Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heritage Happenings….

As usual, lots of good things happening at Heritage Quilt Guild!!  Go ahead and peek into our window…

This is what Hazel has been working on…MAGNIFICENT!!


Yup…it was begging to be stroked and inspected!!

IMG_0727 - Copy

The blocks are a work of art on their own but LOOK at Hazel’s quilting!!  Amazing job!!

IMG_0728 - CopyIMG_0729

Hazel is keeping this quilt and putting it on her own bed!!


This is what Glynis has been working on…Delores is also working on the same project and hers is equally beautiful!! 


Lots of quilting going on…like this turquoise beauty!


And this lovely sampler quilt!


Along with tons of dang cute community quilts!


Loved this gorgeous quilt…it’s just shouting SPRING!


Vandy’s been busy…


..along with a lot of the other Heritage quilters!!


Another community quilt beautifully quilted by Hazel!!


A gorgeous Christmas quilt FINISHED and impatiently waiting for December!


Strategically placed HST and PRESTO…a kitty cat appears!


Betty, the Queen of our Community Quilts does it again!!  This time she has made sailboats!!


Very sweet!


Window box animals…


And hexies at their best!!  Love the border!


I also loved this sweet quilt…


Quilted by Hazel…gorgeous!!  Her long arm must be smoking hot!


So there you have it!!  Whew!  Now that is one active and industrious group of ladies!!  Hope you enjoyed the parade of talent!

As for me…nothing is coming out of my sewing room…:o(…BUT the bathroom paint job is FINISHED…(insert a happy dance here!!) Have I told you how much I hate painting…BUT I do like a newly painted room!!  Now I just need new bathmats, towels, knobs for the cabinets, lighting, accessories…sheesh!!  This ‘job’ is never ending…Have you noticed how one thing always leads to another…

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Wee Bit Later…or REALLY Early…

At Heritage Quilting yesterday, Tracy was busy working on the sweetest little Easter cross-stitch ornaments!  They may be a wee bit late for this year…or REALLY early for next year… BUT one things for sure they are dang cute!!


Now Tracy is on the hunt for a small tree to hang her ornaments…but not to worry as she has almost 355 days to accomplish that task!


Sorry about this one being a wee bit blurry…but you get the idea.


Yup…If we all keep an eye open for a tree then I’m sure that she will find one…but she did mention something about wanting to find a FEATHER TREE…who knew that such a thing existed?  You don’t have an extra Feather Tree hanging around your house…collecting dust, do you?  Hey…you never know…just thought I’d ask…:o)


Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, April 28, 2014

Picture Perfect…

My great Thrift Shop find may have not been such a good find after all!!


This is how I wanted to hang them on my bathroom wall…lined up straight and tall.

When I flipped the plaques over I could see that the holes were not evenly spaced…there was a good 1/4” difference on both top and sides…I wonder if the person who previously owned these plaques gave up on hanging them and finally donated them to the Salvation Army?

Sooo…how to hang them??


Here’s what I did…I cut out three pieces of paper the same size as the wall plaques and I numbered both the wall plaque and the paper. (All three were different with different spacing!)


I laid the wall plaque face down on my knees and placed the paper on top and with a pen I poked a hole where the nail should go.  (I also wrote ‘this side down’ on the paper as I did NOT want to get the paper reversed!!)


See how wonky the holes are…yowzers!!


I taped the paper to the wall and hammered the nails into each hole!!  [Wouldn’t you know that I would hit a stud…which meant the drill had to come out…which meant hubby came with it!  What’s with boys and their toys?  Don’t they realize we girls like to play too…:0]


Anyway…it worked great!!  Amazing in fact! 

After finishing, I realized that I could have done all of this spacing and squaring up on one big piece of paper….  Oh well next time…


It’s not a perfect job but it’s as perfect as wonky plaques can be!! 

Thanks for stopping by…have a magical Monday and happy stitching!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blog Fodder Fit For a Queen…

After P2 read yesterday’s post where I said I really appreciated friends providing me with blog fodder, P2 came through and sent me fodder fit for a queen!!…

You may be wondering WHO P2 is…well awhile back PBee won a give away I was hosting…turns out the ‘P’ was for Paulette…so I called her ‘P too’…which became P2 becaming her ‘official’ handle!!  You can read about P2 HERE, HERE and HERE!

You have to realize that it isn’t easy coming up with quilt content posts day after day…so P2 I thank you!!  OUR readers are in for a REAL treat!!

This is a Disappearing Four Patch done in Midwinter Reds…LOVE IT!!


How sweet is this Saltbox Quilt!


I think this is the Moda Cure Kit…lots of needle turn applique here!!  Lovely quilt!


‘May Basket’ by Primitive Pieces…gorgeous!


This is Jo Morton's ‘Prairie Flowers’ that she started many years ago from a 2003 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting…well P2 finished it  and it is drop-dead GORGEOUS!  I know I saved this pattern…and it’s in my binder somewhere…I just KNOW it!!

PrairieFlowers (2)-001

Evelyn’s Album…another gorgeous quilt that is on my TO-DO LIST!


And of course Primitive Gathering’s Primitive Snowmen which is a MUST do!  Incredibly sweet quilt!


P2 made TWO Frosty Mugs…one for herself and one for a friend!!  What a gal!


Oh…man, I love this pillow…I don’t know the name of this pattern but it is SCREAMING at me to add her to my list!!!


And this is what P2 is working on now…it’s called Lemonberry Twist…and it is going to be dang cute too!  Whew!!


Yup, P2 is one prolific and talented quilter!!  I LOVED each and every project!!

Thanks SEW much for sharing, P2!!  Keep sending in those Blog fodder pictures…and if you do, I may have to made some slight adjustments to the name of OUR Blog…How does “Sweet P1 and 2” sound?  OK…OK… “Sweet 2 and 1”?

Have a sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P1

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glynis Gives ‘er!

My friend, Glynis is our entertainment today!  Thank goodness for friends…who like to quilt!! 

Glynis has kicked this one out of the ballpark as she has not only quilted this quilt but hand embroidered it as well!!

Glynis took part in the free monthly BOM offered by Red Brolly Blog!  Every week at Heritage you would find Glynis stitching away on a different block until finally Glynis brought this in for sharing!  WOW!! A FINISHED QUILT!! You mean these blocks don’t sit in totes for years and years until you finally pull them out and finally put the quilt together?!  Now this is a novel idea!

Here is Glynis telling the quilters at Heritage all about Red Brolly’s FREE blocks…!  AND yes, there was a stampede of ladies rushing to their computers after the sharing…


Because…are these not the sweetest stitcheries!!  The quilt is called Le Jardin and can be found HERE…and YES, the pattern is still FREE!  Red Brolly is always giving patterns away…so start following!  You don’t want to miss out!


Yikes…LOOK at those Roses!!  Perfection!!  And the smallest little French knots!


This is the perfect quilt for SPRING…all ready to brighten up a wall in Glynis’ house!


Right now Red Brolly has a free Basket of Bunnies pattern that is adorable…(you snooze, you lose…just sayin’… you need to FOLLOW this blog!)

Way to go Glynis…and way to go Red Brolly!! We thank you! We love FREE…and these blocks are dang sweet!

Thanks sew much for sharing, Glynis!!

Have a super Saturday and get stitching…one block at a time!!~P