Sunday, January 31, 2010

Itchin’ for Stitchin’…

   Now that my crazy wool block is together, I need to start planning what’s going into each little crazy section.  As I flipped through the ‘Wool Crazy’ book looking at the appliqué patterns,  I am saying (to myself)…yup, that one is going in…and this one, oh and yes definitely this one and so are you and…well…they are ALL so wonderful I want ALL of them to go in…

My plan is to work from the centre block to the edges.  “My home” is the centre of my little world, so the middle block is definitely going to be a house…so that is what I worked on last night. Do you think I’m getting home sick?  nahh…

The challenging part for me will be all the crazy embroidery stitches that go around each block. I need HELP, so yesterday I went to JoAnn’s and bought this embroidery book.


I spent a few hours laying in the sun perusing it from cover to cover before dozing off….  ;o)

These are the simple basic stitches…and there are three more pages of fancier more advanced (but do-able) stitches!!


For each row of stitching there are clear and concise instructions – with pictures…which is important as I am definitely a visual learner!


I am going to LOVE this book! It’s a good thing!

Have a Super Stitching Sunday and Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quilt Until You Wilt….

PAM SIGHTING!!!  Remember what a moron I was …couldn’t remember who sent me this wonderful give away package!!!  I knew it was from Pam but couldn’t remember what the name of her blog was..


Well it turns out that she was hiding out on my side bar of favourites all this time…Tall House Quilts….and no mention of her name being Pam……but don’t worry your secret is safe with me!! ;o) Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns!!  I can’t wait to make them!!  What a generous give away!!  Make sure you check out Tall House Quilts as it’s a good thing!!

On the Quilting Scene~

Do you remember this quilt?  Seattle Judy was working on it last week during our Wednesday Quilting.

P1050660 - Copy

What a difference a week makes!!  Look at it NOW!!  Judy has cut out her appliquéd pieces and ironed them onto her quilt.  Now she is busy hand stitching them on!!  Gorgeous!This is going to hang in her daughter-in-law’s office at an Elementary School.  The kids are going to love it!!  Judy has made one for every season and they hang in her DIL office during the appropriate season!!  How lucky is she!

P1050889 - Copy P1050890 - Copy   Vesta whipped up this quilt from scraps that a friend gave her.  Very nice and it’s FREE!P1050893 - Copy P1050895 - CopyBet you’re wondering what Penny is up to?    

P1050898 - Copy

Penny used a special ruler- a 10 degree wedge for her cutting….

P1050899 - Copy P1050900 - Copy

…to make these wedges which she then sewed together….

P1050901 - Copy

Presto!!  A spiral table topper!! 

P1050906 - Copy

Hmmm…wonder what Anne is doing?

P1050896 - Copy


P1050902 - Copy

You guessed it!  Very fun!!


     Roxanne collects houses…these little pieced ones are only 3 inches and will be even smaller once they are stitched together.P1050907 - Copy  She wants to sew four houses and then frame them.P1050908 - Copy  Penny is machine appliquéing these flowers.  She is making eleven identical flower block as she is in a block swap.  When she is finished she will keep one and give 10 out to friends who are also making eleven flower blocks…When they are finished all eleven ladies will have 11different blocks to make into what ever they want!  What a great idea!!P1050909 - Copy   Dorothy brought this gorgeous quilt in to share…she is having it professionally quilted and wanted some advice on thread colour and quilting design…I’m not sure what she decided to do??  P1050913

Would you believe…I forgot to take a picture of what I was working on!!  I am still plugging away on the Rouenneries quilt..I’ll take pictures next Wednesday!!  BUT I MUST say I am loving the fabric!!  So nice!!

My husband and I are off Garage Saling this morning!!  Back home Garage Sales don’t start up until late April.  In the Palm Springs area they Garage Sale year round.  My poor husband isn’t a GSer but he drives me around and walks the dogs while I shop…that’s what I call a perfect marriage!! :o)  Wish me luck!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Time for…Sew and Tell…

As you know I have joined the Wool Crazy Sew Along gang…so this is what I have been up to…


Yes, I sacrificed a package of Starbucks coffee to tone down my yellow wool…. So with the smell of wet wool and coffee permeating the 5th wheel…I did a lot of this….


