Sunday, February 16, 2014

On With The Show…

On Friday the Clubhouse was a hive of activity as we set up for our annual Sands’ Clubhouse Quilt Show!!


Even a few hubbies got into the act…and we THANK it takes muscles to get those sheets onto the ropes and those heavier quilts clipped on!  It took less time than we thought as we all worked together and got ‘er done!

Here’s one side of the wall of sheets going down the middle of the room…


And here’s the other side…


Let me walk you around the room before the huge line-up of people block our view..

This is Heritage Judy’s display…looking wonderful!!


During our quilting time, someone is always teaching a mini class and this was one of them…It a special holder to take your plate and cutlery to Pot Luck Suppers! 




Another lesson was on how to make pillowcases….


And of course bags…logs of bags!


There was also a wonderful display of all of the Sewing Machine mats…


There are even a few woolies among us~

IMG_0053Dang sweet things!!


This is Kim’s display!  Now this is one prolific quilter!!  Even though Kim wasn’t with us, she was well represented!!  Her quilts are AMAZING!!  What a quilter extraordinaire!! (We miss you Kim!)


The other couch held a variety of incredible quilts and projects…lots to look at!!


Siena wasn’t with us either…BUT she left behind her quilt for us to share!!  This quilt is incredible!!  (We miss you too, Siena!)


This is Joanne beside her two masterpieces!!  Both quilts are STUNNING!!


Joanne also had a blue beauty in the show…but my picture was BLURRY!  (I will hopefully get shots of it at another time as it is definitely worth sharing!!)


Here’s our display of Cathedral Window blocks…there are more out there…just in various stages of completion!  Are they not the sweetest!


I wanted to wrap this cozy looking quilt around me just to see if it was as cozy as it LOOKED…and the weather was over 90F…THAT’S how soft and cozy it looked!




Here’s a close-up….



And here is the creator…Pauline!!  Do you think she was worried I was going to stuff it under my muumuu?


And here is Pauline ‘working it’…in front of this STUNNER!!  LOVE the colours!!  This quilt looks very difficult to make but Pauline assured us that it wasn’t….  I’m still not convinced…


Here’s Gwen, our master quilter!!  She makes the most incredible quilts and then donates them to charity!!  Love the basket quilt and the lattice work quilt is amazing…both of which she says she is planning on enjoying before she donates them. 


Deb’s quilt was incredible too…I loved her sense of colour in this one…the splash of poppies offset in each block made this quilt so different and visually stunning!!  Plus she dressed to match her quilt…:o)


This is one of Deb’s WIP (works in progress)…VERY clever the way she used the flower fabric to form the heart!  Loved it!!


Here’s Norma in front of her HUGE hot off the machine quilt top!!  My camera did NOT do this top justice!!  It is GORGEOUS and will be a gift for someone special!!


This is the quilt that Norma made for her bed…so pretty and beautifully quilted in a paisley design!!


Alice LOVES golfing and quilting and this year has had trouble squeezing us into her calendar!!  BUT that doesn’t mean she’s not quilting…just look at this beauty!!  Love the different shaped boxes…


And we all loved this special LOVE YOU quilt that she made for her grand-daughter!! 


Linda made this sweet runner and then quilted it on her new Long Arm quilting machine which she bought at Road!!  Lucky Lady!!


Trust Phyllis to break her arm (while playing Pickle Ball) and have her cast MATCH her quilt!!  Now that’s what I call a dedicated quilter!!  OR is it that she will do ANYTHING for a great photo?…because you have to admit…this is a GREAT PHOTO!!


Our Anne had a whole WALL of quilts!!  And not just any quilts..they were each AMAZING!!


This one is my FAVOURITE…it’s a Pat Wys design from her ‘Neutrals’ book….LOVE the way that Anne made it from the French General Fabric…Rouenneries Deux!  PERFECT!!


Anne took a Cancer Panel of inspirational quotes…cut up the sayings and put them into this stunning quilt!!  VERY special!


She also made the cutest truck quilt for her grandson’s birthday!!  He is going to LOVE it and it will be perfect for his first big boy bed!


Check out this HAND appliqued stunner!!  Yowzer…drop dead gorgeous!!


Here’s a close-up so that you can see how difficult each block is!!  Anne said this quilt has been in the works for a long time…and just needs the berries sewn on!!  YOU GO GIRL!!  (I hope Anne brings it back for our next show all quilted and finished!!…hint…hint!)


Here’s Gina…in front of her Christmas STUNNER!!


This one needs a close-up…beautiful!!


Gina is also a woolie…and did this wonderful Fall mat and Christmas Bear Paw quilt…both are wonderful!


Here’s our Sandy…also working it!!  She is showing off her FINISHED Fall Quilt…KING SIZE done in Kansas Troubles fabric and quilted with lovely oak leaves…beautifully done by Heritage Hazel!


Karen is showing off her version of the Mystery Quilt…hers is the black and white version …with a pop of lime green.  This one would look great on my kitchen table at home…just sayin’…


And here is Doris standing beside her mystery quilt…done in MY colours!!  heehee  Loved her version!!


These are the finished mats that Doris has been working on.  I popped by Doris’ house the other day and let me tell you, the runner looked wonderful on her coffee table and the mats on the kitchen table tied the rooms together beautifully!!  Nothing makes a room look homier than beautiful quilted projects!!  Well done, Doris!


This is Jan’s gorgeous quilt…(Jan disappeared before my camera came out!!)  Jan was working on this one last year and brought it back to show us how it looked FINISHED…FANTASTIC!!


Finally I have to show you are Mystery Quilt reveal…Judy from Calgary organized it just before everyone headed south.  Those who wanted to participate, gathered fabric from their stash before leaving and started cutting….  Every week new instructions were emailed out…


Here are the results…



You can see similarities but yet they all look SEW different!


SEW….I would have to say that our 2014 Sands’ Clubhouse Quilt Show was a huge success!!  What an incredible group of talented ladies!!

Now… that’s a WRAP!  Whew…

Have a SUNNY Sunday and thanks for coming to our little show!!~P


  1. It is amazing, all the beautiful quilts and sewing your group does, great group to learn and be inspired by.


  2. Thanks for the great quilt show! It looks like a fun group made up of amazing quilters. Wish I was there!

  3. I agree with Joan! I wish I could be there too! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the inspiration! XO

  4. I would love to have you stand in front of your quilts! This was a wonderful show of quilts. Your group is so busy and look like they have such fun. Thanks for the pictures and of course the comments that went along with all the pictures. You deserve a big rest. Happy Sunday.

  5. Must be a large clubhouse to hold all those quilts. A wonderful display. I like the table of snowmen but the basket quilt is my favorite.

  6. Great work! You must enjoy quilting with this group. Lots of inspiration here.

  7. Oh Paulette, thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures and the pictures of the crew! I'm probably your only reader that burst into tears.... Thank you, thank you.

  8. Terrific quilt show. So sorry I wasn't there to see it in person. Congratulations to all you quilters for a job well done!!!!

  9. Beautiful! What a group of talented ladies!

  10. What a great show! So many talents gathered! Congratulations to all the quilters!

  11. What an amazing display. So many quilts and so many different styles. It really must have been jaw-dropping seeing them all in one room like that.

  12. What a lovely show of quilts! Beautiful work, ladies! Thanks for sharing, Paulette!

  13. Such incredible talent in your group!! Thanks for the quilt show!!!!