Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lost…and FOUND!

Has this ever happen to you…?  You start something, misplace it…find it (YEARS) later and go…WHAT THE?…Oh Yeah… I remember this!

That’s what happen to this little bin!  This was going to be a baby boy quilt…sixteen blocks were made…put into the tote, with fabric and promptly forgotten!!  I was working at the time and it got the best of me….  Meanwhile the baby is now about 8 or 9 years old!  Yup, you guessed it…he NEVER received a quilt!


There was no pattern in the bin…so what to do with it now?


Can you tell that I had fun playing with the blocks…?


It could be a winter quilt?  Maybe snowmen stitcheries between each block?


But do I really NEED a Winter Quilt….Hmmm…. I’m leaning towards a baby quilt…


Food for thought…

Meanwhile…I am still painting…the bathroom is looking great!!  I painted the trim and door yesterday and the new lights went up…WOW, I can SEE!!  But company is coming for the weekend so everything has been put away…!  Next week I will paint the cabinets and then call it a day!  It will be DONE…(have I mentioned how much I hate painting?)

Maybe by next week I will also get back into the SEWING ROOM!  I can’t wait!!  It’s been calling my name…  “Sweet P…come and PLAY…”  Can you hear it?

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P

Friday, April 11, 2014

I’ve Been Missing in…Action?

Well…not exactly!  There’s been plenty of action…just no quilting action!!  Lots of unpacking, gardening, cutting down trees…I’m even painting a bathroom…but alas…no quilting! 

Once I ‘get caught up’ with everything, I’m sure I will be back at ‘er on a regular basis…just bear with me!!

I DID go to Heritage Quilting on Monday…how could I’s sew much fun to see what everyone is working on!! 

I have to show you this antique quilt that came in…drop dead gorgeous!!


A Log Cabin beauty…


This piece of paper was pinned to one corner…the owner must have tried to sell it at one time…dating the quilt at 1875! 


The quilt was in amazing shape with just a few worn spots…


Many of the ‘logs’ are extremely thin…less than 1/2” in thickness…


…forming small wee log cabins…


Up close and personal…the logs aren’t very consistent in size…they were all hand stitched together.  We noticed that the outside log for each block seemed to be the log that varied in size the most…I guess the quilter cut it to fit  with the other blocks!


But when you step back…magnificent!!


Don’t you ever wonder if the quilts that you are working on will stand the test of time?  Will they become family heirloom to be treasured and past on to the next generation or will they be donated to the nearest thrift shop…Food for thought, isn’t it….

As I ponder that,  it’s back to my painting…and gardening…and clipping, chopping, weeding……

Have a Fun Friday and I hope you get to spend a little time in your sewing room today!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

This is The House That Shirley Built…

Well actually, Shirley built SEVERAL houses…all bright and FUN houses!  Houses fit for a neighbourhood full of kids!  This would be the PERFECT child’s quilt… 


Just look at these wonderful houses…childrens’ faces pressed to each window pane!


I can almost SEE Mr. Rogers strolling down the street singing ‘Won’t YOU be my neighbour”…with all the cute and very precocious children screaming “YES!”!


But to heck with the kids…LOOK at the quilting!!  It just adds another element of whimsy to the quilt!

See the Christmas House…the children get to celebrate Christmas all year long!  Can you see the chain of holly leaves…and don’t you love the fireplace bricks!


And I love the trees…with the wispy clouds and blades of grass!


My favourite…the loop-t-loops and stars and the happy sun in the corner!


And check out the night time quilt…the children peeking out of the windows…and the same stars twinkling in the sky!


There’s even a CAT HOUSE!…well there is!!  Cats in the windows and look at the ‘meow’ quilting!


And LOVE the night time trees…very sweet!


Shirley has an amazing collection of bright fabric…or rather HAD an amazing collection of bright and happy fabric!  Makes me want to start collecting…


Yup…any kid would LOVE this quilt…even big kids like ME!


Thanks for sharing, Shirley!!  I love it!!

…and NO, I don’t know the name of the neighbourhood…sorry! :o((

Have a FUN, whimsical Friday and Happy Quilting~P