Saturday, December 10, 2011

SALE + Calico Horse= SCORE!!

Just say the word SALE and I start to hyperventilate…throw in the words ‘Calico Horse’ and I need OXYGEN!!

Yesterday was The Calico Horse Quilting Shop’s one day Christmas Sale…my husband offered to drive..SEW… we swung by Kim’s and picked her up, along with her hubby.  NOW that was easy…too easy!!  Would you believe the boys had already made plans to go to Camping World (which is near The Calico Horse)…which was fine with us…better than fine!  Yahoo…no rushing around for us…we could take our time!

Kim had never been to the Calico Horse Quilt Shop before…telling someone how great a shop is just doesn’t compare to actually showing someone!!  Kim’s eyes glazed over…and I know that feeling!!  Such a wonderful shop with tons of eye candy!!  If you are EVER near Redlands, CA just swing off the exit for Tenneson St, turn left and head on down road…you can’t miss it.  Literally five seconds off the freeway and so worth it!


The staff is SEW friendly…Donna actually REMEMBERS me, remembers that I am Canadian, that we Snowbird in Desert Hot Spring and that I come armed with a camera..and that I write a blog!  The staff at my QS shop back home doesn’t even know this!! 

But back to the Calico Horse…Every time I go to this shop they have changed the quilts on the walls!  New displays all the time…and gorgeous quilts…with tons of kits ready to take home!


Here’s the new line of fabric called Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird…so beautiful!  Makes me want to change the colour schemes in my house back home.  So delicious up close and personal…


Sweet little Christmas quilts throughout the shop…DSCN1538DSCN1539DSCN1540

LOVE this red and white quilt…it was behind the wool and wool patterns…so I didn’t even notice it!  HOW could I NOT notice this quilt????  It’s gorgeous!!  AND look at all those kits…and they were on SALE too!  Sheeeesh!


All Christmas fabric was 40% off and all remnants were 50% off…and we are talking CIVIL WAR FABRICS!!  Insert a Happy Dance here…Kim and I were swinging each other around…hope they didn’t notice!!


Whew!!  It was a wonderful day…great deals…wonderful shop..and did I mention that the day was sunny and very warm…a PERFECT day!! 

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. tap, tap, tap, excuse me!!!! hello..... what did you buy???? what did kim buy????

    Fun trip!

  2. Sew where are the goods? Don't tease us like that. Silly girl.

  3. How could anyone not remember you...but then again back home no one does wool! Thank you for the slide show...I am drooling!

  4. You're too cute! I enjoyed visiting the shop with you and thankfully it didn't cost me a thing! =)

    I would have to say that friendly people make the difference in a shop. I have twice been to a shop in a town near here and the people are just snoody...and honestly, I don't really know why they would be so unhelpful and snobbish. UGH...I doubt I would ever buy from them...I get friendlier service on the internet. =)

  5. Thanks for sharing.....loved seeing this shop.

  6. Sounds liek you had a great time, where are the goodies???

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  9. I totally can vision you doing the Sweet P happy twirl through out the quilt shop.

  10. Oh wow...I will live vicariously through your enjoyment...happy dance all around! I loved that red and white quilt!

  11. Well I went to Jo anns, not as great for prim fabrics, but i got what I needed for today, lol.


  12. Looks like a great time - and a great shop!

  13. Hey, didn't see anything you purchased. Such a lovely shop I'm sure you didn't get out of there empty handed.

  14. Are you trying to make us believe that you didn't buy anything? Well, I'm not falling for that one. Come on, confess.

    Oh and that red quilt is gorgeous.

  15. There is nothing like a sale of fabrics to make the heart thump and thump....I am experiencing a lot of thumping here in Florida. Love the shop and all those quilts...sighing here.

  16. Omgosh you are hilarious!! I can just picture y'all swinging around the store!!!