Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tis the Season…

It was hot last night…REALLY HOT…too hot to work on this…


Working with wool when it’s hot just doesn’t mix! 

So I put on a cotton nightie (I could EASILY become a Mumu wearer!!)and perused this lovely book…


Yup…cooled me right off!  This is my latest JoAnn’s 40% off book!!


What a wonderful book…complete with a scotty dog in several pictures!!


But it’s this quilt that I LOVE…I mean really…a girl’s GOT to plan ahead!!P1130146

Just look at it…simple, sweet… with just the right amount of applique…This would make the perfect gift!  Love it!  Now think of it TIMES 5!  I think that I had better start collecting more green fabric!!

Hoping that you have a Sugar Plum kind of day…and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full Time RVing…

We have met a lot of Full Time RVers this year.  These are people who have sold/rented their houses and have taken to living in their RVs full time…ALL year…sometimes for years and years…traveling around with out a care in the world! 

Personally I could never, ever do this…WHAT leave my house and home behind forever…WHAT…leave my SEWING ROOM??  NEVER!!  (I have REALLY missed my sewing room!!!)

But this isn’t about me…it’s about… 

Debbie and her husband Bill!


Four years ago they rented their house and hit the road in their new 40’ 5th wheel…and they have not looked back!!  And who would look back when you see how cute Debbie has decorated their 5th wheel!

I mean really, wouldn’t you love to have your morning coffee and breakfast at this little table…how cute is this!!


Here’s the living room and part of the kitchen…


Over the kitchen cupboards Debbie painted faux bricks…


Debbie hand painted this clock..right from scratch.  Bill cut a circle out of a piece of wood and presto chango!  Deb turns it into a master piece!


Before Debbie retired, she use to own a window treatment shop…and you can see evidence of this throughout their 5th wheel.  The first thing she did was rip out the new curtains and blinds and put in her own!


Aren’t they pretty…soft striped fabric with covered buttons and bound with a black and white check and a matching valance!  Love it!


Let’s zoom in for a close-up!!  So pretty!


Remember Debbie is a painter…and needs a corner to do her thing! And what a corner she has!!  She has almost finished her pelican painting…and look at her gorgeous space…


See the covered table?  Debbie is really hiding her work table…


..ta-dah!  This is where she stores all of her paints, canvas and artisty stuff!  Pretty clever!!


Take the top off and she has a nice work area where she can get down and dirty!


One of her finished painting…isn’t Debbie talented!!


I love this…Deb has painted birds on the wall right above the window…P1130086



..SO cute!


A lovely faux finished table…all the touches of a home…on wheels!


I’m NOT showing this to Molly and Rylie…they might get ideas!!  It’s a recycling water dish…all the comforts of home for the doggies!


I guess this sign means don’t open this door!!


And look at the bedroom~  it’s a tropical paradise!  Debbie has painted a mural over their bed…complete with parrots so real that I wouldn’t be surprise if they found some bird droppings on their pillow every morning!!  AND such pretty pillows too!!


Even the toucans look cozy!


Hmmm…wonder what the parrot is looking at??


I think what I’m trying to say is that Debbie and Bill have turned their RV into a full time home…


…a lot more than just a roof on wheels!!  Happy travels to you both!


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to SANDY!!  Hope it was a good one!!


Here’s Sandy unwrapping her presents…just keep’em coming!!  (The presents that is…NOT the years!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS~What do you mean it’s my LAST Clubhouse Quilting DAY!!  Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Surprised smile

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Settler’s Pride and Primitive Quilts

You are going to be so sick of this quilt…but…I finished the fourth block to Settler’s Pride last night…and I’m loving it!P1130056

Zooming in for a close-up….


I had to step on our foot stool to get this shot of all four blocks.  Five more blocks to go!!


Each block is big…about 18” in size…


If you can stand it, stay tuned for block 5…


Did you know that in just a few days “Primitive Quilts and Projects” will hit the News Stands!   This is a new magazine featuring primitive style quilts and projects.  Each issue will feature up to 15 projects and is published quarterly.


On the cover of this first issue we have a quilt called ‘Winter Berries’ by Buggy Barn!  I love the idea that all my favourite designers will be in one place…designers like..

