Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Keepsake Quilt..

I saved the best for LAST!! I know…I know…I said that yesterday…but you have GOT to see Anne’s latest masterpiece…this is a keepsake quilt that Anne made to remind her and her hubby of their wonderful Alaskan Cruise that they took last summer!



It really is an incredible quilt…and Anne made the entire quilt from her scraps…this was not made from a kit!!  The fabrics that Anne used created the colours, textures and shadings, the details and the highlights …well…when you look at it..REALLLY LOOK AT IT..well..it’s amazing!  Anne did an excellent job!

You can really see this in the polar bears and the animals’ faces.


Anne fused the fabric on using a product like Steam a Seam Lite, then top stitched the edges.  Just gorgeous!


I loved the way there are trees and fish in the sashing…P1160791

Anne was saying that while on their trip up North, they actually saw most of the animals on this quilt…making it even more special!


This is the pattern that Anne bought while visiting a quilt shop on one of their in Port excursions…it’s called ‘Portraits of Alaska’ by Trish Stuart.


This pattern came in a book form and had pages and pages of patterns…and it was about $20!  Pretty darn reasonable when you look at the work that went into this pattern!

So there you have it…I am FINALLY caught up with the Clubhouse Quilters!!  Whew!!  It’s hard to keep up with them!  Wonder what tomorrow will bring? :)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Monday, January 30, 2012

I’ve Saved the BEST for last!!

Yes, I’m STILL talking about the Clubhouse Quilters!!  Such an amazing group of quilters!!
Let me show you how the NEW Woolies are making out!! 

Look at what Seattle Judy has been up to!!  Incredible isn’t it!! 


Just look at those ity-bity geranium flowers…smaller than my pinky fingernail!!  And look at her stitching!!  WOW!!


Yup…we’ve got another ‘DANG’ cute project on our hands!!


And then there is Anne! This is her first (but certainly NOT her last) wool project!!  This is a Cathi’s Penny Pattern which Anne bought at the Wool Lady Shop in Temecula! 


Let’s get up close and personal…LOOK at those stitches!!  Perfect!!  And the gingerbread men are teeny tiny!!


TWO ‘DANG’ cute projects in one post…can you STAND it!!


Yup…I can predict another trip to Temecula in our near future!! I think I’m getting psychic…:)

Hey…Do you remember this little Thread Catcher from yesterday?

P1160852 - Copy

WE now have the pattern to make it!!  Thanks to both Leslie and Jan for sending this info and the link to the FREE pattern found at Needling Things Blog!  Bloggers/Lurkers are the BEST!!  They REALLY are!!  WE thank you!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It was a SNAP!

If you had popped into the Clubhouse last Wednesday you would have thought that there was an infestation of crickets…but NO…Carolann had most of the quilters making Snap Bags…you know the little bags that make the cricket noise when you open and close them!

Thought you’d like to see some of the fun they had making these Snap Bags…

Here’s Carolann demonstrating how to make this sweet little bag.



Carolann was VERY organized…Martha would have been proud!  The dark blue is the lining piece, the middle is the outside and then you have the fusible fleece.

Carolann told us that we could make our bag any size but to remember to cut our lining fabric 4” longer than our outer fabric (in a rectangle shape).  Everyone decided to stick to Carolann’s size for the first time round.


You iron on the 2” interfacing strips to each end of the lining fabric.


..Then fold up and press.


This was the light blue piece..it looked light blue on the back side because it had fusible interfacing on it (you could put light weight fusible fleece here if you want more weight, substance or padding.)


Put the outer fabric on top  and fold up the lining fabric….


Make your two Prairie Points (these will be the tabs that you will use to open your Snap Bag.)


Stitch the top and bottom casings…with everything pinned together quilt as desired…(do you see that the prairie points are pinned in…


Now take a $1 Store metal tape measure and cut 3/4” shorter than the casing to your bag…


Round off each tip…


This gets rid of the sharp corner points…


Then cover each tip with duct tape.


