Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I’m Scissor Happy!

Last week I was part of Sew Cal Gal’s Christmas Quilt Show…and was thrilled to come out a WINNER!!  My prize was a pair of Dura-Snips, 7” Serrated Sewing/Quilting Scissors, 5 ½” Curved Tip Sewing Scissors, and the Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper…ALL from Havel’s Sewing!! With these new scissors I will be able sew and stitch, snip and rip with ease!!  THANK YOU SEW MUCH, HAVEL’S!!  Right now I rely on a pair of cheap dollar store scissors…and I can’t find my seam ripper…so I am Over the MOON with this win!

AND just look at how pretty they are and nice a bright…I’ll be able to find these scissors in my sleep!!

scissors 2

Just LOOK at the seam ripper…I have always considered myself a PRO at seam ripping but using this Ultra Pro will kick it up a notch!!  I can rip with the best of them! 

Note“Let’er rip..Let’er rip…Let’er rip”Note!

scissors 1

Thanks again Havel’s!  If you need scissors, blades, rotary cutters or rippers…then this is definitely the place to go!

Yup, never a DULL moment around here when you have a SHARP Give Away like this!!

And a HUGE thank you to Sew Cal Gal for hosting another wonderful Christmas Quilt Show!!  If you didn’t get to the show, it’s not too late to go!  What are you waiting for…Christmas!!

Have a wildly wacky Wednesday and Happy Quilting~P


  1. Lucky you, I could use new scissors or at least, find a scissor sharpener, lol. I like the curved ones, I do have some, but mine are not cutting as good, I use those to snip off stray threads on the punches.


  2. You are so lucky! Seems like you win quite often. Buy a lottery ticket!

  3. Congrats on your winnings. Your wool Christmas pillow was certainly worth the prize.

  4. What a useful thing to win. Enjoy them!!

  5. I've heard really good things about those seam rippers! Congratulations on your win.....

  6. Congratulations on the win! Those scissors will come in handy in doing your next wool project. I like a good sharp pair for cutting out small pieces.

  7. woohoo! I'm not sure you can be trusted with all that sharpness!

  8. Congratulations and NO RUNNING!

  9. Congrats on the win.

    Unrelated to the scissors.... I wanted to show you how I was inspired by your flour sifter decoration.... I posted today to my blog...