Monday, December 12, 2011

Accuquilt GO! Christmas Themed Blog Hop AND The Wool Lady’s Shop..

Before I take you BACK to Temecula and the Wool Lady’s Shop,  I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS!  Sew Cal Gal is hosting a blog hop unlike any other!!  This one is all about the Accuquilt GO! Fabric Cutter, Christmas and includes ME!!  How SWEET is that!! :)

What an honour it is to be included in with this lovely group of quilters…In this Accuquilt Christmas Themed Blog Hop you will see lots of different Christmasy projects to make using the Accuquilt GO!…(but not to worry if you aren’t a GO! mama…you can easily adapt each project and make them the old fashion way!)  The other GOOD NEWS is SEW CAL GAL is GIVING AWAY a BABY GO!, generously donated by our sponsor, Accuquilt!!  How great is THAT!!  THANK YOU, ACCUQUILT!! 

Here is the line up for this blog hop:

Monday, December 12th (That’s TODAY!!)

  • SewCalGal
Tuesday, December 13th Wednesday, December 14th Thursday, December 15th Friday, December 16th


See ME…way at the bottom of the list…I’m sure I’m there for a reason…Save the best for last?..The Grand Finale?  Finish with a BANG?  haha…Who am I kidding, more like.. give me more time to finish my project!  BUT SURPRISE.. my project is FINISHED…and all I have to do is some last minute decorating so that the 5th Wheel will look more festive for my company! 

So what you NEED to do is HURRY over to SEW CAL GAL’s to win a BABY GO!!  She is giving you numerous chances to win…just follow the rules!!  BUT…Remember to COME BACK AND have a visit with the WOOL LADY IN TEMECULA, CA!  See below>  (I would have saved this visit for tomorrow but I know that my Wool Crazy friend, Claire, is back home…waiting patiently for these pictures!!  SEW enjoy, Claire…and ENJOY all you other Wool Crazies out there!!…YOU KNOW who you are!!)

The Wool Lady Shop~

The Wool Lady Shop in Old Town Temecula is worth a visit even if you don’t work with wool.  AND if you are a Wool Crazy Quilter, Hooker or a knitter then you will be in Wool HEAVEN!!

The Wool Lady has racks, baskets and a whole WALL of wool patterns and shelves of wool books!!


Ah hah!!  Is that ANNE caught in the act?!  Yup…she is buying WOOL!  She looks like a deer caught in the head lights…!!  If I know Anne she will have several projects completed by our next quilting day!


I know the feeling Anne…I was feeling the same way…just LOOK at all this wonderful wool…and this shelf went right around the room!  Fat Quarters of wool were $13.95, small pieces were $4.50-$6.00 and small strips (about 2”x 6”) were $2.  She also had wool on the bolt for $32.


Not only does the Wool Lady dye her own wool but she also dyes her own wool threads…Lovely stuff! A rope/skein of dyed wool was $2.95.



She carries several different threads…DMC Perle Cotton, Valdani, embroidery threads as well as her wool threads…also buttons, bells, snowflakes, ribbons, roving, yarn…among other things..

LOTS of ideas~

Sweet little pin cushions made inside an old mason jar lid!  Very cute!


Love the way there are different coloured buttons on each wool tongue!


Here is the Wool Lady herself…not a very good picture of her…caught her in a laugh!  She took time out to show me how she dyes wool…yes she sells Cushings Dye!!  She has three draws of it and in all the colours!


I could have EASILY spent another hour here but…it was lunch time…TILL NEXT TIME…

Well that’s two shops down…two more to go!  But first lunch…you can sure work up an appetite shopping! 


Here’s the motley crew getting ready to chow down! 

Make sure you come back tomorrow…we are off to Temecula Quilt Co…..OOOooooh the quilts there were exquisite!!  Seeing is believing…I’m just sayin’….

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You are right, the shop looks incredible. You could do some real damage there. The pincushions in the mason jar lid are really cute. Great idea.

  2. Who knew that the fabric of our society here was soooo cheap!! No wonder you enjoy your bargains so much! Have a Happy Holiday, and "buy more fabric"... that would make Rick happy, too, I'm sure!

  3. Wowza, I need to 'win' a trip out there!! I'd be in wool heaven for sure!! I'd have trouble over what all to buy!! LOL
    What a great shop and one I hope to open one day soon!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a wonderful shop! Also, looking forward to seeing what you have to offer in the blog hop!

  5. Loved the look on Anne's face, I think you have swayed her. What a mecca of wool!

  6. You're making me wish I could work with wool, Paulette! Looks like a lovely place, although I'd be itching inside a minute!

  7. I could easily spend hours in that shop!!

  8. Oh, my, I've done a "Paulette drool" all down the front of me. Wow, what an amazing shop!

  9. Your being in that wool shop isn't fair!!! I want to be there! LOL
    Keep snapping the photos....I love em!

  10. I'm in it to win it! I would so love to win the little Accuquilt Go Baby! And what a great tour you shared with us on your trip. I lived in Lake Elsinore, Ca. I know Temecula well. Thanks for the memories!

  11. Oh look at all of that lovely wool! I am here from Sew Cal GAls Blog..I will definitely be back Thursday! Have a great week!