Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Temecula Quilt Co.

FYI..we are still quilt shop hopping in Temecula, CA…next stop was The Temecula Quilt Co.!  It’s a small shop but it carries a VERY powerful punch!  MAGNIFICENT QUILTS!!  We quickly fanned out and took over the shop…


Throughout the shop there are little mini displays that catch your eye…like this little guy…I WANT to make him!


We had to pull him out for a better look…those little squares finished at 1/2”…now that’s small!  Isn’t this ADORABLE!!


And see this Courthouse Step Log Cabin Quilt…the strips finish at 1/2…maybe 3/4” wide!  Gorgeous!


This is definitely a Lori Smith applique quilt and look at those sweet little guys…I see a bow tie quilt!


Lovely wool for $2 a piece.


I loved the way the shop had ladders positioned here and there with lovely quilts draped over…


And look what was on a shelf under a table…a stunning yo-yo quilt!!  Wow!


I have always wanted to make a green and red quilt…how perfect is this…and it’s SEW GO! friendly!!  It’s calling my name…


And look at this Lil’Twister in only two colours…a red print and a creamy white…it was unanimous…we ALL loved this one!


SEW much eye candy!!


Even the bulletin board was perfect!  Look at how the magnets have buttons, spools and letters glued to them!  Very clever and creative!  You could easily do this in your sewing room…


Another red and white quilt calling my name!


Even the classroom was surrounded by beautiful quilts!!  Such inspiration!


LOVED this quilt and in all MY colours!


Here’s a better look…P1160502

Some wonderful ideas for Christmas Stockings!


This hexagon quilt had large hexies..all done with paper templates and hand stitched…what a beauty!


I’m not positive but I THINK this is the shops BOM.  Isn’t it pretty…but very small!


Whew…I don’t know about you…but I am exhausted!!  So many things that I would LOVE to make…what about you?  Anything calling YOUR name??

kEEP READING…BELOW… (I had to publish in two parts…)


  1. That shop is packed full of fun stuff. I love it ALL.

  2. What a great quilt shop hop you took us on P. Can't wait to see what ended up in your just had to have bag. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for showing all this. I got so inspired :)

  4. Oh, What a lovely trip!
    Hope you bought lots to make up for all of us who can't be there with you!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. This is a store I would love to shop in.


  6. I wish I lived nearby! Did they have that green and red Broken Dishes quilt in a kit?

  7. I knew I could count on you with more photos! I'm jumping up and down here because YOU snapped a photo of a quilt rack idea I hadn't thought of!!! See that old rack? I own a few from European flea market outings...I've hung them sideways and draped quilts that way but never did I think to make small loops on little quilts an hang them like that! OMG...my mind is racing!!!
    Also...my surgery for Fri is cancelled since Dr. loss a relative. They wanted to reschedule for Tues and I said no way...son coming in from college and b-day week...so I get to look forward to Jan 6th now. Ick. I now want to get crackin on the table topper quilt you shared. Here I am all caught up and ready for Christmas!

  8. Wow, can't imagin 1/2 inch squares! Have you ever made anything that small? Doesn't the courthouse step look like ornaments? Thanks for the guide.

  9. What a fun place! That very first pic, the quilt with the triangles is really calling my name...I love it!

  10. I love this shop, everything is calling my name. When will I get the time. Thanks.

  11. Well....yes I guess you are still on the go. What a fun shop. I also thought the loops on the corner of the quilt was a great way to hang the little quilts.

  12. Every time I see pictures of this store I saw I've got to get there. The displays are beautiful and so inspiring. Thanks for taking us along - I can travel through you.


  13. Wow,your post sure took a long time to look at! Wonderful pictures!