Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Snowy Days…

…is DONE…SEW let the snow fly! 

Man, I am on fire!  Two UFOs finished in two CONSECUTIVE days!  Yes our weather has turned crumby and I am LOVING it!  With our hot spell over, I say bring on FALL…or maybe even WINTER…


‘Snowy Days’ by Heart to Hand is finished!  Special effects are stitched (man you could go on..and on…and on here but let’s call it a day already!!)…and the binding is on…

Let’s have some close-ups…


Yes, this little wall hanging really does warm my heart…especially since it is DONE…as in… Finished…Completed…Finito…Terminado…Fini…Lokio…well you get the idea! 

It’s a GOOD feeling!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


Monday, September 1, 2014

Midnight Harvest

Humour me…the last stitch was put into ‘Midnight Harvest’ last night…yes the binding is on…and I am celebrating…REALLY CELBRATING!!


Yes, I am dancing around this quilt doing a little Fall Rain dance… in my housecoat I might add (do you have a visual here…I know…it ain’t pretty but you’re stuck with it!!)…:)


But enough dancing!!  Get that quilt up off the floor and onto a table…where it clearly belongs!


It’s only September first…which means this quilt is done in plenty of time for Fall!  Heck the REAL pumpkins are still green and out in the fields!!  Happy dancing all around!


I’m not going to kid you, this quilt was a ton of work and took forever to make!  At times I didn’t even like it…there I have said it out loud and actually put it down on ‘paper’.  Too dark, too orange, too many pumpkins, too busy…just too darn much work!!..The list went on…


But now that it’s finished…when I stand back and look…REALLY LOOK…I LOVE IT!! 


I love those wee small pieced stars (I have always loved those). I love the dark colours…even the orange!!.. and I love each and every pumpkin!  And now I love, love, love the big stitched stars…who knew?!  They were a total  fluke!


Sometimes quilting is like that…you fly by the seat of your pants and things just fall into place.  This is how this quilt went…


SEW…Midnight Harvest (by Primitive Gatherings) can be put to ‘work’…Why wait for the REAL pumpkins to turn orange when you can have THESE pumpkins sitting on your kitchen table?!  :o)IMG_1822

What I should have done was waited for daylight before taking these pictures…I get up way too early!!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Minute Finish…

by Sandie…from  Crazy About Quilts Blog!!  She has just posted her Winter Solstice Quilt pictures for this month!  Sandie accidently made the trees to go with her wee houses and am I ever glad she did!!  They are wonderful!  Love the colour combinations!!  They give me something to strive for this month!!  Sandie, you have inspired me to dig out those green homespuns…and I’m sure the rest of the Winter Solstice Sew A-Long crew feels the same way!!  Way to go, Sandie!  You can go and see what Sandie has been up to by going HERE!  She has got the hard part done…because the stars are easy-peasy!