Friday, July 29, 2016

Linen Closets' Little Woolie Basket BOM

I finished stitching the last two blocks to Linen Closet's Mystery Basket BOM for 2016...What a FUN project!!
Yes, I changed up that last block just a wee bit...Here's a couple of close-ups...

I used a paper hole punch to cut out the wool berries!  I first backed the red wool with Heat N Bond Lite...and it worked like a charm!
A HUGE thank you to Dawn Heese for taking the time to design such wonderful blocks for us to stitch!  They were fast and fun...and very SWEET!  There is nothing like a basket quilt!

And here are all the blocks together on my design wall...waiting!
They are going to have to wait a while longer because I am off and running!  I won't be blogging for the next few days either, as I am meeting up with my middle daughter in Seattle for a girl's weekend! I'm sure we can get into all kinds of mischief!  And yes, there are JoAnn coupons in my purse!  Ohhh.. how I have missed 'her'!!

Have a FUN Friday and a great weekend...and Happy Stitching!~P

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Needle Pulling Thread....

Here's something that you might enjoy seeing...Ann took bits and pieces from two different patterns ('My Sewing Room' from Heart to Hand and  'A Needle Pulling Thread' from Wooden Spool Designs)....and is making this wool and cotton wall hanging for her Sewing Room!

Ann used wool for her applique pieces and then adhered them to a whole cotton flannel backing!  Now comes the fun part...all that lovely hand-work!

 This is going to look wonderful on Ann's Sewing Room wall!
I think this calls for some slow stitching while watching 'The Sound of Music'... as I now have THAT SONG stuck in my brain!  "Sew... A needle pulling thread, La a note to follow SEW..."  Are you with me yet? I need to sing a few more bars?  Thought not!:o)) Thanks for sharing, Ann!  It's always fun to see what other quilters are stitching!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sew SWEET Baby Quilts...

I'm always on the hunt for cute quilt patterns for babies...and stumbled onto this quilt book called "Sew SWEET Baby Quilts" by Kristin Roylance!  Yup, even the title was calling to me...SWEET!

And it doesn't come any cuter than the SWEET baby quilt on the cover!  Check out the 'feathers...they lift up!  This isn't part of the pattern BUT...wouldn't it be adorable if  I stitched a secret message underneath each feather..."Grow wise little Owl"or "Owl always love you" "You're a HOOT! and of course "Grammy loves her little owl" ?!  Ahhhh....dripping with sweetness!

And have a peek at this quilt..."Sweet As Can Bee"... a hexagon honeycomb with SWEET bumble bees (with 3D wings!  I could stitch little words here too...right under those wings..."Sweet as Honey!",  "Bee mine", "Buzz Off"...ok...this last one I threw in just to see if you were really paying attention!...haha!  You pass!)  

This Honey Comb quilt was the clincher...I HAD to buy this book!  Oh, there are other SWEET quilts in this book but it was this one that caught my eye!  Could it have anything to do with the fact that I have all this yellow, grey and black fabric left over from another quilt?  I do love left-overs!

This book is a keeper...I rate it a 4.9 out of 5!  It has the SWEETness Stamp of approval!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, July 25, 2016

Let It Snow BOM...

My version of  the Buttermilk Basin's  'Let it Snow' BOM is all caught up... and with over half a month to spare!  Yeehaw....

Only two more letters to go...and I have to say, that I have loved stitching each and every block!  Stacy West is one talented designer! I can't wait to see what she does with O and W...and then the finish-up blocks!  Thanks again, Stacy!  Keep 'em coming! They almost make me want snow... and Winter...gawd forbid!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Stash Building...

I had a moment of weakness this weekend as I ventured into a Quilt Shop (Snip and Stitch  in Nanaimo) and yes, I KNEW it would lead to trouble as they were having their annual Summer Tent Sale!  What I didn't know was that they would have the fabric that I have been lusting over, for only $4.99 a metre!  Yes, you heard me, $4.99!!  I'll have a metre of everything, thank you very much!!

Here's what followed me home...

Some yummy flannels...yes, they were $4.99 a metre!

And the fabric that I have been lusting over, Lynette Jensen's 'Home Again'...all $4.99 a metre!  (You may remember that I bought the flower print and the yellow print another time, for another project and I paid double this and thought I got a steal!  Yes, I love this fabric!!)

 SEW...what do I want to make with this lovely fabric...?

WELL...I have owned this book for a long time... 'Material Obsession' by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke...*swoon*...LOVE this book!

 A lot of the quilts have that vintage feel to them.  I made the cover quilt as soon as I bought the book...but it was this hexagon quilt that I REALLY lusted over....but I had to find just the RIGHT floral print...well I think I have have a close match!

Here's the other full picture of the 'The Quilt'...

Here's the quilt picture with the fabric...a fairly close match...I might need a few more greens and neutrals which I hope to pull from my stash...

