Monday, February 3, 2014

Modern Monica’s…

Yesterday I mentioned that a few of the Clubhouse Quilters were off to our local Quilt Shop…Monica’s in Palm Desert.  It was their annual Football Sale…20% off almost everything. 

I really like Monica’s as the shop is bright and cheerful, with lovely displays and tons to look at…but it’s for the MODERN quilter and I am anything but modern.  That sounds so snobbish but I’m sure a modern quilter would feel the same way about touring Grand Country Quilter or Fat Quarters Shop in Vista or The Country Loft in LaMesa…just too many dark colours, too many Civil War fabrics, too much wool…sigh…but hey…that’s OK…each to her own! RIGHT?! 

So feast your eyes on the pictures taken at Monica’s Quilt Shop…as you will see tons of eye candy and I’m sure that there is something for everyone to appreciate…SEW ENJOY!  P1260070P1260071P1260072P1260073P1260074P1260075P1260076P1260077P1260078P1260079P1260080P1260081P1260082P1260083P1260084P1260085P1260086


Hey, this quilt is on MY TO DO LIST!! 


And on the other half of the shop…there are beads…tons and tons of BEADS!!


Sew now you can say that you have been to Monica’s!!  Hope you liked…and if you saw something that you can’t live without, Monica’s also has an on-line shop…which you can find HERE!!…

I am off to the gym…then yoga…then to the Clubhouse where Gwen is teaching us Cathedral Windows!!  Got to love it!!

Have magical Monday and Happy Stitching!!~P


  1. Oh how I envy your lifestyle! What does your DH do to keep himself busy while you're out gallivanting around the countryside? I might have to take another look at that Gingerbread House quilt.

  2. I did see some things in that shop I would love! Our little shop in Big Timber was formerly owned by a very young "modern" young woman. Even though I wanted to support her shop, I just had a hard, hard time finding any fabric I liked--I am a traditional girl!

  3. Ok....again there is something I think I need from your shopping spree......I'm telling you......your shopping is always costing me money.....LOL

  4. It's a good thing we are all different so more people can be employed designing and selling a variety of things. I didn't see anything quilty that I wanted in your pictures (although that gingerbread house had a fabulous border) but I would love to have that little tricycle. I've got just the place for it.

  5. Well, some of it is fun and folk art, that I like. The little boy quilt is so adorable.


  6. Wow, what a shop! So many cute things too. Loved the strip purses... Looks like a good day there.
    Hugs, Maggey

  7. More and more I am becoming so intriqued about slipping a bit of modern fabric in with the more traditional ones. It reminds me of the older make-do quilts that I love.:)

  8. Lots of eye candy there. I'm always glad to see different quilt shops and what they have to offer - even if there's nothing to offer to me lol. Thanks for the tour

    Hugs - Karen