Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July......

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I would share my traveling stitching with you. On the way to Blairmore I stitched this table topper. The black background, most of the house and some of the trees are made from old blazers and coats. I cut out all the pieces, place them, then baste them into place for stitching. I also mark all letters and vines using a Sulky white iron on pen. It is hard to mark on dark felt and this seems to be the best that I have found, although it's not perfect. (Anyone found anything better for marking dark felt???) There is yellow blankets stitching all around to sandwich top and bottom together. This way you can't see any of the stitching on the back.

This is a pattern from 'Primitive Christmas' by Bongean and Charles. There are a lot of beautiful quilts, stockings, runners, table toppers, etc. in this book just waiting to be done.....

This is a pattern that I bought at Road to California(The pattern is still in the 5th wheel with the rest of my sewing 'stuff' so I don't have the name or company's name-I think it is called HO HO HO. Must unpack today......if I can drag myself away from the computer.......this is addictive stuff......
Back to Santa- I had to buy white felt for the Santa but the rest is old coats. He turned out so cute. I think these will be the beginning of my Christmas gifts stash. I have NEVER been this early with my Christmas projects before!! Good thing no one in the family knows that I blog.....Have a wonderful day.....oh and Merry Christmas....heee hee hee or rather ho ho ho!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday I promised you a peek at my Buggy Barn loot....I hope you won't be disappointed! I am THRILLED with the books that I bought as I love the new stitchery books coming out of Australia. I thought that a lot of these projects could be completed while driving/camping in the 5th wheel or while watching TV.

The good news is I got a yard of fabric FREE because I spent so much! The bad news is I spent too much! ha ha! I chose this fabric because I am working on a quilt that needs a border and I think this will be perfect.

A magazine to read while driving home AND it was in the $2 bin! I DO like a bargain!

A FREE pattern that I thought had potential.....

A bundle of fat quarters (20) called Christmas Magic by Lynette Anderson. I should take it apart so that you can see the adorable snowmen and reindeer. They are just too cute.

A felt table topper pattern that reminded me of my daughter's wedding (perfect Christmas gift???!!) The crow represents the Crows' Nest Pass where they were married and the Ball jar reminds me of her table vases which were the antique (old?) blue Ball Mason jars. Very sweet...

Two yards of Pumpkin and Spice fabric and Pattern. I am a sucker for Whimsicals Patterns, fabric and books. Love them!

I saw this little book on the net and have wanted it ever since. It is by Anni Downs and is called Simple Pleasures. Reminds me of Leanne's House/Garden which I also love. Have a peek inside the book-

It is filled with little stitchery patterns and ways to use them. Very sweet!

I had to buy my own copy of this book even though I could have borrow it from my friend Claire. Love all the patterns in this book especially the dog quilt on the cover and this dog and flower quilt......

I think I will use the flower block in other quilts.

I saw this book at the Road to California this winter and have been dreaming of it ever since.....some books are just like that.....It is called Charmed and Dangerous by Heather Peterson. Some lovely patterns in this book.

And finally another stitchery book called "An Angels Story" by Anni Downs (same quilter as Simple Pleasures!) I love this book-it is filled with different angels and little stories to go with each angel. I have included a picture of the shopping angel-Charlotte the Shopper. Like Charlotte, who shops for things she must have, I just had to have this book! With each angel comes ideas on where you could use her eg. on a cushion, bag, runner, quilt....and the patterns to complete the projects.

I think she looks a lot like me.....

These are quilts using all the angels. Very cute!

So what do you think? Not bad for about 40 minutes of shopping! Can't wait to go back next year!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good-by Blairmore......Hello..BUGGY BARN!!!!!

Yesterday we said good-bye to my daughter and my new son-in-law (did I mention what a sweetie he is?.....thought so...) For a change of scenery, we decided to go home through the USA so the first night we got as far as Spokane, Washington. Scenery wasn't the only thing on my mind-I discovered the the Buggy Barn Quilt Shop is in Reardan, a small town just outside Spokane!! Just before you get to the town of Reardan there is a small sign (which we almost missed!!) that said Buggy Barn turn right. So we ventured down a gravel road which looked like it was leading to flat prairie, this the right road? Finally we saw a sign and a beautiful old farm. The Buggy Barn is located in a small but quaint barn on this gorgeous old farm. Inside it is very small and packed to the rafters.....literally....there are quilts tacked to the roof! I loved it and the staff was VERY friendly. One of the ladies told me to use the bathroom before I left. I thought at the time that it was an odd thing to say but later discovered that they keep the sales stuff in the bathroom!!! They also let me take as many pictures as I wanted. If you are ever in this area make sure you stop in as it worth a look....just make sure to take you credit/debit card!

This is the lovely old farm that I was telling you about. The Buggy Barn is located straight down this road.

I loved this quilt as it was a mix of flannels with wool felt flowers appliqued on. Very pretty.

Tons of wool felt!

I bought this pattern for a tree skirt last Christmas and to see it made up makes me want to whip it up tomorrow! Love it!

Another quilt that I liked- a wonky log cabin with HUGE flowers appliqued on. Very pretty!

It took me about 15 minutes to catch my breath!!! Talk about eye candy!

Look at the ceiling!!!

You can see many of these quilts on their website.

My friend, Claire is making the dog with a bone quilt ( in the corner) for her son. Too cute!

