Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday’s ‘Work’…

This is what I will be ‘working’ on today…IMG_1775

…I’m BIG stitch quilting stars onto my ‘Midnight Harvest’ (a Primitive Gathering’s Pattern)!  Yesterday, I FMQed meandering loops all over the quilt (being careful to go around all wool applique). 


These are the tools that I am using…

Valdani Pearl Cotton…the colour is a varigated green taupe P3(the camera flash makes it look whiter than it is).  I am always asked what SIZE pearl cotton to use…my answer is WHATEVER I HAVE!  No one sells Valdani around here so I have to go with what is in my Pearl Cotton tote.  Today it is size 12. 

I LOVE this NEEDLE THREADER by DMC but there are other makes out there which are similar…this a MUST HAVE when working with pearl cottons or wool threads!  I use the smaller hook, thread it through the needle, hook the thread over the hook and pull it through!  No fuss, no muss…It’s that easy!!

A pair of small SHARP SCISSORS are a must have!  I stress SMALL…do you know how easy it is to snip something YOU SHOULDN’T when wielding a big pair!  (Don’t ask…:o(( )

And because I am stitching on black fabric I NEED the Clover White Marking Pen!  I can’t say enough good things about this pen!!  LOVE IT!!  It goes on smoothly, marking a fine white line, and comes off with a spritz of water…I even think a hot iron takes it off.


And  of course you need a good light source!  Do you know how hard it is to stitch on black?  Yowzers…I got out a flashlight while FMQ and pulled a ‘CSI’…you know on the TV Show ‘CSI’ how they always pull out a flashlight to look for clues…well…that’s what I did… going over my quilt with the beam of light to see WHERE I still needed to stitch!  You do what you gotta’ do…

Now I just need someone to mop my brow as I take my next stitch…

So there you have it…my ‘work’ for today!  Yup…life is tough! :o)

Hope you get to ‘work’ yourself wacky this Wednesday too…and Happy Stitching!~P

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What a Woman!

Welcome!  If you are a regular reader than you already KNOW that my friend, Glynis is an extraordinary quilter/wool worker…what you don’t know about Glynis is that she is also a famous gardener!  Her gardens have been open to the public for Garden Tours, usually to help raise money for charity!  This morning YOU get to tour Glynis’ garden for FREE!  So bring your coffee and let’s go…

Here we are at Glynis’ front door…yup, definitely Glynis’ house…See the sweet Quilted banner…she likes to let the neighbours know what month it is!  :o)


This morning we are not going to use the front door…we need to go around to the back where the GARDEN is…Check out what is on the side of her house…Is this not the cutest little vignette?  A little reminder that Glynis’ husband, John, was in the gas/oil business before retiring…


Ahhh…here is the gate that we are looking for…leading down to the garden path!


WOW!!  Like a hidden oasis!  OK…now YOU get to wander at your leisure…make sure you check out the ponds, the rock streams and all the features.  Glynis is the gardener and John makes the ‘stuff’…what a GREAT TEAM!


Can you see John’s newest project…a new green house behind the gazebo!  It will come in handy to store some of their more delicate plants during our winter months.  Such a handy man!


Their property backs up onto the Oak Tree Ecological Reserve…which is stunning on it’s own!


I loved seeing all the little do-dads hidden here and there!  Can you imagine all the work that it takes to keep this yard looking the way that it does?  Incredible!  It is so lush and green…and not one weed in sight! 


BUT…enough about gardening!!  More importantly, what has Glynis been doing INSIDE her house??  We followed the quilts…and pillows up to her sewing room for a look…

These are the monthly pillows that Glynis has been stitching along with Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog…and yes, they are ALL wonderful!


Isn’t this a new quilt hanging?  It’s a Pat Sloan pattern…and it is lovely!


Ahhh…here we are…this is what Glynis is working on!!  Lisa’s (Primitive Gatherings) free Sew A-Long quilt…and let me tell you, it is adorable!


And feast your eyes on her candy basket…FULL of wee packages of’s Lisa’s SBOM which Glynis is planning on attacking once the rain starts!  


And on the quilt rack are various quilts in different stages of completion…NO UFOs for Glynis!!  (hmmm do you think her secret is to lay them out on a quilt rack where they are fully visible and not put them into totes and into closets?  Out of sight…out of mind…?)


Her ‘Winter Solstice’ was hanging on her work wall…and it is almost completed!!  Yes, she is working on her border!!  Let me tell you that it is STUNNING!! But I will save that one for another time…This month the quilters involved in the  Winter Solstice Sew Along are to have the wee houses and stars completed.  The big reveal is this SUNDAY and let me assure you that Glynis’ homework will be completed…haha!!  Yes, there is one in EVERY crowd!!

I think it’s safe to say that most days you will find Glynis in her garden or her sewing room…or biking, hiking, walking…or volunteering at the local elderly care facility!!  I also think that it’s safe to say that whatever Glynis is working on, it will be wonderful…and definitely FUN! 

Now I need a nap…it’s hard to keep up with her!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Heritage Happenings…

My camera card was getting full…and it was no wonder!  I haven’t done Heritage Happenings in quite some time!  YIKES!!  Pour yourself a coffee, sit back and like me, enjoy the show!!  I’m not going to comment on the quilts as, sure is shooting, I will mess names…and then I REALLY will be in hot water!!


Glynis has since finished this lovely pumpkin mat and moved on to other projects!


She was sewing on the tongues…




Sandy finished her daughter’s birthday quilt…LOVE IT and so did Christine!!




Yes, this is Delores…hiding behind her newly finished quilt!! 


Gorgeous!!  And beautifully quilted by our long arm quilter, Hazel!!


The pillows were part of a Pillow Challenge that Heritage had…


There you have it…I am now officially all caught up!  I promise to do better…at least until next time!  :o))

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P