So yes, I was happy with my purchase...and even happier with the price!  The only thing that put a damper on everything was that they over charged me by $30...again!  They did that one other time that I bought something!  Moral of the story...always check your receipts...before you leave the shop!  They are great about 'refunding' the difference (they mail you a gift card in the amount). It's just that it's a have to remember to take the gift card next time you frequent the store. I blame myself...but  I was so delirious with the SCORE of the fabric, that I paid and never questioned the amount and danced out of the I kick myself!  NEVER AGAIN!!  I don't care how delirious I am!! haha

So that was my shopping excitement for Saturday...For all the local quilters 'out there', the sale continues on today!  The tent is up and there are lots more SALES to be had!  All fabric in the tent is 50% off but remember to go UPSTAIRS!  That's where you will find the $4.99 fabric!  The rest of the shop is 20% off...including BOOKS!  Just remember to check your receipt before you dance out of the store...screaming "SCORE!!" :o))

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting...(I will be painting our new deck...ugh...but daydreaming quilts!)~P

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Baby steps...

One wee little step...
 ...after another...

Have a super Saturday and happy stitching!~P

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Something to CROW about...

Oh man....Karen from 'Laugh Yourself into Stitches Blog' has come up with yet another winning design!  This time it's CROWS!  Now I love me a good crow...and these are dang cute and are pieced!
Check them out...

Karen designed these birds for her newest pattern called 'Summer Crush' which is going to be SEW sweet (I can tell!)  I'm guessing when she saw how cute these crows were, she thought that they deserved a quilt all their own...and I couldn't agree more!!

Head on over to her blog to see her newest crow quilt...called "REDWING BLACKBIRD" won't be sorry!  As for 'Summer Crush' we are going to have to wait a wee bit longer!  Karen's creative juices are still flowing on that one!  But I just KNOW it's going to be good...VERY VERY GOOD!  Thanks, Karen, for keeping 'em coming!  That's what happens when you are dripping with talent!:o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On the Wall Wednesday...

Nothing thought I'd share this sweet summer quilt!  I bought the blocks to this quilt at the Hemet Quilt Show's 'Boutique' a few years back...for $1!  I sewed them into this happy Summer quilt...

...a lovely reminder of the best little Quilt Show EVER!  It's a yearly show that usually occurs in late February or early March in Hemet, California!  If you're ever in the area at that time, then check it out!  You won't be sorry!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Illuminating Ideas...PART 2...

OK... you love to stitch applique or do wool work and you don't have a handy hubby, like Sandy (see yesterday's Post) to make you a handy dandy Light Box!...But you NEED to trace your patterns onto Heat n' Bond(Steam-a-Seam) or butcher paper or you might need to reverse your pattern or you might want to make templates...

SEW what do you do?

Well, you could spend $50 -$200  on a sleek new light box... or you do what most of us do and tape your patterns onto your window.... BUT what if you want to do all of this prep work AT NIGHT...and there is no sunshine to shine through that improvise...

You slide your Plexiglas machine extension table off your sewing machine...

and slide a Tap Light under your table...(I bought mine for $2 at a hardware store)....

No...this isn't the moon...

Lay down your pattern, place the Heat n'Bond on top and  trace away...

If your sewing machine doesn't have a clear Plexiglas Extension table then use a clear just needs a flat top...


Drop your Tap Light inside, tap it on and close the cover which becomes your table...and Presto!  Instant light box!

Trace away!

A nice fix for under $5!  Just remember to tap the light OFF when you are finished! only do THAT once!  :o0
Yup...she's off!
Just a little tap on this light turns it on and off and it is powered by AA batteries!  SEW there you have it...I just saved you a ton of least $ go buy a Tap Light and then stop off at your local Quilt Shop for some retail therapy!  You have at least $48 'free money' to spend! ( works for me!)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Tapping!~P

Monday, July 18, 2016

An Illuminating Idea...

What a guy!  When Sandy's husband, Gary, saw her tracing her patterns...using the window in their dining room for a light source...he had a light-bulb idea!  Using materials from HIS STASH...(yes, real men have a stash, only it involves nails, lumber and wires...)....Gary went to work and built her a Light Box!

Check it out!

 It may not be pretty (sorry Gary...)...but it's BIG...big enough for the biggest projects...yes, it's BIGGLY(thanks Donald Trump because only this 'word' will do!) ...and light weight enough for Sandy to carry to her cutting table and when she plugs it in....EUREKA... the angels SING!!  In other words, it gets the job done easily, efficiently and with no more taping patterns to the kitchen window!  
You don't need fancy materials...just what you can find in hubby's tool shed!

With just a few simple ingredients...Presto!  Let there be light! 
 So now Sandy just needs to tape on that project, plug it in and presto, she is in business!

What a guy!  Gary knows that when mama is happy, everyone is happy!  And yes, Sandy is HAPPY!!