Good-bye Buggy Barn....till we meet again.......Stay tuned for tomorrow and I will show you what I bought.....!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Use for Quilts......?

A lot of guests and fellow blogs have commented on the bales of hay that were used for the 'chairs' at Erin and Rhett's wedding. I think she got the idea from the Internet and thought it would be perfect (and cheaper than renting chairs) for their backyard, garden wedding. Although the small town of Blairmore is nestled in the Crow's Nest Pass, there is farmland all around so they were able to find a place that, for a fee would 'loan' them bales of hay. Erin came up with the idea of using 'country' quilts and so I packed the 5th wheel with all my quilts. A nice touch-what do you think?

An hour before the wedding, my husband and I covered the bales with the quilts to make it more comfy for the guest to sit on.

Looking all we need are the guests and the wedding party......ALSO notice the sunny day!! (There was a thunder and lightning storm at midnight!)

Getting ready for the wedding party....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Erin and Rhett's wedding was just spectacular! Erin looked absolutely gorgeous! The weather, which we had been a bit concerned about, was absolutely perfect. The sun shone down on a beautiful bride and her handsome groom while friends and family watched with hankies in was lovely! My little girl is now a Mrs.! .....and I FINALLY have a son-in-law! Here are some of the pictures that my husband took so that you get an idea of how we celebrated their nuptials.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Yesterday's rehearsal -the bride and groom!

I want to start this morning's blog off by thanking all my new blogging friends for all their good wishes! I was up at 4:45 a.m. clutching my "list of things to do" book....which to me, says it all. After checking 'my list' book, I poured a cup of coffee and started to read my favourite blogs and came across Jenny's special Saturday she spent with her gorgeous daughter. The special memories spent with my own daughters came rushing back. After all three girls moved out to go to University, we vowed to spend every Saturday together doing much the same things that Jenny was doing with her daughter. So there I was, after reading Jenny's blog, a blubbering mess-thanks Jenny I needed that. Sincerely, I needed that reminder! So with tissue in one hand and list book in the other, I will start my day! I will keep you posted! Thanks again for all the good thoughts!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Forget the heels....get out the boots!

Instead of having the traditional wedding cake, my daughter mentioned that she wanted to have an Ice Cream Sundae Table at her wedding. (It is the Groom's mother's birthday so they are also serving a big birthday cake.) At about 10pm, after dancing for a bit, they will announce that the bride and groom will don aprons (with the help of a few attendants) and scoop ice cream and the guests can put on different toppings and make their own sundaes. So I got busy making aprons for the bride, groom and attendants. Here's a picture for you to see how they turned out.
Erin wanted fun aprons but made in black......hmmmm

This is for the bride to wear. The 'R' is the groom's first initial.

This is for the Groom to wear. (You can't see the ice cream balls appliqued on the pocket). The 'E' is for his bride's first name.

I made three of these. It's hard to see the ruffle at the top but you get the idea. They look very cute on and hopefully they will help to keep their wedding finery clean.

Tomorrow is the big day....!! Today we have the wedding rehearsal, decorate the hall and have a rehearsal dinner for all the out of towners (which means everyone). I am hanging in there.....barely! ALSO did I's RAINING!!! And not just a shower but thunder and lightning and it is pouring.....YIKES! ....... stay tuned, I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Many hands make light work....????

You MUST forgive me for not posting for a few days-we have been so busy with prep work for the BIG day. Who knew that having a wedding would be SO much work! I have two more daughters to go, too! YIKES! It has been so hot here- 30 degrees C. yesterday which really hasn't helped. My husband WITH CAMERA in hand, has been showing up right in the midst of all the action to the cries of of -"NOOOOOO -don't take my picture-I'm a mess...etc". Thought I'd post a few of these so that you could see what we have been doing.

The flower balls are ready to be hung....

The leaf stepping stones have been layed.....

The wine has been bottled......

The polka dots (to line the aisle) have been punched.......

The ribbon has been tied on the lavendar (smells wonderful). They go on top of each napkin.......

And the house has been cleaned!! Whew- let's go for a swim!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wedding Preparations!

What a busy day! Together with two of my daughters and my step-grand-daughter we planted 100 hens and chicks (succulent plants) and tied little raffia bows onto each pot. These will be gifts for the guests and placed at each place setting. Then we attacked the paper mache balloons (I made these on my first posting)–we hot glue gunned ribbon loops and silk flowers all over the balls (these will be hung on iron shepherd’s hooks which form the aisle). We ran out of filler flowers so will pick some up tomorrow at the dollar store. Next we tied ribbons around 100 little bundles of lavender which will be placed on each guests napkins. Finally we worked on the arbor which we will have to finish tomorrow or the next day. Whew….I’m tired! 5 more days to go……will I make it….!?

That is me under the striped sunburn for me...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rest Stop...NO Quilt Shop!!!

On the way to Blairmore we had to drive through the city of Kamloops, BC. My hubby is great when it comes to stopping at Quilt Shops-I bet he stopped at 10 shops up the I-5 on the way back to Canada this Spring. So when I mentioned a 'rest stop' for him and a quilt shop for me he was all for it. This Quilt Shop was featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine this spring-that is how I knew about it. The store is called Katja's Quilt Shoppe in Kamloops, BC and it was fantastic!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed flexing my legs and my debit card!!!

Now that I have had my 'fix' it's on to Blairmore and wedding chaos!! Yes, I packed lots of kleenex!!