Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Day two of driving- done!….and almost three blocks of Fit to Frame by Lori Smith finished!!  The snow storm that hit, melted during the night (whew) and it was clear sailing all the way to Canyonville, Oregon.This morning we were planning on driving over Grant’s Pass and of course you know what they are forecasting….S*^#…that dreaded ‘S’ word and LOTS of it! (and no it’s not the swear word….although I may use a few of those before the day is out!) So we are changing plans and going to drive across towards the ocean to Crescent Beach and then down the coastline….hmmm I wonder if I can find a quilt shop or two there…I mean when the plans change you got to change with them, right?

Now enough about the trip…Let me show you what I have been working on….


This is the block that I worked on yesterday… it’s from the pattern called “Fit to Frame- Number Thirteen” by Lori Smith.  The blocks are 5 inches (I will cut them down to size later.)


They are VERY labour intensive…perfect for travelling.  I see two big semi-trucks on either side of us….I look down and keep stitching until they go away!  I am NOT a good co-pilot-  I’m sure sewing has saved my marriage.


I am LOVING this computer lap mat that I bought at Staples just before we left.  It is perfect for stitching on, keeps everything organized and flat.  Plus the foam top grips everything and prevents it from slipping as we sail around corners, slam on brakes and hit pot hole after pot hole!  It is made for a computer but I will use it to do all hand-work on from now on!!  It is light (made of plastic and Styrofoam with pads underneath that mould to your legs.  Plus the REALLY nice thing about this, is the pillow that cushions underneath your wrists so they don’t get tired and strained. I know that there are quite a few of you out there with tendon strain from too much hand stitching….this may be your answer.  (Plus the little wrist cushion doubles as a pin cushion!)  Quilt Shops should sell these- they would make a killing!   It sure worth a try and it only costs about $24.  (my sister-in-law bought hers at Wal-Mart for $18).  It’s a good thing!


I am also enjoying the little origami boxes that were part of the give away that I won from Poppyprints!  You put all your bits and pieces and threads into it to keep the truck nice and clean…now if only the doughnut wrappers and chip bags would fit in…. P1040649  And when I’m finished it folds closed and flat….very cool!  Thanks again, Krista!P1040651 P1040652

So these are the three finished blocks…well almost finished…I lost some berries off the bottom block which I will cut out tonight.

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting! AND of course have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I’ll be thinking of you ringing in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wonders of the Internet….

Yes, we are on the road again and are one day closer to SUN!  We had just pulled into our camp spot in Centralia, Wash. and it started to snow!  YIKES!  The week’s weather forecast was for mild temperatures…

The snow has melted so we are starting day two of our travels…keep your fingers crossed….no don’t do that because you are going to need them to click on over to Piece N’ Quilts as I am a GUEST ON NATALIA’S BLOG…..It feels like I am going on the Oprah Show but I need to remind myself that it’s just a quick visit for coffee…. I hope I don’t bore you too much…. So, grab your mug and come join us!

Ahh…the wonders of the internet….I’m going to be in two places at once!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


…is finally in the Canadian bookshops and I’m definitely not disappointed!  Lots of great Christmas ideas for NEXT year! (BUT better late than never!)  Stuff like~ P1040546

this lovely appliquéd quilt and…. P1040541

these sweet little pillows… andP1040542

I love this wool felt presents runner!  P1040540

Hurry to your news stands today!  It’s a good thing….

On the quilting front….nothing! I have been so busy with my family and getting ready to Snowbird South for the winter that I have not picked up a needle in a week…it feels MUCH longer…My daughters and son-in-law left yesterday at 5:30a.m. as they wanted to catch the first ferry (living on an island definitely has it’s drawbacks…).  I was too busy to get that ‘empty nest’ feeling that I often get when they all leave at once.  Crying

Speaking of leaving….today is the big day…we have the 5th wheel loaded (my husband hasn’t looked under the bed storage area YET…as this is where I have put all the good stuff…like fabric, sewing machine, patterns, books and rulers…etc. etc. etc.  I’m sure you all know what I mean…:o)  In the cab of the truck I have put three totes…one has my different coloured threads and the other two have projects to keep me busy….so that I won’t notice when those giant trucks pull along side us..and there’s only 2 inches between our mirrors…I see none of this…if I am busy stitching!  So stitch I will…and I won’t look up till we get there!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I made this penny rug for my daughter, Erin and her husband Rhett.  They were married this summer in the backyard of their “get away” home (which is located in a small town called Blairemore in Alberta -which is in the mountains of the Crow’s Nest Pass).  P1040280

I stumbled onto this pattern at the Buggy Barn Quilting Shop …and it reminded me of their wedding….the Crow representing the Crow’s Nest Pass and the Ball Mason jar because they had put flowers in a medley of vases, with antique blue Mason Jars being some of them.  These vases graced the tables at the reception.

P1040276 P1040277 P1040278  The Pattern is called “A Summer Bouquet” by Country Stitches (Brenda Gervais’ design).  It was a fun one to stitch up!  I put pennies around it instead of tongues.

