Monday, February 28, 2011

You GO! Girl!

While I have been Snow birding, my friend Claire has been babysitting my GO! Cutting Machine…..AND it looks like Lady GO! GO! hasn’t missed me one bit! Claire has kept her busy and out of trouble!!

Check out the baby quilt that they are building together…


I love the bright happy colours…perfect for a little boy or a little girl!


…and there is something about polka dots that just makes a quilt sing!!  Claire said the pinwheels were a snap to make with Lady GO! GO!’s help.  She sandwiched the dot fabric with the solid and then cut so that the blocks were already to sew.  SEW easy!!


Ohhhhh and I love the white corners! 


Yes, Lady GO! GO! is just having way too much fun over at Claire’s house…

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P

Sunday, February 27, 2011


…is progressing slowly!!  Block number 7 of Summertime is DONE!!


Seven down….P1110916

Five more blocks to go!!

BEEP! BEEP!  Yup, it’s a Road Runner…the only thing missing is the Wily Coyote…How about a Wily Rylie… she goes nuts when she sees a Road Runner near our camp!!


The Road Runner looks and moves just like the cartoon version!  BEEP!  BEEP!  They also move incredibly ----------------------fast!

Have a super Sunday and Happy stitching!!~P

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

…because I get to meet the nicest people, that’s why!!  For instance, yesterday I wrote about ‘Stitching Lines’…this product here…


(If you missed it, you can read yesterday’s post here to find out about this awesome product!)

Anyways… low and behold I get the nicest email from Mary the INVENTOR of this product!!  How cool is that!! 

I discovered Mary’s blog (Marin and Colusa’s Blog) and read all about Stitching Lines…she has videos on how to use this product- plus additional videos on how to use ‘Stitching Lines’ to make Snowball blocks faster and easier!  Mary also shows how we can turn a large square into 8 half square triangles using the Stitching Lines!!

Hurry over and see how incredible these little lined strips are…and when you are finished looking, you will probably want to go to Mary’s on-line shop (Marin and Colusa)…to order your own package of 100 strips!! 

Yes, you meet the nicest people while blogging…oh and did I mention how Mary is sending me a FREE package so that I can try it out for myself!!  Incredible!  Thanks so much, Mary!!

On the quilting front…I know you are probably getting sick of these little baskets but…I finished the hand quilting last night and I’m hoping to get the binding on this weekend!!  Yahoo!


Eye rolling smileGo ahead…humour me!! Check out the stitching… Winking smile

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Just Got Easier…

…for Colleen that is!!  She discovered the Stitching Lines and LOVES it!  Colleen confessed that she has a hard time making nice straight accurate stitching lines down the diagonal when sewing two squares to make perfect half square triangles.  SEWWWW…when she heard about this product she thought she would give it a try!


Here’s how it works…lay the strip corner to corner…matching the centre line to the point of the square and stitch away on the dotted lines….


Colleen chain pieced them…she was flying along when I dropped by…


See the centre solid line…well that is where you would cut the two half Square Triangles apart.  I wanted to see how well the paper comes off (being a sceptic I thought for sure it would pull the threads)…BUT look!  You fold back the paper on the stitching line…


and it practically breaks apart on it’s own…no pulling the threads!


No more drawing lines for Colleen!  She is sold and will be stocking up before going home!  The papers come in 10” length so you can trim to the length you want.


They are a good thing!  Colleen bought her package at the local Quilting Shop.  I might have to try them out and see for myself… that is if there are any packages left after Colleen stocks up!!

We are having a ‘girls’ day out’ today…toodling off to Yucca Valley to visit a few Thrift Shops and poke around two quilt shops.  Ahhh life is sweet!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Which would you pick??

I don’t know…which would YOU pick? 



Of this??


Yup, me too!!  Now where did I put my sunscreen??  I’m off to the pool!

(The snow picture was taken YESTERDAY by my step daughter’s in Victoria, BC!…Usually they start their annual Flower Count about now…!  BUT…it’s still snowing…..)  Surprised smile

On the Quilting Front ~Just in case you think I’m no work and all play…I’ve been stitching this little guy together…and I’m loving it!!


Yes, the basket quilt is smaller, make that a lot smaller then the original quilt in the pattern…but that’s OK as I have the perfect place to hang this little guy!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Woolie Wednesday

Last week I finally returned to the Wool Lady Shop in Old Town Temecula…How cute is this!?…LOVE this shop!!image

Picture wall to wall shelves of lovely soft wool in a rainbow of colours!  My friend, Judy was favourably impressed…in fact she was down right speechless…!


And then there is this WALL of PATTERNS for lovely wool projects!!


Some sweet little examples on the wall….


All kinds of threads….


Tons of Rug Hooking supplies….


Stitchery Patterns plus the linen and threads to do them with….


Another little nook full of even more wool!!


Fancy threads for Fibre Art Projects…P1110819

Cute little displays…


I loved this little snowman penny…


Here’s a close up!!  Just look at that yummy blue mottled wool…I should have bought some!!  Darn!


Here’s Seattle Judy…Sold on wool work…Come on Judy, hold up your loot!!


Yup, another wool crazy lady!!  Judy was thrilled with her purchases!


This is what I bought!  Gorgeous hand dyed wools…I am hoping to use this wool when I make this…P1110856

It’s called Autumn by Heart to Hand!  (These wools are more muted and mottled in real life.)


I hope you get to have a Woolie Wednesday too.. and Happy Quilting!~P

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wheels on the RV…

…go round and round, round and round, round and round.  The wheels on the RV go round and round…all the way to school!  Or in this case to three schools!!

I got a total of three school houses made…which isn’t always easy in a 5th wheel!!


See what I mean…The ironing station is on the sink and the cutting station is at the other end of the cupboard!


And look where I sew…yup, in the bedroom!!  Got to love it!!


Hope your wheels are going round and round too!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Senior’s Moment….??

…I’ve been having a lot of those lately!!  I forgot that I was going to show you more of this quilt from the Hemet Quilt Show…the pattern is from Primitive Gatherings and it’s called Folk Art Album. 

This quilt stopped me in my tracks!  STUNNING!! The black background is a super soft flannel and the white is a mottled beige in the same soft fabric.  Gorgeous work…


Let me show you some close up pictures..the wool is so vibrant and the colours are gorgeous!  Oh, heck…let me just show you all the  pictures so that you can see for yourself!



A true work of art!


There you have it!  The quilt is all wool appliqued by hand with machine quilting.

I took several pictures of the quilter’s card…I’m hoping we can see who she is and give her some well deserved recognition!



I hope when you click on each picture you can see her workmanship!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting~P