Sunday, December 11, 2011


All Seven of the Club House Quilters stuffed themselves into Gwen’s van (almost leaving ME behind…but that’s for another post!!) and we pulled out of The Sands bright and early Saturday morning!

It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day but did we care…not when we had this to look at!!  First STOP was the Quilter’s Coop Quilt Shop!! 

Loved this little table topper…

P1160455 - Copy - Copy

All Christmas patterns, books and fabric were 25% off so the Coop was getting low on supplies…but I managed to nab some deals!

P1160456 - Copy - Copy

Loved this wool applique Poinsettia…it was hanging by a window and that DARN bright light made the red wool turn an orangey colour…trust me it was a lovely deep rich burgundy red and it was gorgeous!

P1160457 - Copy

We quickly fanned out and took over the shop!!  Here are Kim and Karen checking their lists…P1160458 - Copy

I’m going to get Anne (aka..The Batik Lover) Wool CRAZY if it kills me!!  Hey good sign…she is in the WOOL section of the store!

P1160459 - Copy

Yes, we all managed to find some treasures to buy…BUT forget about that!   LOOK at all the quilts hanging…Is it any wonder that you have difficulty SEEING anything when you are in this shop!!  AND this shop goes WAAAAAAYYYY back…to a classroom and a SALES ROOM!


The cutting area…and more quilts hanging…


Why is it that whenever I take out my camera people RUN?  What’s with that?


Heading into the wool area….


Here we are…and turn…



Patterns and wool…


Another angle…




Well that’s it for the Quilter’s Coop…hope you enjoyed it as much as we did….  Nahhh…ain’t possible!

Now we are going to scurry across the street to THE WOOL LADY’S SHOP…into her brand new THREE TIMES BIGGER SHOP!!  The wool economy is alive and doing VERY WELL in Temecula!!  Stay tuned for pictures of our adventures with the Wool Lady..tomorrow!!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. What a wonderful shop Paulette - really full of eye candy. Did you happen to see the pattern name for that adorable tree in the wool section - the one with the strips and wool pennies - I think I NEED that one, lol.

    Hugs - Karen

  2. Well, Paulette, as you know, I'm not a quilter...yet!! I sure enjoyed all those colorful fabrics and designs though. Maybe, just maybe....

  3. Yup, Rick needs to build a nice big quilting supply storage barn for you! Those are some nice things you found.

  4. Hi!
    When you were at the Temecula shop, did you see her new BOM, with the 5 in squares, 2 applique, 2 pieced/month? 48 squares in all?
    I love that pattern, but looks like only sold as a BOM.
    Glad you are enjoying your trip!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. Looks like a super shop. What a lot of fun.

  6. You got to go again!!! Yeah you!!! I too like that little table topper quite a bit actually!! Do you remember the size or there abouts? It doesn't look too terribly big in the other photo.
    Also...send me your address please.

  7. I wonder if the camera thing would work when a sale is going on?....Nah, Quilters are serious when it comes to saving
    Wishing that I was in California, again.

  8. :You rascal, you.....keeping us waiting to see THE WOOL LADY'S SHOP. It's not fair (feet stomping!!!). See ya tomorrow.

  9. I like the Temecula quilt shop also. The wool shop is expanding I'll have to check that out.

  10. Love LOve LOVE! that topper in the first picture---and omg the wool!---O dang I wish I had been on that trip with you!! *sigh* Thanks for the 'virtual' ride, tho. ;)

  11. What a beautiful shop! Quilters heaven. And I love the Tree table topper. Is that a Thimbleberries pattern??

  12. I can't wait to see what you bought me, lol;)
    We have a prim shop, but she doesn't have the newest things, wish I had time to get up to the quilted crow, but will have to wait. I have lots of goodies this year that I need to use and work on.


  13. So Jealous of your fabulous shopping excursions! Take me next year please....

  14. I just can't imagine the Wool Lady having a shop 3X bigger than what she had, i had a problem getting out of the little one!!!!

  15. Wow! I would be walking around with my mouth open in there! LOL I love that tree topper in the first photo~ very cute. And the wool looks pretty nice too. I am taking the woolie plunge! Have a happy week!

  16. I think I'm turning green with envy over all this shopping time at such great shops! I so enjoy them with your group.