Now slide it into the bag so that the numbers are facing the inside of the bag!  You want your bag to SNAP!


Now add any carrying tabs or rope and sew up the sides.  Turn right side out…and she is DONE!P1170023

And here are the finished results!  Aren’t they gorgeous! P1170039

Zooming in for a close-up….


Remember you can make these bags… any size.. just add 4 “ onto the length of your lining fabric.  These bags would be perfect for sewing ‘stuff’, E-readers, IPoDs, literally ANYTHING…


AND Ohhhh SEW pretty!!  Thanks Carolann!!  It was a fun morning and we all agreed that it was a SNAP!!

Hope you have a Snappy Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yikes!  I have missed reporting on TWO weeks of Clubhouse Quilting!  I am going to get FIRED…or worse…KICKED OUT OF THE GROUP!! 

Sheesh…I guess I have been busy…??  What… it’s the END of January…ALREADY??

So here we have the condensed version of two weeks of Clubhouse work…I mean PLAY..~

Seina has finished her wonky batik quilt…it is huge and gorgeous and waiting for her long arm back home…

P1160806 - Copy

…a close-up just for you!

P1160807 - Copy

Here is another of Seina’s finished quilts…just lovely!!

P1160838 - Copy

Chris is HERE!!  And she’s all decked out in diamonds…well…maybe not diamonds…but something BETTER!!  Isn’t it cute?!  She wears it while she hand appliques..

P1160842 - Copy

Look.. it’s made from a bottle top…(the top has two holes punched to thread an elastic through)…very clever!

P1160843 - Copy

This is what Chris is working on…(LOVING IT!!)

P1160845 - Copy

..from this pattern…AND YES those are Civil War fabrics!!  No wonder Chris and I get along SEW well!! heeehee

P1160844 - Copy

Grandma Karen has finished Guitar Quilt for one of her grandsons…just wonderful!!

P1160846 - Copy

Zooming in for a close-up…Yup, it’s ROCKIN’!

P1160848 - Copy

You aren’t seeing double..Karen has TWO guitar loving grandson’s…


Her grandsons are going to be THRILLED!!  The first guitar was appliqued on and this one has been machine stitched on using white thread…VERY clever!


This little thread catcher caught my attention…I think it was on Carolann’s table!!  It was a quilty gift from a friend!

P1160852 - Copy

Kim was working on this sweet little wall hanging~

P1160868 - Copy

The pattern…

P1160865 - Copy

..came from this book.

P1160866 - Copy

The Lil’Twister ruler is making it’s rounds…SEW much fun…and easy too!!

This is Anne’s Lil’Beauty…

P1160860 - Copy

And this is Deb’s!

P1160869 - Copy

Deb started and finished this ‘LOVE’ly runner all in one session!!  Fast, easy and so adorable…and so is the runner!! haha

P1160871 - Copy

Anne continues to plug away on her Apples!  Tons of work in this little wall hanging…but so worth it!

P1160872 - Copy

Gwen has started something new…VERY cute…BUT the pattern had an error in the size of one of the blocks…which caused us all to get involve to try and figure it out!!  Don’t you HATE when the pattern is wrong!

P1160873 - Copy

Seattle Judy was hard at work…she is SEW organized…look at her little soldiers marching off to the machine….


..to come out looking like THIS!!  I am going to LOVE this CIVIL WAR quilt!!P1170025

Here’s the pattern that she is using!!  Gorgeous!!


And Kim got out her lovely little bundle (bought during Black Friday’s madness from Green Fairy!) and actually CUT it up into…


..THESE!!  Stay tuned!!


Carolann is busy quilting this cozy quilt…for a cabin back home…where you actually need a warm and wonderful quilt!


SEW there you have it!!  Maybe now the ‘girls’ will let me back into the Clubhouse on Wednesday!!  Do ya’ think??

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P