Friday, February 14, 2014

Road to California PICTURES!!

Thank you, Sandi for letting me use your camera when mine failed me at Road to California!  That was VERY sweet of you!! 

Although Road has come and gone, I thought whenever I get a chance I would share some of the highlights of this AMAZING show!!

My FAVOURITE QUILT in the Road to California Show was this one ~STUNNING!!!  I’m talking drop dead gorgeous!  Like in… get the paddles out to zap my heart back to beating GORGEOUS!IMG_4062

It was a huge quilt…with a simple colour palette…plain slightly mottled beige flannel for the background…two shades of green wool, and pink and red wool flowers…simple but absolutely gorgeous!


I really wanted to touch…but alas I was wearing a plastic glove and it just wasn’t the same.


The quilting was exquisite…a work of art for sure. 


BUT I would love to see this quilt without the elaborate quilting.  There is no way that I could ever quilt like this…in fact few Quilters could!…So I would LOVE to see it quilted with simple stitching…something that a normal quilter would be able to do…IMG_4068

There are huge spaces on this quilt that require heavy quilting….which made me hesitate to even consider buying the pattern…


I came to the conclusion that this quilt would still be beautiful with simple do-able quilting. 


So when I stumbled onto the book at one of the booths I bought it!!  I figured it was meant to be…The book is called Flannel Gatherings by Lisa Bongean and the quilt is called Portland Rose. 


Did you guess that this quilt was made by Lisa and quilted by Pineapple Quilter, Linda Hrcka?  What an amazing team effort!  This is the quilt that is featured in Lisa’s newest book…Flannel Gatherings!


I’m sure that Lisa has this book for sale in her online shop, Primitive Gatherings…which you can find HERE!!  Just in case…

Before I go…I have to show you a Valentine surprise that my hubby got me…a new camera!! I guess I must have whined a little more than I thought about my old camera failing me!!  This one is even smaller than my old one, which I LOVED!!  I tell ya’ these cameras are wonderful…turn it on, point shoot and move on…P1260379

…and it goes your pocket, bag, around your neck or wrist!  And they take a licking and keep on ticking…well most of the time!  (My old one WAS 5-6 years old…and used daily and never failed me…except for the most important show of the YEAR! See…I’m still whining…hahah)

Yup, I  LOVE this dark blue camera…did I mention that it’s the same colour as my car!!  We now MATCH…whew!  :o)  Thanks, Sweetie…you look after me well!  I guess this means I have to drum up a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day…wonder if he would be happy with a mug rug instead?

Have a FUN Friday…and remember, if you are in the Palm Springs area and have nothing to do (as IF) then come to our wee Quilt Show at THE SANDS RV AND GOLF RESORT…it’s not the Road to California by ANY means but we will have a good selection of quilts and projects!  IF you can’t make it, then don’t worry!  I will have a full report, complete with pictures, lots of PICTURES…tomorrow!!

See you then!~P


  1. what a gorgeous quilt.

    OK so I have a question, well a few about wool quilts. I have never actually seen a wool quit in person so excuse my ignorance:
    1) Is the background usually something other than wool?
    2) do you still make a quilt sandwich like a traditional quilt with binding?
    3) do you actually use the quilt is it it for decoration only?
    4) how do you wash/take care of a wool quilt?
    5) is it scratchy?

    Thanks! (maybe you can write a blog post about it )

  2. That is a gorgeous quilt. That is flannel background? Love it!! I think the quilting is overkill, but that is my personal opinion.

  3. And I beg to differ--you and anyone else can learn to quilt that intensely! The last quilt show in which I participated that kind of quilting was done with a domestic sewing machine on a lone star quilt--that quilt won best of show.

  4. Beautiful quilt and nice to see the close ups. Nice present for Valentines, the small ones are so nice to carry with you and great for shows.

    Happy Valentines Day!


  5. Linda Hrcka is one of my most favorite longarmers...she has been a great mentor to me and i never tire of seeing her work. She has taught me so much. It's a lovely quilt and yes, perhaps it does not need all the intense quilting to be just as beautiful...not all of us can quilt like Linda and that's okay. :) To do a simple stipple would make the wool applique pop out and it would look just wonderful! Thanks for sharing these pictures seeing them. Happy Valentines Day!! ~karen

  6. Oh, that's the exact same camera that Jason got me for Christmas but mine is red. I still haven't figured out how to do everything but one thing I LOVE about it is that you can download pics to your computer without connecting any cables! It just automatically does it! Love that quilt btw, it is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! XO

  7. A work of art for sure. Some of the quilts at shows are no longer utility quilts but as I said a work of art. Sure would not be easy to snuggle up with a stiff quilt. Don't get me work Linda's work is amazing and I love it!

    What type of Canon is it? Mine unfortunately took a tumble into the lake last summer and the iphone and ipad just don't take the same quality. Or at least I haven't figured it out yet.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. What a great quilt! Gorgeous. Am I'm with you--it would still look wonderful with less detailed quilting.:)

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  10. Thanks for sharing your road show pictures and many thanks to another Sandi to let you use her camera.

    I love the colour of your new Canon, I have an older Canon digital sure shot that was my first digital before I decided to go with the SRL the great thing about the sure shot is you can fit it in any purse or jacket pocket. I'll have to recharge my batteries and play with it again.

  11. What a beautiful quilt.. Happy for you too P. Nice camera.. Always enjoy your pictures..
    Hugs, Maggey

  12. YES! I DID GUESS! what do I WIN? lol