Saturday, December 3, 2011

Club House Quilting…con’t…

Have I told you how Wednesday is my favourite day of the week?  LOVE quilting in the Club House!!  Such a wonderful group of ladies…and this is only a small percentage of this terrific group!!  There’s MORE coming!!

So here’s what we were up to last Wednesday…

Kim is a regular dynamo…here is her finished Christmas Lil’Twister!  Kim used one charm pack to create this beauty…P1160337

..and it looks perfect on a side table.  We decided that Lil’Twisters suit small prints better than big prints…something to keep in mind if you are planning on making one.


Kim got the binding on this sweet little wall hanging…which she is mailing to her BFF back home!  Her friend is going to be Over The MOON!


Here’s a close-up!!  This is an Anni Downs creation!!


Yes, we are still talking about KIM…look at what she whipped up in her trailer last week…in between Black Friday and Thanksgiving…and shopping…sheeesh…don’t you just hate her!! haha

BUT don’t you just LOVE this little number?!!  VERT sweet!


Oh…and she whipped up this little Disappearing Nine Patch…


And started these blocks using some left-over ‘PURE’ fabric…I’m sure this will be finished, quilted and bound by next Wednesday!


Whew…I have now renamed my blog to Sweet ‘K’!  Stay tuned for next week to see what Kim has been up to!!

Vesta got out her batiks, picked a pattern (see cover) and started cutting….


This is Deb…she was camera shy last week but produced a sweet smile when I came visiting this time…Just LOOK at that innocent face…there were some cuss words coming from it earlier…just saying’!  Nothing bad (I have heard/thought…ok SAID worse but not in public!)  I think Deb had a date with Jack the Ripper for awhile…OH and check out the pedal foot!!  How cute is THAT!!


Here is Gwen working on her FIRST WOOL PROJECT!!  I think we have another WOOL CRAZY in our midst!!  She is talking about heading to TEMECULA…in her VAN…with a load of Clubhouse quilters!!  Wool Lady Shop here we come!!  YEAHHHHHHH!!P1160353

LOOK at the project that Gwen is tackling!!  OUCH…this is no beginner project…but it is going to be spectacular!!  Just wait and see!


Anne’s baby quilt continues to take your breath away as it grows in size and detail!!  WHAT…put a baby on it…NEVER!!


A close-up…Anne has decided to embroider the eyes on by hand…P1160358

And Karen, our beginner quilter (yeah, right!) has finished her blocks and started to plan her borders…go Karen go!!  Her grand daughter is cheering on the sidelines!!  “SEW GRANDMA! SEW!”


It’s a beauty that would thrill any little/big girl!!


Whew!!  That was like going to quilting all over again!  I need a rest!

BUT it’s Saturday…what kind of mischief can I get into today…hmmm…there are Garage Sales…The Tamale Festival in Indio…oh and the Festival of Lights in Palm Springs…SEW much to do…and so little time!  Got to get dressed and out of here!  Time’s a-wastin’!

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow - lots of fabulous projects.

    Stay out of trouble today! LOL

  2. Everything is so cute, how much fun you guys have! I have to know what the pattern is for that little snowman quilt, I need it!

  3. Great fun seeing all of these beautiful projects.

  4. fun fun thanks for sharing all the terrific projects.

  5. that Kim is a quilting dynamo!! the snowman one!!..darn cute!!

  6. Wow - I can just imagine the "trouble" you gals get into! Sounds like too much fun to me! Great projects - everyone! Have fun with all the festivities!

  7. Wow,beautiful projects.
    The Twister quilt is lovely.

  8. Say, how did you day go today - lots of fun things in your post - you girls are very talented! Beautiful!

  9. What great projects - love that flower quilt!

  10. Wow, wow, wow! Can you send me a Kim to help me with my projects! LOL! How does she do it?!