Thursday, February 20, 2014

This and That…

My friend and blog reader, Marie has been caught hooking again!!  001 (1)

Isn’t it sweet? 

I am so tempted to start hooking too…but…. there is always a BUT…

What about you?  Are tempted to hook?  Have you been bitten by the hooking bug?

This week in the Clubhouse, Anne taught paper piecing to many of our members…and some of us had refresher courses!!  By the end of the day we all agreed that we LOVED it!!  Anne was a great teacher…so patient!!

You could either use the star pattern that Anne provided or bring your own.  Here are the results!!…


Aren’t they AMAZING!!  (I think I’m missing a couple of stars but you get the idea!!  Sorry about that!!)

Sandy and I worked on paper piecing the Farmhouse Thread Pattern…Claire tweaked the pattern and turned it into a paper piecing pattern..Much better!!  Thank you, Claire!!

These are Sandy’s carrots…


And my finished mat…ready for pink noses, embroidered whiskers and mouths, some quilting and binding and we will call these bunnies DONE!  We both love our sweet mats!!


Thanks again, Anne!!  We both have a new love for Paper Piecing!!  Bring it on!!

I have to show you this picture…Anne’s daughter was visiting her parents at the RV Park… she works in an operating room as a OB nurse and came to the Clubhouse to make some OB hats…TWENTY TWO of them!!  She now has hats for each season!!  Her mom stitched the casing and she put in the elastic!  Dang cute!!P1260170 I’m sure that she will be the envy of all the other nurses!

Well that’s it for today!!  Hope your Thursday is thrilling and of course HAPPY STITCHING!!~P


  1. Those paper-pieced stars really do look amazing. I especially like the little mat with the hearts. Cute bunnies as well. Lucky you to have so many talented quilters at the clubhouse.

  2. Love paper piecing. Your bunny mat is so cute! Can you tell me the diameter of the OR hat? My daughter is graduating from nursing school in August, and it would be a fun gift for her. Thanks!

  3. That bunny mat is too cute...and so are all those OB hats!

  4. Hooking is fun, but it does have a high start up cost and you do use a lot of wool. Looks like a great piecing class.


  5. Indeed those stars are amazing. I am not myself very good in paper piecing though. It seems you are having a great time! Regards.

  6. I have been tempted to hook! It looks like such fun. But I already quilt, knit, stitch and am an avid reader plus I work. So, while I've been tempted, I'm determined to hold off that temptation until retirement. I simply don't have time now!

  7. Yes I am a hooker and a quilter !