardless of our skill level and to love the process!

So in the words of Bonnie Hunter...

"Love it, make it, quilt it, rejoice that we did

And then move onto the next PROJECT...:o))  Yup...we're talking something NEW!!  

What can I say...Bonnie said to love it (and I DO), make it (and I will...)  SEW...hand me that rotary cutter, will ya'!  I'm hoping to rejoice later...

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Claire's Christmas Quilt....

Christmas-times-a-comin'.... so my friend, Claire, has been working diligently on completing her 'Christmas Quilt' by Heart to Hand.  As you can see she has revamped it and made it her own...Half of the blocks are from the Heart to Hand 'Christmas' Pattern, including the reindeer which is off H2H's stocking pattern, the birdhouse is one her son made her but the chickadees are from Norma Whaley's 'Pine and Holly' table runner, the corner bells are from Kathy Schmitz' new stitchery pattern and the angel, mitten block and stocking are ones that Claire made up.

Isn't it wonderful?!

It's wool applique, hand stitched to cotton ( Diamond Textiles).

Love the birdhouse and chickadees!...Oh and look at those corner bells...LOVE THEM!

So yesterday we had several emails going back and forth...Claire wanted input...what should she do with that open space on the borders?  She felt the loops on the pattern would make it look too busy (I agreed) and a vine of holly around the quilt just didn't look right... so this is what she came up with...PERFECT!  Simple little twigs of holly adding to the beauty of the quilt!

I love a happy ending...don't you?

Claire will have the holly stitched down in the blink of an eye and then it's onto quilting...I will keep you posted!
This is an heirloom quilt in the can't rush perfection!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, October 26, 2015

Wee House Topper...

Progress...yes, lots of progress has been made on my Wee House Quilt top...the rows are together, the borders are on...and I have prepped stars for hand applique....

Yes, those are stars...not starfish!:o)  Those little tails will get trimmed and tucked under while hand stitching them down!The houses and trees finish at 4" hence the name of the quilt, Wee Houses!

Here's a close up so that you can see the colours of the borders.  The brown starry border was meant to be...but I have to confess that it was total fluke!...I would have NEVER thought of picking brown...BUT the brown fabric was leftover from the Dog Daze Quilt and somehow escaped getting put back into the brown tote...and was just sitting there.  When auditioning borders, all the colours ie. red, green, pink, blue, gold just added to the busyness of the when I grabbed this starry brown fabric and placed it beside the whole quilt... then stood back to look, it was a EUREKA MOMENT!  It just toned down the whole quilt and became part of a pretty night sky...and it makes the stars shine bright!

Sew...what do you think?  Do you like my sleepy wee village under a bed of stars... on this beautiful Monday morning?:o))

Have a good one...and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dog Daze Done...

I finished stitching the binding on 'Dog Daze' last night so she is ready to gift!!  Such a FUN quilt to make!  The dogs were a joy to put together...each different and unique!  The ears and eyes make them! Every time you flip the quilt you get a different re-positioning of ears...and expressions!

 See what I mean...

And on the back... soft, soft minkie!

 Yes, I will definitely be making this one again!!    It's a keeper... and the pattern has a CAT version too...and it's every bit as cute as this one!  GO HERE so that you can make this quilt too!!


Even folded up, waiting for the gift bag, this quilt makes you SMILE...and down right laugh!  Can't you hear this dog...


Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, October 24, 2015

UFOs are FLYING...

I took two UFOs...a penny rug (which was going to be all pennies) and this Maggie Bonanomi mat and put them together for a FINISH!.  Yup...I got 'er done... and now have two empty totes!  (Yes, I just clicked my heels!...oh my back, my back!)

This rug has been hanging around for a long, long time...the pattern has disappeared but my friend, Claire informed me that it's called 'Late Summer Wool Mat'.  (It's so nice to have smart friends!)  Do you think Bonnie B. was being clairvoyant when she named this mat... because it IS late, really, really LATE!:o)

It is also really, really big...the only table it fit was my dining room table and I have enough wool hanging in that room already!  So I found a spot here...on the WALL in my powder room...and it looks fantastic!  Who knew pennies would look good on a wall...? I will sew a sleeve of some sort on the back and keep it there for now.  SEW...who needs to use my bathroom?  haha  
(This reminds me of my one and only visit to the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop...twice they asked me if I needed to use their bathroom...both times I said I was fine.  Later I found out that this was their SALES ROOM and I missed out!  Moral of the story...NEVER say no to a bathroom!:o)

So it's onto bigger and better things for me...and maybe another UFO or two!   We all know that there's plenty of those around here!  Hey, was that a smirk...what's in your closet? hhhmmmm...??  