P1040281  P1040274 P1040275

Just before I wrapped the penny rug I stitched their initials and ‘09 on one of the brown pennies. A nice keepsake of their wedding day…

IT’S FREE!  If you like to do Redwork then you need to hop over to Alex Anderson’s place as she is giving 12 blocks away for FREE!  She has 3 ready for us to download right now and will be adding the rest at intervals.

image Alex is calling them the 12 Days of Redwork.  I can’t wait to see them stitched into a quilt…a nice winter project…I’m not crazy about the hearts but I love the flowers….

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Claire’s Christmas….

Today I thought I’d share a little bit of my friend Claire’s Christmas.  Look at what she got from her son Andrew, who is just12 years old.  Every year he makes her a birdhouse…


This year’s birdhouse has a quilter’s theme.  Isn’t it cute…way too cute to put outside.  Last year he made the black birdhouse covered with Christmas lights and snow…how sweet…Claire, I think you have a collection starting here!  I can’t wait to see next years birdhouse…(Andrew, we are expecting GREAT things! ;o) ) I would treasure these birdhouses FOREVER!


Andrew also made the driftwood Santa in this picture and they also made the Santa and elves.


Andrew must get his bird house building talent from his dad because look at what Max made for Claire.  Last year they had tons of birds that were making a mess on the railing around their sundeck. Notice the little wooden birds on the peak of the house…Max found the pattern from a quilt book…got to love that!

Claire’s sister gave her these gorgeous star plates for Christmas. Max, Claire’s husband, made crab and mango in wonton wrappers for an appetizer. Delicious! The tablecloth is one of Claire’s first quilting endeavors. Patchwork actually, no quilting! The silver was her mom's.image



Claire’s house looked very festive, don’t you think?  She lives on acreage and has cedar, fir and pine growing in her backyards.


This little wool felt penny rug was one of Claire’s first felt projects…adorable!


And I love this wall hanging…Looks like a Celtic knot/wreath with trees inside…very pretty.

Looking good, Claire! I’m so happy you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

Have a super Sunday and hopefully a happy quilting day!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Only 364 Days till Christmas…..

Whew!  Well another Christmas bites the dust!  We had 17 for Christmas dinner and managed to get everyone at the same table… (three tables pushed together!)   It was a tight squeeze but we fit (and we took family togetherness to a whole new level) but it was still fun ….there was a long discussion about renting a hall next year, inviting the whole family and having everyone bring a contribution to the meal.  Then after dinner we could set up the hall with game stations…or dancing…We liked that idea, as there are getting to be more and more people added to the family every year as the cousins are now getting married and having babies. Food for thought….

The girls loved their little Holly in the Snow table toppers…..P1040536

Carrie, my step-daughter, loved the tablecloth/quilt that I made for her….


AND a BIG thank you to Jenny from Elefantz for the Chocolate Mousse Recipe…It was a HUGE success as everyone loved it and it was agreed that it should become an annual Christmas staple! (the recipe is on Jenny’s blog).


And finally these beach shots taken with Erin’s new camera (trying out the action setting).  After all the food was prepared and the turkey was cooking, Rhett and Erin, Toby and Maggie and Hayley took Lola to the beach for a run.


It was a gorgeous day on Vancouver Island!


Maggie and boyfriend, Toby.


I’m sure Rhett will be sending this picture to his family in Winnipeg, Manitoba where they have lots of snow and minus temperatures!  Our weather is one of the perks about living here.


Hayley’s boyfriend, Dan is spending Christmas with his family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan….it’s REALLY cold there….I think next year, Dan needs to try a West Coast Christmas too…

So that was our Christmas day- food (lots of it), family (lots of them!) and fun (always that)!  Hope your Christmas was just as good….BUT boy, I’m so glad it’s over for another year!

Have a Super Sale Saturday and Happy Quilting!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas….

From me…


To you!

As we are wrapping up Christmas Eve (or should I say UNWRAPPING?) I thought I would share some pictures of what we did tonight….. IMG_1168 IMG_1210  WE ATE!


Lola, my grand-dog got into the spirit….isn’t she beautiful and smart too..(grandma has a brag book!)


Rylie’s first Christmas….she loved it!!


We opened our gifts…an Icelandic tradition from my childhood. 


Rick is all set for our holidays…looking good!


Rylie loved the Christmas wrap!


Make-up bags for Hayley…


Ski socks for Erin…she looks happy!


New cookbooks and an apron for Hayley….the new Julia?


Toby got a basket of imported beer…from his WHOOP I think this was his best gift??


And Rhett and Erin got their penny rug.

So the stocking were hung by the chimney with care…waiting for Christmas morning!

Wishing you the best Christmas EVER!  Thank you for making my first six months of blogging so much fun!!  I can’t wait for 2010 to ring in more quilting fun!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

One More Sleep…

until The BIG Day!  My three daughters, Erin, Maggie and Hayley, my new son-in-law, Rhett and Maggie’s boyfriend, Toby and of course my grand-dog, Lola have all arrived safe and sound. 

So let the festivities begin….strike up a chorus…..P1040440 P1040420 P1040424  I hope where ever you live your day is as wonderful and as joyous as a choir of angels!

Have a day filled with music and laughter surrounded by those you cherish…and don’t forget to take time to smell the evergreen!

Happy Christmas Eve!