Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Christmas Email…

…arrived on my computer yesterday..filled with lots of quilty goodness and cheer!!  I just HAVE to share it with you…and with the other Club House Quilters here at The Sands! 

Seattle Judy will be on her way soon…would you believe she packs her little car to the rafters and drives all by herself down to Desert Hot Springs!  Not an easy feat for anyone all alone…and she does it in TWO days!!  What with clothes, her sewing machine, notions and fabric Judy has no room to bring her finished quilts…so she sent pictures!!

You need to know that Judy is a fabulous quilter and like me, loves Civil War prints.  Ahhhh yes, I fondly remember a few trips to our favourite quilt shops in the search of such fabric…sigh…

It took TWO trips :o) to the Calico Horse to complete this quilt…The pattern is called Lancaster and it is stunning…


I was in awe with every gorgeous block sewn…


And just look at the machine quilting that her friend, Cathy did!!  Perfection!



Seattle Judy bought this kit, called Shoo-Fly while we were on a trip to the Quilter’s Coop in Temecula!! ( Ahhh yes….I remember it well!! )  And look it’s all FINISHED and  perfect for this table…and with the doll…love it!!


And LOOK at this little table topper!!  I NEED to make THIS ONE!!  Another purchase at the Coop…called Mary Smith’s Dishrag!  Anything BUT a dishrag!!


And this is what Judy is busy finishing off right now (Holiday Stars)…this sweet little Christmas runner…matches…


..her Christmas WRAPPING PAPER!!  Don’t you just love it!!  Smile


AND I have saved the BEST for last!!  If you remember correctly, Seattle Judy had caught the WOOL BUG…ahhh those nasty germs! haha


I REMEMBER THIS ONE from the Wool Lady Shop…and helping Judy pick out her wools…isn’t it wonderful!!  And look at the sweet frame…how cute is THAT!!  It’s called We Are Family…and is another one to add to the TO DO LIST!

Do you know what I find AMAZING?  Judy got ALL of her projects FINISHED!

AND you know what that means.. because Judy completed all of her projects I can see a trip to the Calico Horse…and the Coop…and the Wool Lady Shop happening in the very near future!! 

Way to go Judy!!  Safe travels…!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wow to Judy!! Way to go!
    Absolutely stunning work-love the first quilt especially and of course the woolly picture:)
    Amazing lot of work-a well deserved trip to those shops is called for and of course you must go too:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Kudos to Judy for getting all of her projects finished. Maybe you could get her to come to Victoria to help me finish some of mine.lol You know I'll be looking forward to your trip to the Calico Horse and The Coop. What a treat that will be.

  3. Wonderful finishes! There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all... Thank you for sharing with us all. Have a wonderful day, Kim

  4. My heart went pitter pattern when I saw the picture of the Lancaster quilt. A look I like.
    The snowman quilt is adorable. Cute, cute.

  5. I am in the process of making my second Civil War quilt.. but I see a third in the offing.

    Thanks so much for sharing all the eye candy. And the little snow men are on my list too only as a hooking project.

  6. Lovely work! The snowman runner is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. WOW Judy's work is stunning!...and FUN!!!!!

  8. Lots of wonderful pieces and I really love the snowmen. Wish I had been able to shop earlier so I could have gotten some nice patterns, so will have to wait till next year.


  9. Such a gorgeous quilt.Great job!

  10. What a great little show and tell. Yay for Judy!!!

  11. Judy is a fine quilter!..nice work!!

  12. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love your blog! I am a quilter/crafter and I would like to invite you to visit my quilt blog!
    Yours, Ulla
    (Ulla's Quilt World)