Thursday, December 18, 2014

Something To Crow About…

…is the name of this lovely quilt shop…and YES, they have lots to Crow about!  Thought you’d like to see inside this sweet  shop that is located in Springfield, Oregon…just off the I-5…IMG_2872 - Copy

I’m going to let you wander…!

IMG_2873 - CopyIMG_2874 - CopyIMG_2875 - CopyIMG_2876 - CopyIMG_2877 - CopyIMG_2878 - CopyIMG_2879 - CopyIMG_2880 - CopyIMG_2882 - CopyIMG_2883 - CopyIMG_2884 - CopyIMG_2885 - Copy

I LOVE this stocking quilt…they were sold out of patterns last Christmas and they STILL don’t have the pattern for it!  I stopped here on my way home in March because they assured me the pattern would be in by then…and it wasn’t!  It’s still not in…I think it’s time to take this baby down!



IMG_2887 - CopyIMG_2888 - Copy

On Sale…everything that is Patriotic…wouldn’t you know it!

IMG_2889 - CopyIMG_2890 - CopyIMG_2891 - Copy

Stuff even on the roof!

IMG_2892 - CopyIMG_2893 - Copy

I was lucky enough to catch Joyce Dean Gieszle’s Trunk Show…

IMG_2894 - CopyIMG_2895 - CopyIMG_2896IMG_2897

She was promoting her latest book….Then and Now Quilts!


So there you have it…the FIRST Quilt Show of the Season!!  Let the good times roll!!  Thanks for traveling along with us!

Tomorrow we are heading to Corning, CA!  Be there or be square!  Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What to TAKE?!



Sewing tools in the tool kit, a small stash of wool, my quilting hoop, new projects and old…Yup, once again I am taking WAY TOO much ‘stuff’ as we ‘Snowbird’ south for our ‘Winter’ in Desert Hot Springs.  (DHS is just one of the many Desert Cities located in the Palm Springs area.)  In all fairness, as I told hubby…it’s ONLY the three towers of totes…the fourth tower in the background, on the right, stays home!  As I said… you can’t be sight seeing ALL the time…and you don’t want Mama with idle hands!

Time of arrival will be SUNDAY, December 21…to SUNNY SKIES and 22C!!  Sounds perfect, right?…yikes…that’s 72F…when in Rome do as the Romans do!  :o)

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P

Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Christmas Day…

…is over for another year!  We had our special day on Saturday and let me tell you, it was WONDERFUL! 

With ‘kids’ scattered all across Canada, it is hard to get everyone together for Christmas…we have pretty much given up!  BUT by declaring Saturday, Dec. 13th our Christmas Day we managed to get a houseful!

This year we did something a little different with regard to gift giving.  Our numbers are growing…what with the addition of significant others and the birth of a baby…just too many to buy for!  So we drew names…everyone was responsible for buying a gift for that person.  We set our price limit and off we went!  What fun it was to find something special for that ONE person! (no stress either!)

When it came time to unwrap, our anticipation was high…and no one was disappointed!  Everyone took their gift buying seriously…wanting to make that gift extra SPECIAL…and special they were!

Let me show you what I got…my future son-in-law picked my name and he MADE me my gift!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled with it!!  His hobby is painting…no not walls…although I’m SURE he excels at that too!!  He paints Art masterpieces…I had admired a painting in their home… of a crow and it was beautiful!  Of course I “ohhhed” and “ahhhhed” as I love crows and this one was so well done!  I was in awe at the workmanship!  Check it out… he painted ME my very own CROW!


Isn’t he magnificent!!  Crows are right up there with sheep, snowmen and pumpkins, gingerbread men and stars!  I absolutely LOVE HIM!!

I took him outside so that you could see him in natural light…


Just look at THAT face…the eyes are PERFECT crow’s eyes and the feathers are incredible!!


I auditioned him…all over the house and he seemed most at home beside the Settler’s Pride quilt…


He’s none too pleased to be placed beside a birdhouse though!  And wouldn’t you know that the sun would shine right on him at the moment that I was taking his picture!


It’s like the spotlight was turned on him…


Yes, I think he is going to be very happy in his new home…but I  may have to move that bird house!! :))

This is one of my best gifts ever…handmade and from the heart!  Doesn’t get any better than this!  Thank YOU so much (F)uture SIL…WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!  Just so you know…this week’s posts may be sporadic as we Snowbirders start our migration south for the winter…but not to worry…Mr. Crow will be holding down the fort!!~P

PS…did you hear that Primitive Gatherings is opening another shop…in Murrieta, CA, a short drive from the Palm Springs area!!  (insert Happy Dance…!)  I still don’t know when the opening is…fingers crossed that it is this Winter…and IF IT IS, can you guess who be the first one there, with camera in hand?! :o))