What about you own a light box?  No...?  Well, next time you need to trace a pattern, wait for hubby to be around before you tape your pattern up onto the window...and remember to moan and groan about how your shoulder aches and how you now have to clean the tape residue off the window...WORK! WORK! WORK!  I bet he will jump up so fast to get that light-box built for his little woman that it will make your head spin!  Yup...I bet that's what will happen...:o)

Enjoy that light-box, Sandy!  You are one lucky woman!

Have a magic Monday and Happy tracing!~P

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Slow Stitching Heading My Way...

 Prepped and ready for stitching....
This is Cheri Payne's free BOM, 'Blackbird Gatherings' from her Facebook Page "Quilts by Cheri-Friendship Group". 

And this is Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin's free BOM called 'Let it Snow'.  
I can predict a bit of slow stitching heading my way!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Let the Sunflowers In...

My friend, Claire, has been VERY busy and has a bright, sunshiny finish!  She just put the last stitch into this Buttermilk Basin's Sunflower mat and it is out and out, ADORABLE!

She sent me several pictures posing her lovely mat and told me to take my pick!  Who can decide?  NOT ME!  So I am putting them all in this post...

 See what I mean...all gorgeous!
 I hoped you clicked on the pictures so that you can see Claire's lovely stitching!
Thanks for sharing, Claire!  You have inspired me to dig out my Buttermilk Basin pattern and get 'er done!  Just what I need...another project!...BUT what a project!!  It's the perfect late summer, early fall table mat!

Have a sunshiny day and happy stitching!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Slow Stitching...

I haven't turn on the sewing machine in ages...our summertime has been too hectic! BUT I always manage to do a bit of hand sewing in the evenings....

Two blocks down...almost three... and I'm loving these wee basket blocks from Quiltmania #83!

Today we are off raspberry picking...The sewing machine remains silent but the freezer will be filled with berries! It's all good!  

Have a thrilling Thursday and I hope you find some time for some slow stitching too!~P

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I Spy...SANDY!

Being the wonderful grandma that she is, Sandy just completed TWO "I Spy Quilts" for her two darling grand-daughters!  She showed them both the two quilt tops (yet to be quilted) and how to play 'the game' and they were hooked.  They have played several times and now when they visit grandma, they ask if they 'can play the game'!  They are having so much fun with the quilts, that grandma is thinking maybe the quilts should stay at her house!

Sandy brought one of the quilt tops to Heritage to pin...these quilts NEED to be quilted and fast so that her little girlies can really play with them properly!

Check out little Taylor's quilt's laid out on two tables and is getting pinned (many hands make light work)...and is sew darn cute!!  I  think that this is one of the nicest 'I Spy Quilts' EVER!  I love the different size of I Spy blocks in this quilt....and I LOVE the white sashing around each wee square and rectangle!  Really pops them and gives the quilt a fresh, clean and crisp look!
Now I know why Sandy was scooping the smallest pieces of novelty prints off the Share Table!  You wouldn't need much to make up a block for this quilt!  I LOVE that!  

 Sandy even added pictures of the family!  I Spy Grandma and Grandpa!

With the wee small blocks, Sandy was able to fussy cut the cutest and smallest prints!!

 And on the back...soft, soft Minky!
Yup, this quilt is a winner!

When asked about the pattern, Sandy said that she borrowed the magazine that had the pattern inside.  (Sandy can you add that info to the comment section...I'm sure that all the grandma's out there want to know where they can find this pattern!!:)

Thanks for sharing, Sandy!  Maybe next week we will be pinning the second "I Spy Quilt"...I can't wait see that one and play 'the game'!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Heritage Happenings...

During the summer months our attendance at Heritage Quilt Guild always goes down!  Everyone is busy...on holidays, at the beach or out in their gardens!  BUT there are ALWAYS some die-hard members cranking out some wonderful projects!

Check out this wonderful baby quilt...ALL hand done...

Check out the hand blanket stitches outline each appliqued piece and just look at that hand quilting!  Done by a PRO!  And all of this for a neighbour's baby!  If that isn't neighbourly love, I don't know what is!!

The colours are wonderfully vibrant and young...perfect for a baby's room!

This quilt is a labour of was a project made by a young grand-daughter and her grandma... together!

I'm thinking future quilter in the making!
 Grandma is gifting the quilt to her grand-daughter!  Just imagine all the happy memories this quilt will evoke for that young girl!  Nothing like time spent with her grandma!  I can guarantee that this beautiful quilt will travel with this girl throughout her entire life!  You done good, Grandma!!
 Check out this charity me a wonderful string quilt!
This quilt pattern is such a great way to use up those leftover scraps!

And speaking of doesn't get any happier than this quilt!
You have to check out the scraps to get the full impact!'s scrappy!

 And check out the hand quilting...wee teeny tiny stitches...PERFECT!

Let me finish off with this have seen it before... in the making!  This magnificent quilt is off the frame and bound...FINISHED...and absolutely STUNNING!! 

So we may have been few in numbers, but man, we had some strong finishes!  Ok...OK... THEY had some strong finishes, I'm still plugging along...:o) but I'm a great cheerleader!  

Until next time...
Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P