And with my trusty bible beside me (Wool Crazy by JoAnn Mullaly) I did A LOT of this…arranging and rearranging…harder than you think!!


YIKES!…What a mess….


BUT…it was worth it…so step one is done!!   As I look at this picture there are a lot of pieces I would like to change…BUT the camera has made the yellow jump out …there are some pieces I would like to move…but they are basted down so they are going to STAY….I SAID…STAY….


No, I am NOT talking to you…good dogs!!  (The secret to GOOD dogs is lots of walks and three trips to the Dog Park every day…see it works…)Now if only my wool would STAY!


So now I need to cut off the edges to my 24 inch block (it is now 26 inches), baste down the edges and give it a good pressing.  And then, according to JoAnn, the REAL fun starts…the appliqué!!  She has SO many beautiful appliqué patterns to choose from that I think the difficult part is going to be to actually PICK one!!P1050934

AND on the stitching front~

I have ALMOST completed six block of the Little Patchwork Village…three more to go!

P1050929I have really enjoyed stitching these little guys.  I keep them in one of those little blue Rubbermaid bins and take them with me where ever I go…to the Laundromat, the pool, for a drive, to bed…and before you know it…they magically get done!           

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am such a MORON!!

Look what came in yesterday’s mail- delivered right to the door of our 5th Wheel!!  This lovely package wrapped in gold paper…and inside these lovely patterns…

LOOK at the top pattern…it’s called WOOL Sampler…and it’s calling my name!!  So gorgeous!!


I’m loving this pattern!!  



And I’m loving this one….


And this one…and this one..and this one…..

P1050878  The package was FULL of patterns…the oooohhhsss and aaahhhhsss…could be heard throughout Southern California…(the people in the next camp site have been looking at me funny ever since…).

So why am I such a MORON?….because I can’t remember who’s blog they came from…all I know is that Pam sent me an email telling me of the BIG win…Usually there is a link back to the blog but not this time…!!  So PAM,  I THANK YOU!!  AND I’m really SORRY…usually I can fake not being a moron…but not this time…NOW the whole world knows…PAULETTE IS A MORON!

I sent Pam an email explaining my ‘medical condition’ so I’m hoping she will understand….!  If I hear back..I will let you know…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Temecula Quilt Co. Had Company!

After leaving the Quilter’s Coop we stopped off at the Temecula Quilt Co. just a short drive away.  If you follow the Temecula Quilt Co. Blog then you probably recognize this door and the bird house…


Does this quilt look familiar?  That’s because it was in the Quilt Sampler Magazine just a short while ago! It is even more amazing in ‘real life’!  Much bigger and gorgeous!!  I want to make it now!  I can see why this shop was featured in their magazine as it is beautiful!


This is what the shop looks like as you go through the front doors.


The lady behind the counter was very friendly and helpful.


The thing that made this shop unique was all the little wonderful displays and special touches.  Like this sweet little quilt on a child’s easel.



I love the lunch bucket on the second shelf…appliquéd wool bird on a vine with berries… got to love it!!


Even their Bulletin Board, announcing their classes, is done up with button magnets and different lettering…love these touches

P1050489 P1050490 P1050491 P1050492 P1050493 P1050494 P1050495 P1050496 P1050497

I LOVE this snowman quilt…but they were sold out of the mottled white fabric!!  Isn’t it cute?  And the words “Oh the weather outside is frightful but the weather insides delightful…etc…” is stitched in the white inside border.  Adorable!!

P1050498 P1050499  P1050501

Look at these little balls of Valdani Pearl Cotton in the antique Mason Jars!  How does the owner think of these displays!!  Love it! P1050502 P1050503

Of course I had to buy some wool and I really want to try this thread…

P1050645 If you are ever in Temecula make sure you visit both of these quilt shops!  Wow!!  They are definitely worth the drive!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!