Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Valley’s Quilters’ 34th Annual Quilt Show…

…or as I like to call it The Hemet Show (even though it’s held in San Jacinto)… was OUTSTANDING again this year!!  This Guild is like a well oiled machine…everyone, all 120 of them, know their jobs and they do it effortlessly and with a smile on their face!  They are ALWAYS friendly, helpful and ready to yap it up to us Snowbirders…such a FUN group of ladies!!  I want to join…sign me up…PLEASE!!

The highlight for ME this year was meeting Lyn…a member of this wonderful team of quilters!  Lyn and I have coffee each and every morning…as only bloggers can do!!  It was SEW nice to finally meet her and put a face to the name!!  Here she is…meet Lyn!

All of the Guild members were easy to spot in their red aprons…and all of them had smiles as big as Lyn’s!!  Isn’t she sweet…and Lyn had reason to smile…here she is standing beside her wee mat (lower left corner)…the one with the BLUE first place ribbon!!


Way to go Lyn!!  She is a beauty…It’s a little twister design and Lyn appliqued a wool flower on top…to kick this one out of the ballpark and into the Judge’s hearts!  Love it!


Lyn also made this gorgeous quilt…the Raspberry Rabbits  block of the months that Michelle offered last year..Lyn really did a beautiful job!!  I took a close-up of the blocks but it’s too blurry to share!!  Trust me when I say, Lyn’s work is sheer perfection!!


So as I pour Lyn another coffee…and download the rest of the 176 pictures that I took at the Hemet Show…let me leave you with THIS picture…the BOUTIQUE!!  OMGosh!!  Wait till I tell you about THAT!!


You know this show may be small but it is mighty and may take me SEVERAL days to cover!!

Stay tuned!!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Stitching!!


  1. You are amazing! Thank you for all the nice things you wrote about the Guild and about my quilts. I am at a loss for words! I really enjoyed my coffee this morning. It makes it even sweeter to be able to think that we are now friends out of the blog. Thanks again and have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs, Lyn

  2. What a cool idea--I have a small twister quilt I made and I'm not crazy about it--maybe some kind of appliqued motif on the quilt would help it!

  3. Oh please tell us more. I love to see all the fun things you get to do. I retire in 202 days! But who's counting? Maybe then I can visit a few fun things too.

  4. Oh, you tease, Paulette. Show us more!!!

  5. What a nice way to add to the little twister mat. She did a lovely job making it.

  6. YES, I love small quilt shows too. Sad that you leave us hanging here all night waiting for MORE! I see another blogger on my has posted about this show. Going over to see her pictures now.