Monday, July 21, 2014

It’s Christmas In July…

You heard me…today at our Heritage Quilt Guild Meeting it’s Christmas in July!  All members are suppose to bring whatever they have made or are in the process of making that pertains to CHRISTMAS.  Everything will be put on display creating our own little mini Quilt Show!  Hopefully this will spur us on to finish up those projects or perhaps inspire us to start something NEW…gawd forbid!!…:o))!

I didn’t have to dig too deep…as several of these Christmas projects were hanging on the rails of my mid-arm!  And you guessed it…they are not yet quilted!

I’m talking about these two Jan Patek table runners…IMG_1545

I love them!  You can bet that I will be quilting these two quilts long before Christmas!!  They are both made out of Jan Patek’s fabric called  “Fellowship”!  The top snowman runner is pieced and needle turned appliqued and the Donner, Blitzen is raw edged machine stitched appliqued.  I love them both! 


I am still plugging away on Snowy Days by Heart to Hand…working on the ‘special effects’!  I still have a long way to go…but it’s all about the journey…right?…RIGHT?


This Lynette Anderson quilt is also hanging on the railings of the mid-arm.  The plan is to do an all over loop with stars quilting so it won’t take long at all…it ‘should’ get done before Christmas…if all goes well!!


I started this one a few years back…the centres to each star had to be hand embroidered with the wee reindeer.  I love the Lynette Anderson fabric that I stumbled onto…perfect for this quilt!


This little mat was cut out using the GO! fabric cutter.  I surprised myself by dipping into my Scandinavian Christmas Fabrics…I have been hoarding this fabric…love it!  And then using beige perle cotton I big stitch quilted this little guy…


I finished Frosty Mugs while travelling last winter!!  Such a fun wall hanging!


Here’s the top…


…and bottom!!  Dang cute!


I also finished this little guy while Snowbirding this year.  There is something VERY satisfying about stitching something snowy while sitting outside in the sun… in your lawn chair…which is located out on the desert!  This design was a FREE pattern from Scrap, Stitch and Quilt Blog!!  She has the BEST  PATTERNS!…and did I mention that they are FREE?  SEW generous of Roxane!


This sweet candle mat…I made several of these for cute little gifts and finally finished off MINE!


And this Thimbleberries tablemat sat in a UFO bin FOREVER before it finally got quilted…and I must admit that I love it, even after all these years…


SEW…there you have it…my Christmas in July!!  Hope you enjoyed my little show!  Now it’s off to Heritage to see what’s on display…

My hope is that there will be enough Christmas fodder to share with you all week long!!  Fingers crossed! 

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching! ~P…Ohhh…and a very Merry Christmas (in July) to one and all!~P

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Blooms..

Progress is being made…seven more blocks prepped and ready for stitching…


These blocks are small…only 4 1/2” which means when they are all sewn together they will be only 4”!  All together now….”Ahhhhhh…”


Only TWO MORE blocks to go! 

Now I DO love these wee blocks (how could I not!) BUT at what cost?…

When I ordered this kit I thought the cost was ‘reasonable’…BUT when I see how small the quilt is going to be…I mean it’s REALLY small… and when I see what’s in each little bag…wee itty bitty small scraps of wool…some smaller than the scraps that you find in my garbage can!  You check out the price…do you think it’s worth it?  Also notice if you don’t buy the pattern with the kit they only take off $5…yet the cost of the pattern is $20!  NOT good Math…and not good customer service!  I know that this BOM was the ‘FREE’ pattern that came with Primitive Gatherings main 2013 Summer BOM …so I guess this is their way of saying you won’t get ripped off if you order the main BOM! And then you won’t have to pay the $20 for a pattern that should be a lot less!  And you won’t have to pay the $75 for wee itty bitty pieces of wool.  All you have to pay is the $500 + postage for the  total cost of the main BOM…sounds like a sweet deal to me…NOT!

BUT it is a sweet pattern…and it is going to be a cute mat…if only I could lose that ‘ripped off feeling’…the BLOOM has definitely left ‘Summer Blooms’! 

Geeze it sounds like I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!!  :O}

Have a super Saturday and happy stitching!~P

Friday, July 18, 2014

One Thing Leads to Another…it’s a FACT!

This seems to be how my life has been going lately…I start one project and end up doing another!  And it doesn’t always involve quilting!  Let me give you an example…I’m sweeping the floor and before I know it I am washing windows…Or I am outside watering plants and end up throwing the ball for Rylie…for an HOUR…meanwhile there is a big puddle under the roses!  I’m cleaning the fridge and end up making banana bread…WHAT’s going on?

Yesterday I decided to tidy up the sewing room.  I had finished this month’s big and little barn blocks for our BOM Sew-Along (reveal is at the end of the month:) and the room is now wall to wall homespun!  Looked like we’d had a party, a very good party and this was the aftermath…so I started to fold and sort and before you knew it… I had this all ready to stitch..


I WAS in need of more evening handwork…and isn’t this sweet?!  It was a gift from a friend :o) (thank you friend!!) and I LOVE it!  So pretty with gorgeous vibrant colours!  It felt good putting this together…like drinking cocoa on a cold winter’s night…(The Pattern is called ‘Under the Stars’ by Piece of Work).

AND you know how one thing leads to another…I got out this ‘in progress project’…I had finished embroidering the stems…


…‘Summer Blooms’ by Primitive Gatherings…Ahhhh, yes…I bought the kit from PG… SEW in a trance like state, I prepped all the wool and cut it out…


..and before I knew what hit, I had a block together!…a very pretty block!


…and one block lead to three blocks…


…and three blocks lead to four blocks!


Aren’t they pretty….!!  And no that isn’t a’s a simple fact!


Also a fact is that my sewing room is now a combination of bits and pieces wool AND homespun…a complete and utter disaster!  Hmmmm….I wonder how many more blocks I can make when I go in there to ‘clean up’?  And no that’s not a question…it’s a fact!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P