Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cowichan Exhibition…

Once again the Cowichan Fall Exhibition was a huge success!  The quilting section is just a wee small part of the annual fair but it is seems to get bigger and bigger every year!  Apparently Quilting is alive and doing very well in the Cowichan Valley!

I am just going to let you wander as there are just too many quilts for comments…so enjoy!!  You might even see a few quilts that have been on this blog before!IMG_1914IMG_1916IMG_1917IMG_1921IMG_1922IMG_1923IMG_1924




I KNOW…overwhelming isn’t it!!  And this was just a snippet of the quilt display!  I hope you ENJOYED the wee little tour…a real tribute to the Cowichan Valley Quilters!

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy stitching!~P

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spreading the LOVE…

Yup…that’s me, spreading some LOVE your way this morning!!  :o))

I have been working on my Moda Love table topper…it was the FREE project put out by Moda for the ‘Moda LOVE Blog Hop’!  This is the Jan Patek version of the quilt…with a few modifications!  Quilters have the right to change it up a bit…right?

So here it is in the sections that Jan talks about in her video on how to make this quilt.

IMG_2037 - Copy

Her advice is to work on the applique in sections as the quilt is easier to handle that way.  Jan is the Queen of Applique so I followed her advice…and she was SEW right!  Much easier!

To sew my half square triangles I pulled these ‘Stitching Lines’ from my cupboard!  These babies are worth their weight in gold!  I had used my first package up!  (They were a gift from the creator…you can read about that HERE! Mary from Marin &Colusa is one VERY smart quilter!)  Not to worry…I found more Stitching Lines at Monica’s Quilt Shop down south! LOVE THEM!! You can find them HERE on Mary’s blog!!


Instead of drawing lines corner to corner, you cut the Stitching Lines to length, place it on top of your square, corner to corner…and sew away.  In two seconds you have your triangles made…correction… your PERFECT triangles made!!


I chain pieced them…and in one second had the papers off.  They are made from that soft paper that tears with very little effort!


And of course, you SAVE the left overs for smaller squares down the road!!


Then I got out my Bloc Loc Ruler…another product that I LOVE!!  This ruler is worth every penny!!  LOVE IT!!! (told you this post was all about LOVE)


Another thing that I LOVE is to use up stuff that I have been hoarding for a long time!!  I have an Applique Bin and inside that bin is a ziplock bag full of left overs…WELL…I managed to use the left over vines from another project…

IMG_2038 - Copy

…and the left over Butcher Paper leaves…


I found four left over stars…


I even found the left over berries!!  This saved me a TON of work!  It pays to be a HOARDER!!


I also tried out these applique pins that were inside the tote that my daughter made me for my birthday!  LOVE* LOVE *THEM!!


Then I pinning everything down…


Everything was going so smoothly until I hit a snag…I smelled something burning…WHAT THE?


I have NO IDEA what that thick hunk of plastic was…but it gave off a foul odour and it was a gummy mess!!  I did not LOVE this!!  I must remember to get rid of the clutter…:o)


In the middle of Jan’s quilt she appliqued a sweet house…on mine I wanted a wreath…just because!  So I sprayed the vine with starch and moulded it around a lid..and ironed it to take on that shape…and it stayed!  Never throw away lids…


Yup…it’s taking shape!


I will stitch the vines and then start placing….IMG_2056

…the rest of the do-dads!


Ahhhhhh…there is nothing like spreading the LOVE!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P