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P

Friday, October 23, 2015

Wee Houses...continued...

SEW....are you wondering what happened to my Wee Houses?  

Well, after much thought...experimenting with different backgrounds and cornerstones...I decided to go with... 

...the navy print(with wee white stars) and gold cornerstones!  Decision made...or so I thought!

 I got my first (1 1/4") sashing sewn on, joining the houses...then decided that the paper on the back of each house HAD to come off ...UGH!  I was removing paper for days...seriously...DAYS~


I was like a surgeon with my tools...picks, tweezers, pliers, knitting needle but my best tool ended up being the wooden bamboo skewer!  It pierced the paper but left the fabric alone...and of course tweezers to get into the corners!  Seriously...two audio books and several movies later to 'get 'er done'!

And three piles of this...not to mention a dog who thought it was snow...which meant PLAYTIME!!  We are talking paper throughout the entire house!  But it was a small price to pay because these 4" (finished) houses are dang SWEET!

 And like all quilters everywhere, I CAN and DID, change my mind!  All that agonizing over colour went out the window...and so did those gold cornerstones!  I found they made the quilt too busy...way too busy!  Sometimes less is more!

So I have HALF the quilt together...the paper is ALL removed...and much to Rylie's sadness... the whole house has been vacuumed!:o))

Stay tuned...

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This and That Thursday...

Geeze this week is flying by!  How can you slow down the days and savour the moment, when they go by in a whiz?  While I contemplate time...or rather the lack of time... why don't you contemplate how much my friends, Sandy and Glynis are getting done!  They must use their time wisely!

First up is Glynis...Glynis made the Improv Winter Trees...using Kaffe Fassett's solids and it is stunning!

 It was a gift for her daughter who just loved it!

And a close up of the quilting...

 Glynis also finished her Winter Wonderland...this is a Norma Whaley pattern and it is DDG!  Trust me the camera DID NOT do this one justice!  This was a kit put together by Norma and her choice of fabrics was wonderful!  There is wool applique here and there...just enough to give it texture and sparkle!  Go HERE to see Norma's Timeless Traditions Patterns and kits..exquisite!!

Glynis also FMQ this herself and did a wonderful job!  

This one is all ready to hang for Winter!

More close-ups!

Glynis also finished this Kim Diehl table topper...

It is a combination wool applique stitched onto cotton.  

 This is going to look wonderful on Glynis kitchen table as it is so bright and cheerful! flies on Glynis!!

Nor on Sandy either!  Sandy put the last stitch into this wool runner and let me tell you, it is wonderful!  Sandy outdid herself!
And a close-up...
And Sandy also finished this CHRISTMAS GIFT - two and a half months early...and it is a brute! Queen she had Hazel quilt it... and, as usual, Hazel did a beautiful job!   Sandy used Barbara Brackman's 'Ladies' Album' fabric for this quilt and is it gorgeous!  Warm and inviting...the perfect bed quilt!

Her son and DIL are going to be over the moon with this one on their bed!

Well done ladies!  It looks like you two have no problems with your 'time'...Maybe if I spend less time in front of the computer and more time in front of my sewing machine I would get more done too!   {Yowzers!  Have you discovered Instagram yet?  NOW that's a whole other kettle of fish!  A real time sucker! But such FUN! ...And then there's Pinterest...and FB...yup... My name is Paulette...and I have a problem...:o} 

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy stitching!~P 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Heritage Happenings...

Ohhhh I have been bad...I haven't reported a 'Heritage Happening' for as a result I have tons of pictures!  If you click on the first picture, then you can have a slide show of the wonderful Quilts and projects!  ENJOY!!





Now that was a ton of work... and a ton of talent!


I will finish with the quilter's dress!  Those are sewing motifs printed onto the fabric..Yup, it's the perfect dress to wear to a summer Quilt Show!

I hope you enjoyed the show...more coming tomorrow!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!