Cheri Payne - Quilts by Cheri
Dawn Heese - Linen Closet Quilts
Jan Patek - Jan Patek Quilts
Janet Nesbitt - Buggy Barn
Jeni Gaston – Woolen Willow
Kathy Schmitz
Lynda Hall - Primitive Pieces
Lisa Bongean – Primitive Gatherings
Lori Brechlin - Not Forgotten Farm
Maggie Bonanomi
Renee Plains - Liberty Star
Rita Briner - Quilter's Station
Tonya Robey - Mad Hen Primitives
Cherie Ralston - Kansas City Star Quilts
Gloria Parsons - Olde Green Cupboard
Heather Lynn - Mohair Bears and Friends
Bonnie Blue Quilts

Hurry over to Kathy Schmitz Blog to see the project that she has in the first issue of Primitive Quilts.  You are going to love it…and if you leave a comment on her blog you might just win a copy of Primitive Quilts!!  It’s a good thing!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting~P

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Has Sprung…

Look at what my friend Claire finished while on Spring Break this week…The pattern can be found in the book called ‘Meadowsweet Home’ by Needl' Love  (Renee Nanneman) and this particular pattern is by Maggie Bonanomi and is called Nesting Notion. (Maggie also designed Settler’s Pride!)


How cute is this??  Gorgeous job!  Claire also dyed most of her wool…Look at those blues and greens and the RED berries!!  Makes you want to touch it and see if it is as soft as it looks..

Is this little wall hanging not perfect for Spring!?  Claire’s not sure whether she should hang it from a branch or put pennies around it or frame it with an actual frame.  Whatever she does, it’s just lovely!


Thanks for sharing, Claire!  Now it’s back to the Ol’ Salt Mine for you…all those little Kindergarten Rug Rats are waiting!!  Put on a happy smile and go get’em!!

We have got the nicest neighbours!!  Look at what Debbie brought over…home baked, still warm Pumpkin bread…which we had for dessert last night!  How kind and thoughtful was that!!  Delicious!!


You meet the nicest people RVing…and Blogging!!  Thanks, Debbie!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, March 27, 2011

YUM… Left Overs!

Yesterday we found ourselves in Yucca Valley and of course WE had to stop at my favourite little Thrift Shop…this means my husband walks the dogs while I do a spin through!Rolling on the floor laughing

The first thing I spotted was a gorgeous, vintage scrappy YoYo tablecloth on one of the antique dressers…stunning…but the price tag read $50!  YIKES! Too much for this bargain hunter!! 

BUT wait…what was that sitting in a basket on the floor beside the dresser?  Why… it’s two big bags of the same vintage yoyo’s…LEFT OVERS!! Yeah!  Left overs works for me!

Two LARGE Ziploc bags crammed full of these handmade vintage gems…see the little pile to the right?  Well there are 50 yoyo’s in that little wee pile!  Which means…that there are hundreds of yoyo’s!  AND ALL for under $10!!


And made from vintage fabrics….


Yup, I have enough to make a little/big table topper of my own!!


Don’t you just love thrifting…and other people’s left overs!!  SCORE!!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clubhouse Quilting…

Sew what’s everyone been up to??  Weeellllllll…

Anne continued to machine applique this black and white (with a splash of red) beauty…


Tons of work in this quilt…but oh so worth it!!


Suzanne brought in her slicing machine and cut out a quilt lickity split…


..and started to piece the blocks together.  Oh it’s going to be lovely!


Suzanne also looked very stylish with this bag that she brought with her…isn’t it cute?!  Love the side pocket and it’s roominess!


She also brought in her sweet little Christmas quilt…which she made on her..


fancy new embroidery machine….


SEW cute!!

Doris was working on this surprise gift for a friend…


and she got it finished…gorgeous!!  Love the colours!  What a lucky friend!


Roxanne was working on this little quilt for her two year old grandson …he LOVES trucks and bulldozers…calls them ‘sheens’ so Roxanne lovingly calls this his ‘sheens' quilt’! 


I was busy using the Clubhouse light box…got several patterns traced onto fabric.


Including this lovely little pattern…LOVE it!!  Only Gail could make a quilt THIS cute!!  The display quilt at the Road to California was stunning!!  You can order this pattern at the Christmas Shoppe’s online shop…or go to Gail Pan’s blog on my side bar!


We were surprised to see Gwen back…she just had back surgery…but she isn’t going to let a ‘little thing’ like that hold her down!!  She was busy making a hot pad for her daughter-in-law- to match the apron she made her earlier!!  What a sweet mother-in-law!!  Yup she is a keeper!


Pauline was in the kitchen making more waffles! Open-mouthed smile Couldn’t resist!!


And Judy…well Judy has been introduced to WOOL!!  I think we have another Wool Crazy Lady on our hands!! haha


Judy sat quietly (with a smile on her face) stitching her first sweet little penny rug!


Yup…I can see many more pennies falling into Judy’s lap in the very near future!!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P