Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Kind of Woolie…

Before I do anything this morning, I need to send out a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who left a comment on my daughter’s blog!  Erin was tickled pink, to say the least!  To be acknowledged and encouraged by the blogging world…in particular you wonderful quilters… was VERY heart warming!!  And such SWEET words about mama…I thank YOU!!  (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check yesterday’s post!!:)

SEW…on with the show…This is Joanne…you may remember her from last year…she was the Minky lady!!  She backs all her quilts with minky and sold me on it!! (Minky is that super soft, plush fabric…very warm and snuggly.)  I actually backed three quilts with the stuff this year before I ran out!  I will be stocking up with more Minky before I leave!!  LOVE IT!!

Anyways…since last year, Joanne has turned to the dark side..and become a WOOLIE in a BIG way!!  Not only does she do wool applique but she also braids wool rugs!  AND back home, she is part of a woolie cult…I mean group!

Here is Joanne demonstrating how it’s done~


She has a special rack that she steadies with her feet…and she braids away!  Being the mother of ALL girls she says if you can braid hair, you can braid a rug!! 


Hey…does that look like a HAIR clip? :)

SEW…all you need are rolls of wool…which Joanne tears into strips…


Then you need to make the stand…and you also need these three special clamps.  Do you see how you pull the wool strips through the clamps…it forces the wool to roll..similar to a bias tape maker.  This gets rid of the raw edges as the clamp forces the raw edges to the inside.  When you braid the strips the raw edges are inside!!  Very clever and neat looking!!


Here’s another angle of the clamp…


The strips are continuous…joined at a bias angle similar to making quilt binding…


And then you just braid…pigtails!!


Then you take the pigtail and stitched them around and around…until you have a gorgeous mat!


This is the lacing needle and course cotton thread that Joanne uses to join the pigtails.


Joanne made it look much easier than it really was…and she admitted that it’s not cheap.  A small mat would cost over a $100 to make!!  Wool ain’t cheap…BUT it would be a wonderful way to use up all those wools that you no longer want!


Don’t you just LOVE the look of the textures and patterns in these rugs! 


And you aren’t limited to just rugs!!  Just LOOK at this wonderful bowl…or hat, depending on how brave you are!!  Now wouldn’t THAT be a fashion statement…yes, I’m a woolie and proud of it!!


Yum…just look at Joanne’s loot!!  Such lovely neat rolls all ready to go!!


Speaking of LOOT…Joanne was late in getting to the Sands this year because they made a detour to Kansas…and we all know who lives in KANSAS….  Yup, Joanne stopped off at Kansas Troubles’ Quilt Shop!!  She said it was like a dream come true!!  By far the nicest shop that she has ever been in!!  The shop was FULL of eye candy like only Kansas Troubles could do!! 

Each kit came came all jazzed up in special containers…like this cardboard bag!!  How sweet is this wool kit…


Full of yummy wool!


And LOVED the sunflower complete with buttons to circle the inside ring!


Here’s the pattern for Ring Around the Poseys…


…which came in this sweet hanging basket!!  Adorable!!


And how’s that for a price!!  SCORE!!


This kit came with pattern ….


full of Kansas Troubles latest fabrics!!  Joanne is going to have such fun with all her new projects!!


I have to get out a map and see if there is ANYWAY that Kansas is in direct line to Canadian Border…you know…for the ride home!! haha  Now wouldn’t THAT be fun!!

Thanks Joanne for sharing your new passion…for wool… and for shopping!! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I for one am going to check that "despicable quilt shop app", I am sure Kansas Troubles would be on our way to AR this next Christmas!!

  2. Fun post! Can you find out what those clips are called for braiding the wool? I love that idea! I have lots of garment wool that won't work for appliqué and this might be just what I need to do! Yippee!

  3. Lovely rugs.. So labor intensive ! Love the colors too. I love Kansas Troubles and have done 2 of her trails quilts.. Her fabric is my style and hope to get there this summer.. Another 8" of snow and 0 here this morn,, do I hear shouts of "poor Maggey"? Hah! Enjoy your warmth.
    Hugs, Maggey

  4. That is the sad thing about braiding, you use a lot of wool. I use my scraps and what I call junk wool, like rougher and thicker men's coats, really holds up to use. I would love to make nice ones with new wool, but a room sized, way too much money. Her clamps are interesting, I have the old style, but I used to hand turn when I first started.


  5. Lovely braided rug and great pictures to explain the process! I'll have to take a look at Kansas Troubles. Everything is so lovely. Great post, Paulette! Loved Erin's post from today, also.

  6. Joanne work is lovely, I guess you could use cotton to make a less expensive version.

    I love her yellow wool bowl.

    Hmmm may have to do a road trip to Kansas to check out that quilt shop...I mean part of the world.

    Enjoy the sun, it is heading down to 14F (-10) here tomorrow, ice is forming on our waterfall/pond. But we've got gorgeous sunny days, maybe snow on Sunday for my birthday.

  7. I have been interested in learning to make braided rugs for years but never did anything about the desire. Interesting seeing the set-up your friend is using.

  8. I have always wanted to do a big wool rug. I have been collecting wool from the thrift store fabric bin hoping to someday do it. Any chance you could find some info on finding the clips?? With all those hardwood floors in my new house, I'd love to cover one with a homemade rug!!