Friday, December 2, 2011

Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew…

NoteOhhhhhh the ….. the weather outside was frightful but the fire inside was delightful, and since we had no place to go…

Note Let Me Sew! Let Me Sew! Let MEEEE Sew! Note

It doesn't any better than this, I was in total bliss…the wind howled yesterday so I set myself up in the kitchen…and sewed…two packs of charm squares…7 squares X 7 squares and put on a 3” border  …and then the fun began…


I got out the Lil’ Twister ruler…and started cutting…


Here’s a picture of the pattern…and the ruler comes with it!


Oh man, I have NEVER had so much fun putting together a quilt…each little twister was a surprise!


There SHE blows…and BLOW the winds did…our 5th wheel was just a rockin’..inside and out! (excuse the dog toy…:)


The Lil’Twister was fun and easy and fairly quick to put together!!  Here she is getting sandwiched and pinned ready for quilting….


Isn’t she pretty…in an understated Christmasy way!


This morning the sun is shining and NOT a BREATH OF W..D!! (I don’t want to say the word…just in case it’s waiting….)

So what kind of mischief can I get up to today??  Hmm….How about a trip to YUCCA VALLEY?  (Whoever named Yucca Valley didn’t get it right!  It’s anything but YUCCA!!  I know…I know it’s named after the plant but really…we have Skunk Weed around where we live…well I’m sure you get my drift!) Anyways calling ALL CLUBHOUSE QUILTERS- if you want to go to Yucca Valley we can head out after Yoga…9:30-10am…hit my favourite Thrift ‘Boutique’ and the two quilt shops…have a little lunch before we head back??…If SEW…email me and I will swing by to pick you up!!  YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN OUR RV PARK or DESERT HOT SPRINGS TO QUALIFY!  (much as I’d like you ALL to come!! haha) 

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. A lot of my quilting buddies have made those Twister quilts--seems kind of redundant--make one quilt, cut it up to make another, but they sure are cute!

  2. Your voice is beautiful.. Hope you have a fun day.

  3. That ruler is amazing! I love the colors, and the quilt was lovely as it was, and with the ruler, the quilt went from lovely to stunning! I will have to get one of these rulers...thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. Lovely Lil' Twister quilt!
    Oooooh, would love to go thrifting and and visit the quilt shops. Too far "out of town," though. :-(
    Have FUN!!!

    We had those winds blow through here last night. Power outages, and still more wind today. Rain/snow mix on it's way this afternoon. I'm staying in!

  5. Lovely quilt! I'll have to take a look at the ruler. Another item to add to my list.

  6. What a sweet little quilt! I need to try one of these Twisters. I have never seen the ruler so will have to be on the hunt for it.
    The wind is howling today in Alberta too but I would think that the temps are far different here than what you are enjoying down south.

  7. This is the first time I've seen the twister ruler really show the process. Now I feel like I could get into it. Thank you. It is so beautiful.

  8. Aren't those fun to make? I did the mini one that Primitive Gatherings put out that I got at Road last year. I love the colors you used. I bought that same pack from Fat Quarters when I went last weekend, they had their floor model done in 30's with black and white polka dot background fabric, I need to make it! Did you enjoy our Santa Ana winds? They were especially bad this time around.

  9. You're so much fun Paulette. I hope you're still RVing when I retire so I can go on impromptu shopping trips with you. Love the lil twister. I made a couple many years ago in a class that I love.

  10. I bought this ruler a few months ago and made the quilt in a Sunday afternoon. It was fun, easy and quite quick to put together. My daughter suggested I make place mats using the Lil' Twister. I forgot all about it, but after seeing yours, I think I'll haul it out and make a few for gifts. I love your Christmas fabrics. Looks like it will be a cute quilt to put under your Christmas tree. Hope your day is lovely and sunny and free of wind.

  11. The perfect quilt for all the wind in CA.
    I think that is neat how the ruler works to make them, beautiful piece.


  12. Have never done one of these, but yours is very Christmassy!!

  13. Your Lil Twister looks great! I love it done up square like that! :0)

  14. What a sweet little quilt. I bet it was just a joy to make.

  15. Oh, Paulette, what fun you are having.
    I want to join in.
    I want to join in the fun with the Lil' Twister. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas ???????
    I want to join the fun going to Yucca Valley. [my brother lives out that way] I want to join the fun shopping.
    I'm ready ! ! !
    I certainly must qualify for the trip - - - I used to live in DHS
    Heh, heh :*)

  16. Love your fabrics. :) blessings, marlene

  17. Qwesome quilt.It`s the first time I see the twister ruler and thanks to sharing.

  18. Ohhh, how awesome- the quilt is and you having as much fun as you are!!!:) I wished I was close to you because I would definitely be saying, swing by and pick me up!!:) Sounds like a fun time to me!! Have a great weekend!!

  19. Well, my first reaction to the pretwister was wow, this does not look like Paulette. But then after you twisted - how adorable. Another to add to my list.

  20. Love your quilt!. The little twister rulers are a lot of fun to play with. I have made one that is about 7 inches. Have a couple more to cut out!! You just want to make more!

  21. I have the Little Twister and have been wanting to make such a quilt, but haven't yet had time. Sounds the like weather made a perfect quilting day.....and your Twister is truly spectacular. Love, love, love it!


  22. I thought it would be easy to find this little ruler but i haven't found one yet. Haven't looked really hard yet but it may have to be a full-time mission soon. Was hoping to support my lqs but if they don't carry it ..... Love the colors you chose.

  23. now that is a cute idea! the Christmas colours!!!..nice work Paulette!!

  24. I love my Lil Twister ruler too. I used it to make my Wreath topper (oh dear, just realised I now have 2 quilts I refer to as Christmas Wreaths - one's going to have to get a new name) that I showed recently.

  25. Have the rulers, Just need to get those Charms out and stitch them! Thanks for showing us your Twister!

  26. Too cool!! This is quite a quilter's find. Especially since it allows for such a lovely outcome. Your Lil' Twister is amazing.