Friday, December 9, 2011

Sales…SALES! S-A-L-E-S!!!!!

Have you SEEN the Sales that are being offered over at GREEN FAIRY QUILTS??  They always have good buys BUT right now they have SALES AND FREE SHIPPING!!!  Be still my heart!! 

And Calico Horse in Redlands (about a 35 minute drive from HERE) is having a SALE today!!  How do you American Quilters manage to stay out of the POOR HOUSE?  If I lived down here permanently I would definitely have to get a job…maybe in a Quilting Shop…hmmm…food for thought!!

This week’s Quilting in the Clubhouse…

Look what Gwen made out of green yoyos, a Styrofoam cone, buttons, beads and a candle holder!  Adorable and the perfect size for a trailer!

P1160423 - Copy

Gwen is also making awesome progress on her wool mat…it’s a Nutmeg Hare pattern called…Christmas in the Valley!  SEW DANG CUTE!!  Check out Nutmeg Hare’s other patterns…adorable…the one that is currently calling my name is Santa’s Helpers…and the Scarecrow one…and the Will You be My Friend…and….

P1160426 - Copy

Little bitty pieces of wool…and Gwen is loving it!!  She is SEW hooked!!…SEW HOOKED that she is taking all the Clubhouse quilters to Temecula tomorrow to visit The Wool Lady Shop, The Quilter’s Coop and Temecula Quilts and Co….  YIPPEEE!!

P1160427 - Copy

Deb continues to work on her Crazy Eights Quilt…lots of “ohhhh…ahhhh” coming from the Peanut Gallery!  She is starting to form the rows…it should be a quilt by the end of the day!!  I love the way Deb brings this flannel backed tablecloth…she can just roll it up and take it with her whenever she feels like it …without fear of loosing pieces and everything stays as is!!  Got to get me one!!  Think of the time this would save…just unroll and sew!

P1160430 - Copy

Kim has gone Pillow Crazy!  On our trip to Yucca Valley Kim found some wonderful, crazy fabric…perfect pillowcase fabric for her nieces!  Here she is magically turning the fabric right side out and presto!…Pillowcase!  If you want to see her method then check out Missouri and Co. Video on how to make a Pillowcase…it’s very slick!

P1160443 - Copy

Here is Pillowcase NUMBER ONE- now what young girl wouldn’t want to rest her head on THIS pillowcase…

P1160444 - Copy

PLEASE note that Kim’s nieces are all consenting adults…over 18 and single…:) Just sayin’…

P1160446 - Copy

Anne was busy working on this project…batiks and turtles…they sure go well together!  Just look at the water…perfect!


Anne bought this as a kit from one of her local QS back home.


So there you have it…some quilt shopping and some Quilt sewing…Life doesn’t get any better than this!!

Have a FUN FRIDAY and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You lucky duck!!! Getting to go to all those quilt shops today!! Wish I was with you....or following you..... I wanna goooooooo. I've never been to them, but hope to make the trip this winter. I'm going to start 'buttering up' the mister. hehehe

  2. Hi Paulette,
    I was on the Green Fairy website before I checked your blog. I ordered a couple of charm paks to do the little twister. What size was your twister tool? I have to buy one of those yet. I'm still going to do one in the Primitive Gatherings material when it comes out. What a cute Xmas tree with the yoyos. Let your imagination run with it. Have a great day. Living vicariously through you. hahaha

  3. Sounds as though you are going to have a fun day ahead of you.....Love the Yo-Yo tree, very clever to use the candle holder!

    Carolyn :)

  4. Another fun day at the clubhouse. Woohoo!!!!

    The wool project has me intrigued. teehee!!!!

  5. Green Fairy quilts always has great prices and sales! I'm having a GIVEAWAY of $20 to Green Fairy Quilts on my blog right now, so come on by to enter :)

  6. Wonderful projects from your group, and a lot of diversity which is nice to see and learn by.


  7. Your writings and pictures always seem so upbeat and cheerful. It is a pleasant journey reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sounds as though you are going to have a fun day ahead of you.....Love the Yo-Yo tree, very clever to use the candle holder! Carolyn :)